– Let’s put something on it, shall we? If we can get to a court somewhere, loser is on the service
line and the winner is going to serve a ball at their bum. – One hundred percent yes. (suspenseful music) – I’m Jens Sweaney,
I’m a pro tennis player from Australia. I was top 100 in Australia,
but I moved to L.A. to play for the USC Trojans. I’ve toured a couple times overseas. France, and Spain,
playing pro tournaments. – I’m Brendan Dahle,
and I’m a casual gamer. I play video games every now and then. One of my favorite games of all time is Virtua Tennis for the
SEGA Dreamcast, baby. I used to spend hours
crushing that world tour. I feel like that has
prepared me for this moment. – About my lack of video game experience, yeah, I’m here, ready to play some tennis. I think I’ve got this one in the bag. – What’s up? – Hello. – Hi. – I’m Jens. – I’m Brendan. – Nice to meet you. – This isn’t intimidating at all. I’m definitely going to be Waluigi. – I’m gonna go with Yoshi. (cheering) (grunts) – Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, ah, yeah. – Get that weak (beeps) out of here. Oh god this, Okay. – A little flat. – Put a little sauce on that one. Serve coming in hot. (grunts) – Early, hot and early. – Oh that was out I think. – No. – Crowd goes wild. – Crowd made no noise. (groans) Oh did that? – Oh. – Oh come on. – Lob shot window baby, still serving, I don’t
know how the rules work. (grunts) – [Game] Game receiver. I gave him that first point. – It’s a game one, one nothing. – One, the game. – You’ll pick it up. It’s fine.
– Yeah. (Cheers) So it didn’t, okay. Go. (cheers) ah. – That’s a spicy meat ball. That’s pretty good. I’ll give you that one. This is close, this is tight. I’m actually feel, oh
we’re just doing this? Oh.
– Yes! (cheers) So the thing is about the
number of games it’s tied, ’cause I’ve won one as well. Oh it was out, I
shouldn’t have touched it. What happened? Body shot? – Yeah body shot.
– There are body shots. Huzzah. Yeah. That’s ’cause I put the heater on blast. Game point again for the Waluigi crew. (groans) – Oh that was a big serve. Yeah well. – Thank you very much, I appreciate that. – Get over there, no!
(cheers) – Maybe not exactly how
you expected this to go. – I was expecting a little less from you. I mean I watched YouTube
tutorials on this. – You and everyone else buddy. – That was not too good. – I don’t remember them
saying how to serve? Was that on there? Did I skip serving? – [Jans] Whoa! – Oh, there’s some spice on that one. Match point again, oh, match point. Oh this is too much pressure. (cheers)
(wails) – How is three games a match? Three, one? – Oh boy, I would like to thank my family. – Okay a set is six. – I do feel like you actually knowing how to play tennis is probably
still a hindrance at this point ’cause you’re trying
to do real tennis stuff and I’m just swinging around wildly. So I do feel like,
– Maybe I should try some of that. – Hot, hot streak alive. – [Game] Out. – You know it’s not about, – Book it. – It’s not always about
who wins and loses, is kind of my point. Oh shoot. Okay, you know, again. That was right up the middle. That was (grumbles) I’m trying a new swing called a tomahawk. So far it’s very effective. I like it when the star show up I don’t know what that
means but that feels like, wait what? I think I hurt myself. Oh, oh, I get to throw
a tantrum, yeah I want to challenge that decision. That was clearly in, what are you blind? – Oh it’s out. – So the thing about it is that, (laughs) Wait were am I lining up. – Toward the net.
– Which way am I gonna serve it from? You’ll never know. I could do it over here,
or switch over here. (moans) I call that the sneak attack serve. It’s a patented tennis
thing that everyone does, all the pros and then. – I feel like if I just
do nothing, you’ll lose. – Okay, that stings a little. I just did like a lasso. – Oh that came in hot, okay. Game, set match?
– Okay, alright. So it is one to one, this
is it, winner take all. – Let’s put something on it, shall we? If we can get to a court somewhere loser is on the service
line and the winner is going to serve a ball at their bum. – 100% yes. – Tie breaker? Oh okay, I see, tie
breakers work like you, you play one point and
then I now serve two and then you go two and I got two. And it’s to seven. – Okay, that was, I did
the thing where you were supposed to hit it that
way and it hit it that way. – Oh. – A little too hot, little too hot. Okay, so it’s three nothing. Not a problem, it’s fine. Yeah. Ah come on. – Come on. Come on.
– Come on. For, okay.
– Four, zero, baby. – I can’t go out, I
can’t go out like that. I can’t go out with a goose egg, – Well, seven zero, that’s
a nudie run right there. – A nudie run? – Yeah, one around the complex. – Oh no, we didn’t agree to that at all. – That’s in the laws of tennis. – Oh. What? (laughs) What? – Six, O. No. Game, set and match. – Congratulations. – Hey, thank you very much,
thank you for playing. – That was unreal. – Okay, that was pretty
fun, that was a lot of fun. – Yeah totally. – I’m proud of myself,
I kept it kind of close but you were clearly
better at tennis stuff. – No I mean, I was rubbish. – No, don’t say that, you were great. – Some of your little sly
stinks cross court, unreal. – Yeah, thanks, I had a
couple moments in there. Was this comparable to real tennis at all? – Not at all. – Okay, no. – Now we did have a little
something one the line. – Butts up if I recall correctly. – Yeah. (laughs) – You do it. – You can’t use the racket like that. – What, I thought that was the point? – It’s gotta be like just the rim, you can’t have the whole thing there. (laughs) – [Brandon] Do it. Oh god. Oh god still going. Ah. – That’s one. – Oh wait there’s more? Ah, barely even felt it. (upbeat music) You earned it, congratulations.

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