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Dennis Veasley


  1. Great video Adam, I had been cocking my wrists far too much with hardly any hinge for years and didn't know until I seen this video, been the range and was hitting straight/ 5 yard draws with a 3 iron! This simple yet affective explanation of hinging and cocking has also cured my wrist roll/flip…fantastic! Thank you!

  2. so glad I found scratch golf I touched on this a few months ago and played great but lost the feeling so hopefully with help from Adam will get that great feel back

  3. loved this video and implemented it. got such good results. Also the video about hitting faiway woods off the grass. Shot a 39 on the front nine with 2 lipouts. thank you so much

  4. Wonderful instruction. Please tell me where the Titleist (or other) logo points at the TOP of the backswing? Vince in Guadalajara, Mexico.

  5. Ha ha!Nicklaus's (the best player there has ever been) swings acceptable? I wish mine was 1% as acceptable as Jack's!!!

  6. wow…been playing over 50 years and always struggled with the takeaway…this is explained very well especially the downward pressure after the core movement….great stuff….thank you

  7. Very nice video, i like the part of the arm rotation that was one of my strongest error some months ago. My doubt is in what direction the wrist need to actually hinge. You say the arm naturally rotate, but the amount of rotation can be very minimal (i think) if you perform a correct rotation around the axis of your spine. If that's the case than hinging the wrist upward seems usefulness. At impact the upward rotation of the wrist is perpendicular to the rotation plane of the shoulder and so to the direction of the shot so it does not create any contribution to the speed of the club.
    I see a rotation of the wrist rightward (for a rigth hand golfer) as a correct hinge in order to create lag.
    Don't know if my doubt is clear it's difficult to explain by words.
    Thank a lot and great video!

  8. Using a single plane swing, with no wrist cook the club face comes into the ball square, when I add wrist cook in back swing the club face 100% of the time comes into the ball open…how do you keep wrist cook from opening club face?

  9. Great Video. I've found that conscious cocking of the wrists tends to lead to an early release as the conscious cocking increases tension. I've tired it a number of ways trying to get in increase in arc in the swing, including the "new" Ledbetter A swing. I've recently gone back to Jack's idea of a longer wider swing without conscious wrist hinging but keeping the wrists soft so that there is a significant increase in wrist angle at the transition of the down swing (at least with my driver, metals, and hybrids .. I have better luck with direct hinging with my irons) not unlike the snapping of a towel or remember playing "crack the whip" on the ice skating rink. The slightly shorter arc is more than made up by the increase in lag and the stored kinetic energy saved by not casting .. which often happens with consciously increasing my wrist hinging. Comments??

  10. I've watched a lot of golf tip videos, none have been as disjointed and useless as this… why would you side-by-side compare a player using a driver and another using an iron as a swing comparison? Get a point to the lesson and stick to it.

  11. Very helpful Adam. Thank you. This has always been a topic that can be made confusing. I like the way you explain it. One question, does the left arm rotation have more of an effect on the right arm folding or vice versa? Almost seems like the chicken or the egg thing. Seems that the left arm has to rotate enough to where the wrists can fold on the proper plane and for the right arm to fold without flying too much. Kind of tricky area for me as I used to over rotate the left arm and get the club whipped inside some.

  12. hi I am wanting to play golf and I am trying to learn I love the videos… but my question is I can not hinge my wrist my right wrist is immobilized with a metal bar screwed to my hand and wrist.. nothing can be done about it.. is there any thing I can do to compensate this.. I am right handed and that is the bad wrist

  13. Very deep and accurate advices.. must say!
    The push down with left palm is a key move for me.. raise the head up and is easier with strong grip. Sometime at practice area I do it even at the early start of the swing which is not recommended so much I guess.

  14. This was absolutely the best instructional video I ever watched. For the first time in years, even after taking lessons, your explanation regarding the "pressing down" in the back swing and the lag with the shoulders made sense. And it translated to much better shots when I went out and incorporated these thoughts into my practice. Thanks.

  15. Thanks for posting this video, I've been struggling with trying to feel where my wrist should be and this has helped me a lot. I've been especially struggling with my driver and have developed several different backswings (neither of which have very much wrist hinge). I'm hoping that using this method as well as less lower body movements (as you discussed in your hitting the driver video) will help me stop slicing the ball.

  16. 5:40 I could never understand why you'd want to hinge the club 90 degrees to it's required path. That would seem to be the correct hinge if you were wanting to hammer down into the ground in front of you.

  17. That was the fastest 9:44 I've ever experienced on Youtube. Thank you for the efficiency in your delivery. Subscribed.

  18. Really well done, Adam. It took my 2-3 days of taking a wedge halfway back to master the feel of the left pad pushing down on the handle. The ballstriking improves dramatically! I'm no slouch as a single digit but man, I wish Leadbetter made this clear to us back in the early 90's. This brings clarity to Hogan's book.

  19. Definitely learned a few things, but please spend as much time describing what TO DO as you do NOT TO DO.

  20. Wrist hinge drives me nuts because sometimes I get this effortless whip and the release just comes w my shoulder turn and other days I'm too handsy and only thinking about hinge and where the club should go and I'm slicing it or spending the whole session trying to figure my swing out all over again. Curse my dominant right hand and wimpy left wrist

  21. Good moring Agam,I really enjoyed your video,learned a lot,I also hit left handed.Gerry F from Montreal,QC"

  22. Here's a question: Would you say that it would be good advice to say explicitly that a player who is prioritizing improvement in basic skills should avoid hitting for distance? I'm thinking about my best shots. They are done with an emphasis on fluency of movement, good ball contact, and correct club face to ball position – not power or even how far away the target (the flag) is. Ironically, these shots always go surprisingly far; but thinking about hitting the distance ahead of these other things always seems to get in the way of doing those things. Maybe this is in the realm of golf psychology, but it seems to dovetail with your approach which is fundamental and insightful, and as a result effective. What do you think?

  23. Great videos Adam, always clear and concise. I've only been playing 6 months and having real consistency issues. When timing is on it's great but when off i can't even hit an iron. Your point about rolling wrists on takeaway (which i do) seems quite a big thing. Is this why potentially, amongst others, I am having issues from the start causing me not to be able to get club face square. I've not had a chance to change it on the range yet but pushing down on the grip sounds like great advice.

  24. For me the left thumb gets in the way of hinging, so I use the baseball grip which gets the left thumb out of the way. Now it's easier for me to get lag.

  25. New subscriber, really enjoying the content. Videos are probably a little longer that my attention span can handle. LOL! Videos get off topic at times. Overall…great work!

  26. Thanks for clearing up the parameters, I was steep now more on plane, But i also find wrist hinge keeps me steeper than flatter.

  27. Great teaching aides. Now everytime i have a good shot while  playing my golf patner I say "Adam Bazalgette here". thanks so much>

  28. Proper early or late wrist hinge/cock depends very much on the club. Different for a driver (later) than a wedge (earlier). No one shoe fits all in this context.

  29. OMG this was great. I'm a 13 handicap who normally shoots in the 70s maybe once a year. I watched this, practised the move for 50 swings, went out to play the next day and shot a 74, my best round ever by 4 shots. Awesome video, thanks so much

  30. Thank you very much! I knew as a novice that there were many issues with my hinge and backswing but no one has helped me as much as you have in this video. Great instruction!

  31. I tend to roll my wrist and I have a terrible over swing. Can you make a video that addresses these issues? Thanks

  32. i ve noticed that there have been comparisons made in club angles on the take back using diff clubs like driver compaired to irons or hybrids. dont get me wrong, I appreciate these videos very much but think comparisons should be made from players using the same club?????

  33. dude I cannot believe you're a two-time year teacher of golf I would fall asleep listening to talk about other people professionals on how not to swing a club but yet they do good with it let's just say everybody's got their own way and they learned from practice to do it are you going to teach ass in 5 minutes how to swing because I'm ready to go to sleep listening at all this other crap shows how it's done in 5 minutes great teacher

  34. by the way I noticed anybody that gives you a good comment you answering back right away not that you're a bad teacher but show us more of what you do demonstrate slow motion how you do it forget all the other people and talk people want to see action from the teacher not demonstrations from of other golfers show us how good you are

  35. what I like about your videos, is that you state in pretty much every one of them, that nothing is set in stone. You show there are different ways to get the same job done.

  36. Helps but was also hoping you'd also touch on when to "unhinge" as well and is that different between clubs? Should my hands be leading in front of the ball as I straighten/arc my club? Thanks…

  37. Hello Adam, fantastic explanation and well-spoken video! I tend to have a flatter swing plane and skilled enough that I can get my hands back to impact successfully but I really don't like manipulating my hands that way in the swing. The downward pressure and core rotation makes a lot of sense to getting the club set on a better plane. Any other thoughts on not rolling my wrists on the takeaway? Thanks in advance.

  38. Lots of 'don't do this,' but he never really gives us a complete example of just how to do it properly.He never took full swings to hit the golf ball so we could see the hinging.And no slow motion, which would have been helpful.Even the old Ben Hogan film videos from the 50's and 60's show and explain the swing in detail.

  39. Good videos all. This one on wrist hinge is especially important. But on the downswing unhinged wrist seem get longer and cause fat shots. Timing of the unhinged wrist becomes guess work.

  40. Great videos Adam! What I like about your videos is that you don't try to push one type of swing. I like how you say, as in this video, it's ok to be in this parameter.

  41. Concentrating on width in the take away, for me, restricts my hand cock at the top and the results are weak shots to the right as my arms feel tension and my wrists do not release properly. If I concentrate on wrist cock and relax my back swing by moving my hips rather than my arms trying to get my hands away from my head, my shots are a lot lower, straighter and longer. By taking a few horizontal baseball swings, which requires cocking wrists on the back swing and uncocking at the end of the follow through, my golf swing then produces much improved

  42. Thank you so much Adam. This has greatly helped me with my own swing. maybe I can shave a few more strokes off my score at the course today!

  43. First I decided to totally relax my left wrist by positioning my lead hand in what I refer to as the 'droopy handshake position' Next, as I swing my club back I now apply downward pressure on the grip of my club with my lead hand. Wow this is magic! Thanks to you; at 70 years old; I expect to win a few more tournaments this year.

  44. Kind of confusing where you show the drastic difference between club angle of Dustin Johnson and the woman golfer and mention how they are both acceptable. If they are both acceptable then why even mention this as an important element of the swing? I was always under the impression that the angle of the club on the backswing should be in line with the ball. Also, does this change with club type? The biggest point of confusion for me with instructional videos is the lack of mention about how how the tips apply differently to different club types (chipping iron vs driver). I'm still confused on how the wrist should function because some videos mention to turn the wrist and some say do not. Anyway… thanks for the video. Just figured I'd share my thoughts.

  45. Adam,
    Love the videos! Fantastic approach you have, with using feelings and movements to achieve proper technique, rather than trying to consciously get to certain angles and clubhead locations in real time, which for me has caused excess tension in the past and seriously confusing results. I subscribed here, as well as signed up on the SGA site and got the "Drop 5 Strokes" course in my quest to FINALLY break 90 as a weekend golfer. I do have a question about the wrist hinge; you talk about using pressure on the handle to get that radial flexion. Does it feel more like you're "lifting" from the thumb side of your left hand, or more like a "pushing" action from the pinky side of your hand/wrist? It seems trivial, but I have noticed that the two do seem to have slightly different tendencies in regards to clubhead. Also, at the top of the swing and at transition, do you allow momentum to continue to cock the wrists to some extent? Thanks for the great instruction!

  46. I love your videos. Could you please watch Tom Tomasello Hands video and give your opinion. I tried it and it was a disaster.

  47. Hi Adam, great explanation of the wrist cocking, but no mention of the wrist bowing, surely this must be used if requiring power to the ball!

  48. I find my strike is better and less heavy when my wrists are hinged to the Max and the handle is pointing away from the target- is this normal?

  49. Hi again Adam. I believe the main reason how many amateurs bring the club head too much inside is because they used both hands to cock the handle of the club. The fact is the the lead hand is the only hand that ever should hinge or cock during a backswing. It then naturally bends or dorsiflexes the trail hand. This is what I call the natural oppositional movement of the hands in a golf swing. The top of the swing then should always start with the unhinging of the lead hand which then allows the trail hand to bend the other way. Thanks for reading.

  50. Adam is the best, so clear and on point. This may be the best lesson I've found, quickly resulted in more solid ball striking, more distance, better trajectory on full shots. Thank you!

  51. New sub here and that was a totally useless lesson for me unlike your other videos…. but I guess for what I payed, I should not complain

  52. Great info Mr A. I'm an A-Swinger and you cleared up something for me, which I thought was Swing Anxiety, its not using the core & proper hinge.

  53. I'm confused with the natural vertical wrist motion (demonstrated at 5:42). If I conscientiously hinge my wrists this way while rotating through the backswing it creates this opposing movement with the clubshaft/clubhead moving above the plane. To me it seems the arms and wrists usually rotate to the right even without turning the body. Both methods seem to produce good shots however. Thanks for the video.

  54. Hey. Great video thank you. I found it as I have a huge problem destroying my golf. I have what I feel is a textbook practise backswing. Yet when I go to swing at the ball I go back flat only a quarter and barely hit it most of the time. This is the same for every real golf shot I hit for a very long time. Obviously something going on in my head (yes shoot me I hear you say!!). It’s killing me to the point of wanting to give up forever. Can you please offer any insights or tips on how to get out of this mindset and hit it as if it were my practise swing? Here’s a private video of me last week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTiHlR4cG1U I hope to hear from you. Thanks. Al

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