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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “Pro Women’s GOLD Medal Match from the 2019 Las Vegas Pickleball Open”

  1. Highlights
    6:51 Start Game 1
    19:07 Start Game 2
    20:59 Highlight Of The Match!
    36:17 Start Game 3
    54:36 Player Interviews

  2. I know Jessie uses an Engage paddle, but she doesn't seem to be sponsored. Some paddle company really needs to sign her up ASAP or lose out.

  3. These announcers are so annoying. Talking about anything but the actual match. Making excuses for every stupid thing. The glare of the building, the long day, being new to pickleball. Shut up and pay attention to the match. Ridiculous.

  4. I call Bullshit letting anyone wear a shirt , garment , or paddle that's the same color as the ball, your not out on the roadway! Tourney Play with $money. Nice cheat or unfair advantage, this is coming from someone that's been playing paddle sports longer than this sport has been around.
    I do love the sport and suggest having a set of 4 different color balls and the players have to all agree on a color choice and if that cannot happen the one wearing the color to camouflage the play off the paddle is asked to change their garment

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