Hello everybody, it’s DreamingMind here,
welcome or welcome back to my channel! Magia record is giving us another welfare
magical girl with the “Another Daze” event: Umika Misaki. So let’s see what she is capable of. I’ll go over her stats, connect, magia and
team and memoria recommendations and at the end of the video there will be a small channel
update/announcement. Umika is a water magical girl and she starts
out as a 3 star and we can awaken her to a 4 star. As a 4 star she has a max hp of 17,658, a
max attack of 5,079 and a max defense of 6,645. Compared to other 4 star water magical girls
her HP is almost at the bottom of the list and when compared to the other 4 stars in
general it is still a bit at the lower side. She also has the lowest attack stat out of
all the 4 star water magical girls and it is still almost at the bottom of the list
when compared to the other 4 stars. Finally, she has the highest defense out of
all the 4 star water magical girls and when compared to the other 4 stars in general her
defense is still quite high. She is a healing-type and her growth and leveling
is balanced. When taking a look at her discs, we can see
that she has 2 charge discs, 1 horizontal blast disc and 2 accele discs. Her MP gain is quite good. From an accele – charge – accele combination
you can earn around 38 MP. Now let’s talk about her connect and magia. Umika’s connect is called: “I read you
like an open book! I’ll put you in your place!”. Depending on her rarity she heals the targeted
ally between 40 and 45% and also gives them a damage cut between 50 and 60%. Her magia: “X File” deals damage to all
enemies. As a 3 star she deals damage between 310 and
350% and as a 4 star between 330 and 370%. She also restores HP to all allies, as a 3
star this is between 17.5 and 25.5% and as a 4 star this is between 20 and 28%. Finally, only as a 4 star she removes all
status ailments from all allies. Due to her highest rarity being a 4 star,
Umika doesn’t have a doppel yet, but this might/probably will happen in the future when
we’ll be able to awaken her to the 5 star rarity. Umika is the second welfare magical girl and
the first welfare water magical girl we’re getting. Our first welfare magical girl was Ayame,
but Umika is quite different from her. First of all as her type showed, she is focused
on healing and a free healing magical girl is always welcome, right? But of course that doesn’t mean that she
doesn’t have any strong of weak points. When we look at her discs she is not qualified
to support a blast team because she only has 1 blast disc and therefore she won’t be
able to reach much of the field. Besides that her attack stat is quite
low. So she is not really good to support just
everyone you have. She does has 2 charge discs, this doesn’t
help her out too much since her attack stat is already extremely low to begin with. So using a combo like charge-charge-blast
only helps her damage output slightly. The upside to that is that her MP gain is
really good and she’ll be able to get her MP bar quite fast to 100 to fire off her magia. Her magia is quite simple, it does deal decent
damage to all enemies and heals your magical girls. The heal is actually quite good for a 4 star
magical girl. Just for comparison, Umika’s heal from her
magia is better than the heal from a 4 star Konoha with a level 1 magia. I’m not comparing her to a 5 star because
she isn’t a 5 star herself. Of course because Umika is a welfare we can
get her magia to level 5 easily, so her heal will only be stronger. Her magia also removes status ailments from
her allies, this can be a real help in challenge quests. You can remove poison, blind, curse, dazzle,
you call it, while also being able to make up for the damage done by the status ailment with
the heal. Her connect also heals and gives the targeted
ally a damage cut. So you make up for the lost HP with the heal
while also making sure that when the enemy hits that ally the next turn, all the healed
HP won’t be immediately gone thanks to the damage cut. Because Umika is a welfare, we can easily
get her destiny gems to unlock memoria slots for her. This is something she needs to make up for
her weak stats. But it’s not like you should expect a wonder
from this and that her stats will be extremely good afterwards. It only compensates slightly. You could make use of her in PvP, but if you
do, she is only there for support reasons. Her connect can help out her team but her
attack stat is too low to deal some good damage. Often you don’t get the chance to use magia’s
in PvP, but if you can, it’ll make your team last a little bit longer. As I said before, Umika is not suited to support
every single magical girl in the game. But there are a few teams that she fits in
quite well. First there is a tank team, with for example:
Kokoro and Kirika. Umika can make your tanks even more tanky. With her connect she can keep their HP high
while also reducing the incoming damage with the damage cut. This can work extremely well in combination
with Kirika’s connect. When you use both their connects on Kokoro,
Kokoro will be protected by 2 defense buffs while she takes all the hits the enemies throw
to your team thanks to the provoke buff from Kirika, only to counter back and deal some
more damage to your enemies while she barely takes any damage herself. You should not use Kirika’s connect on Umika,
even though Umika’s defense is quite high, that doesn’t mean she is a tank herself. Her HP is quite low and there are many 5 star
magical girls who have a higher HP than Umika and would be a better pick for Kirika’s
connect. However, you can use Kokoro’s connect on
Umika. Kokoro will give her a damage cut and counter,
but there is no added provoke buff. So your Umika won’t get hit by all enemies
at once and if she gets hit she’ll still counter the attack. Another interesting combination is to pair
Umika with Mami. Mami would be your main damage dealer and
Umika is there to support her. They have the same discs, so they synergize
well with each other and can build up their magia easily. Mami’s defense is not too great and after
performing her magia, she inflicts a defense down on herself. Making her defense even worse. Umika can not only heal Mami occasionally
but also in the same turn as she performs her magia, you can use Umika’s connect on
Mami to make up for the self-inflicted defense down with the damage cut from her connect. That way, you’ll make Mami less vulnerable
to enemy attacks. Kazumi is another option. Kazumi is also a strong magical girl with
a low defense stat. Her discs are not the same as Umika’s, but
it does give some more versatility to your team while still building up MP bars easily. Naturally because Kazumi has a low defense,
the heal and damage cut from Umika’s connect will be a big help to her. While Kazumi can help Umika slightly with
her damage output. Kazumi’s connect will let Umika ignore the
enemies’ defense, therefore Umika will hit them much harder than normally. Finally, you can pair Umika with Kaede. Kaede is another magical girl who has a decent
attack stat while having a low defense. She will also get uncapped to a 5 star later
in the game so she is a good teammate for Umika. Kaede can not only be a decent damae dealer
but is also able to support Umika. Kaede’s connect will increase Umika’s
damage, increase her MP gain and regenerates her HP. The HP regeneration will even last for 3 turns,
this is nice because Umika can’t heal herself. Anyway, the two can build up their magia’s
quickly due to both having good MP gain. When you use Umika’s personal memoria on
her while having Kaede in your team and activate it before Kaede uses her magia, it’ll help
her out in another way. With her magia Kaede has a chance to put fog
on the enemies, however, that chance isn’t very high, it’s 40% as a 4 star and 50%
as a 5 star. Umika’s personal memoria decreases the status
ailment resistance of the enemies and therefore there will be a better chance that the fog
sticks to the enemies. When Kaede is uncapped to a 5 star she’ll
also increase damage from charge discs and increase MP gain from accele discs. So this supports Umika once more perfectly. As I said before, Umika’s personal memoria:
“The Sky with Seven Stars”, decreases the status ailment resistance of your enemies
for either 22.5 or 25% and also decreases their defense for either 45 or 50%. As I showed you before, this memoria can certainly
be handy in certain situations and it has a pretty low cooldown as well. So feel free to use it. Both “Those Days are Gone” and “Walking
the Same Path” would be great memoria’s for Umika. She can’t heal herself, so these memoria’s
take care of that. If you team is more focused on using their
magia often “Those Days are Gone” would be better. If not, just use “Walking the Same Path”
because it also increases Umika’s damage output, something she can really use with
her low attack stat. If you want to focus on gaining more MP “It’s
Not Like I Was Waiting” is a good choice, it increases general MP gain. “Battle in Sync” is another option but
it only increases MP gain from accele discs and “The Flavor of Drama!” increases general
MP gain and is perfect to use in a battle against fire and forest enemies because it
also increases MP when the magical girl is attacked by the weak element, in Umika’s
case, forest. As usually “I Won’t Stray From This Path”
is a good active memoria. It increases Umika’s damage by 30% and increases
her defense by 37.5% for 3 turns when max limit broken. If you don’t have that one: “She’ll Definitely
Be Happy” is the 3 star memoria alternative. The increased attack and defense are higher
but at the cost of having it active for only 1 turn. For the future you’ll want to look out for
“The Third Magical Girl”. This memoria increases MP gain from accele
discs and damage done by charge discs. So you’ll be enhancing 4 of Umika’s 5
discs. This memoria will be available during “The
Chiming Bell that Transcends Time” event. Overall, Umika is a solid healer. Her stats are a bit low, but don’t let that
fool you because she can certainly be of use during some situations. Be sure to pick her up and all the materials
you need for her in the event shop because there hasn’t been a rerun of this event
in JP. And before ending this video I want to announce
a small channel update, or maybe more an general announcement. It’s actually a little bit difficult for
me to tell this in a video so I hope you’ll understand. Up to now, I’ve been doing and releasing
these reviews without thinking about my own wellbeing. This is mainly because the game doesn’t
give us any breaks and I wanted to give everybody the reviews as soon as possible. Actually I’m having vacation from school
now, so that is one reason why I could work on it this much, but soon vacation is ending
and then I’ll be in my final year of university. I do only need half of the credits to pass
the year. But I do want to follow some extra subjects
and I’m not sure yet how much time everything will take. Anyway, since my vacation is ending, I do
want to have a little bit of rest as well, although the coming weeks will be busy enough
already. I’m not going into any details, but my mother
has been in a car accident a while ago and she is still suffering from it. So I do need to help her out sometimes. So you might already see this coming, but
most likely I’ll take it a little bit easier on the reviews for a while and I have to figure
out how to combine it with my studies. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to quiet
doing reviews because I still really want to make them and the support coming from you all is what keeps me going and motivates me. It might just take a little longer before
reviews get released or maybe it won’t take a little bit longer and everything will be just like normal. I guess we just have to see how everything
will go. Anyway, if you’re still listening… Thank you so much, that means a lot. I hope I could explain it well to you and
I hope you all understand, thank you if you do! I hope you’ll keep enjoying the reviews
and comment and talk with each other down in the comments below and of course that you’ll
keep supporting me! Of course I’ll work as hard as possible
on the next review! So feel free to let me know what you think
about Umika and the event down in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this video, please leave
a like and subscribe if you did. You can also follow me on twitter, link is
in the description below, as well as my Magia Record player ID’s, if you wish to follow
me. Have a good morning, afternoon, night or whatever
your timezone is and I hope to see you next time. Bye bye.

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