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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “PROOF: Short Game is MOST Important! | Swingless Golf Club Finale”

  1. Hey Guys! Your channel is really great. You inspired me to create my own channel! Would appreciate if you could subscribe😀

  2. You know, this isn't the weirdest golf club I've seen. The weirdest one I've seen is one that has a cap on the top and you unscrew it then pee in it. Like What?
    Also, please never make a video on that. 😂

  3. hey nice videos you post just want to say thank you for bringing up my mood every time i watch one of your videos thank you so much for having a nice day

  4. What's Inside, I love the golf vlogs even though I don't play golf. However, I've begun to understand golf by watching you play.

    Continue making the golf videos, possibly on different courses as well.

  5. I've never watched a full game of golf on TV (or played one) but watched and enjoyed all 3 videos, so that's saying something. Keep it up!

  6. Great golf video. I never really am able to play golf due to a slight lack of interest but mainly because of an eye condition which gives me little ability to see small things at a far distance (imagine trying to find a golf ball…….and keep track of it…) plus I have pretty sucky hand-eye coordination thanks to my eye disability.

    But if you are ever on a road trip or something and you happen to pass through St Louis, feel free to try the Bellerive Country Club. It is ranked the top course in Missouri according to Golf Digest and it hosted the PGA tournament last year. It is about 6 miles from my house and it happens to be near the TopGolf location in Chesterfield if you feel like using your platinum membership and want a little practice…..

  7. They are very fun and you should do more. I like watching your golf videos. Lincoln skills are AMAZING!!! Nice job!

  8. If you were decent at golf at the least you'd know putter is always a better option then pitching/chipping if you can putt the ball.

  9. We need to meet up in sand hollow and me and Lincoln could 1 v 1 we’ve played in the same tourney before I live type golf vifs

  10. I wish Lincoln played some rougher sports. Judo or Karate, rugby or wrestling. Watching you guys hit your little balls with your long sticks—well, obvious, it's a man's game. No. I would not like to more of this.

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