The Aotearoa Maori
Tennis Association says its youth development
programme is paying off. The association is holding its
annual tournament in Hamilton. Potaka Maipi has more. Rawhiti Williams, Kyle Butters
and Arapeta Waiomio are the fresh faces of Maori tennis. Arapeta lives and
trains in Australia, and last year’s champ, Kyle Butters, is hoping to head off
to Europe next year. But the father of Rawhiti Williams,
the NZ junior tennis captain, says open divisions make
for great training grounds. My son’s playing Eru Lyndon. He’s only 14 years old. Although he’s struggling now, he’s gaining lots of
valuable experience going up against a player
of that calibre. The organisers see benefits for the young ones who have been
thrown into the toughest divisions. Three of the four in
the semis are under 16. So the young ones are really
showing the older ones how the game is played. For the experienced female players, they say for Maori to get to
the top, they must start early. But former NZ Maori
champion Eru Lyndon still works hard on his game, setting an example
for the up-and-coming. Look out for these
young up-and-comers. Potaka Maipi, Te Karere.

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