I was born and raised in Germany my
parents are Italian and so is the rest of my family so I grew up in an Italian
household and we lived above our restaurant it has been there for I think
60 years only Italian food most of the people there are Italian so it’s kind of
like bringing Italy to Germany I think it was really nice growing up to kind of
be emerged in two different cultures because at home it was really everything
was Italian and then outside the restaurant and outside the house there
were only German people when I went to kindergarten I could not
speak a word in German my mom left and I was hiding underneath the table I
couldn’t speak the language because obviously my parents were Italian our
friends were Italian so when I to kindergarten it was kind of like oh my
god what am I gonna do now but I think it was fine as a child you learn pretty
quickly so I was seven when I started I just played once a week I think for
maybe two or three years like it was never really something that I did you
know on a daily basis when I started. My dad supported me from the very first day
he’s the reason why I picked tennis over everything else
because I was about 13 or 14 when I had to choose some days I was playing tennis
and then going to soccer practice and it was just getting too much it was kind of
like a trend in Germany everyone was excited and he wanted to come to the
U.S. to want it they wanted to play college tennis. and I didn’t know what it was
at that time you know I had no idea of the system so I kind of started to look
into it and I just knew if these girls can go over and play I can do it as well.
No one probably expected Silvia to leave the house you know I was very attached
to my family especially to my mom and I just never really liked to you
know experiment and try new things because I was always afraid I remember a
couple months before I had to come to the U.S. I was talking about it with my
parents and my sister and I was asking them was like so what if I don’t want to
go anymore and they’re like no no you are going now
there’s no going back anymore When I came to Purdue and I was kind of
like the first time exposed to you know a higher level playing against the girls
that were top twenty, top ten I realized that I could be one of those players my
goal was when I came to Purdue I wanted to make a change I wanted to contribute
to the program as you know good as possible I worked really hard and I was a little
bit sad at first because I had good results but you know the rankings there
was literally no ranking and I felt like I always made it to the top but then I
couldn’t make you know go one more step and then when I came back last fall I
was playing well I came back from an injury so I didn’t quite know how the
season would go and then I started and I played very well and when the first
ranking came out I was 19 I was I mean I didn’t expect it I was 72 I think
preseason. It was kind of like goal I wanted to make it up there and be ranked
as high as the good players in college tennis. So when my ranking went up and I
was number nine it was I really did not expect it I was waiting for the ranking
to come out and my dad was faster than me obviously and he sent me the
screenshot and then my sister it was in the family group and she’s like wait
what is this and I’m like what is this On one hand I was really happy because
that was just showing how much work I put into it afterwards I think
unconsciously it put a lot of pressure on me because going out and playing I
was the one that the players were coming after and whereas the year before you
know I was going after the good players I think sometimes I felt like I had to
win and I had to prove that I belong in the top 10. Rankings are really just a
number and I know that now but it still feels good to see when you’re up there
and people recognize you for what you’re doing Amina and I we get along so well on the
court we have a really good connection I think that’s one of the most important
things in doubles to kind of have that kind of relationship with your doubles
partner I don’t think a lot of universities have
coaches as support of us as ours they would do everything for us
so I think that’s something that for us helps us you know to have a good
relationship to our coaches to get along to know that they support us and they
have have our back. Plan A is definitely to go and tour try out and see you know how I do out there I already have some tournaments for the summer I you know
intend to do it for a few years for sure and then decide whether or not I want to
continue or not

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Dennis Veasley

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