(intense music) ♪ Hey, yeah ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – A sun splashed September afternoon here in Las Vegas,
Nevada as we are happy to bring you coverage of the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball open here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino at
one Main Street, Las Vegas. Hey everybody, welcome to Las Vegas. Dave Benz hanging out
with Melissa McCurley and Mark Renneson. And guys, we’re excited
to be here and be a part of this tournament as
pickleball continues to grow, and yet another major tournament
added to the schedule. – Oh absolutely, it’s been a great week. We started with an amateur
event the first part of the week and then are
going on with the pros today. – Mark, you’ve seen this sport really grow and to see a tournament
like this with a large purse for the pros, it really is impressive. – What a thrill. This is one of the richest
pickleball tournaments in the sport right now. And so, to come to such
a beautiful place in Las Vegas, here at the
Plaza Hotel, is a real treat for spectators and players. – [Dave] Yeah the purse
of $25,000 vaults it right to the top of the
pickleball tournaments that are being played around
the country right now. Over 300 players, not just
from the United States, but four countries represented
in this tournament here. We are excited to get coverage under way. Let’s play some pickleball
here in Sin City. Don’t go anywhere, live
action coming your way next. (intense music) Earlier this summer, that was some of the highlights from
Independence Day here at the Plaza Hotel and
Casino and now we are ready for the women’s doubles semi-finals. Simonie Jardim, you see
some of her credentials and she has really become
one of the most fantastic women’s players on the Pickleball Circuit. And let’s talk, Melissa,
about how much she’s meant not only in terms of a player, but she’s been a head instructor at the U.S. Open Pickleball Academy as well. – [Melissa] Yeah, I mean,
she just means everything to this game. Simonie is one heck of a competitor. She’s got a lot of just fierce competitiveness
that’s built into that body of hers. So, she’s always a joy here to watch. And so, you know, certainly we’re looking to see a great match here today. – [Mark] And there’s a
look at Christine McGrath. Christine McGrath also very
accomplished in her own, right. (audience clapping) Christine McGrath
actually in the inaugural U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, I was impressed as she was
playing seven months pregnant with her second daughter at the time, and all she did was win three
metals while she was pregnant. – [Melissa] That’s what she did. I remember that, too. It just seems like it
was yesterday, but yeah, she was a, (laughs) she was
still showing nobody no mercy. – [Dave] Hard to believe her daughter, now over two years old, had
a little conversation with Christine earlier today. So this really is the who’s
who of the women’s division with McGrath and Tereschenko
has also been fantastic. She won a silver and a
bronze at the U.S. Open. And Jardime, and you saw
Corrine Carr-Siebenschein there as well. – [Melissa] Yeah, and Irina
has really been playing a lot of pickleball,
doing a lot of instructing as well, and she’s just
really turned it on. The biggest tournament was
just had was the tournament of champions back at the end of August. And, you know, there she
was a mixed double silver, women’s double bronze, single’s bronze. I mean, she had a great
tournament and just continues to turn her game on,
tournament after tournament. So, usually Irina, we see
her with Lucy Kovalova, and Christine with Sarah Ansboury. So, they’ve teamed up here to
play in the Women’s Doubles. Lucy nor Sarah in the women’s draw here. – [Announcer] Okay, so
we got plays in, ladies. – [Mark] So, here we go. It will be Carr and Jardim. By the way, I’m just gonna
go with it for the rest of the tournament because
Corrine Carr-Siebenschein is a mouth full I’m going with CCS. – [Melissa] CCS, I like it, I
like it, maybe it will stick. We’ll have to see what see thinks. – [Dave] By the way, her
husband, Rafael is not here this weekend and he was for a while
her mixed doubles partner. And they are no longer playing
together, they’ve agreed. I’ve spoke with Corrine
earlier today and she’s said they’ve agreed to that
they’re not gonna be team mates together in mixed doubles and that he won’t play mixed doubles so that they don’t have to face each
other in future tournaments. – [Melissa] Oh wow, boy that’s a– – Oh wow.
– Oh look it. – [Dave] Wow! – [Mark] So normally
when you see an around the post shot get hit and best it can sorta be hit down the line. That one had such an angle to it, a little bit of side spin that not only could Simonie hit that around the post she got it
to the center of the court. You don’t see that very often. – [Dave] And where it was not returnable. – [Mark] We’re gonna see a
lot of power in this match. All four of these
players like to hit hard, you’ll see a lot of two
handed back hands out there. I think Irina’s the only one who doesn’t hit a two handed back hand. Get ready for so power pickleball. – [Dave] So zero-zero-one in the early going game one
of this best of three. And make it one-zero-one. By the way one other note
that I picked up from Corrine Carr-Siebenschein,
CCS this morning is she was a collegiate golfer at the University of South Carolina. I asked her, “I said are
you still playing any golf?” She said yes, in fact
she says she wants to start getting back into playing some tournaments and see how she can do in the golf field as well. Whether she might be able to
make a career on that circuit. – [Melissa] Oh yeah, you
know she’s a professor at a college, I mean she’s a
multi-talented young woman. And so, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her on the golf tour. – [Mark] So, Melissa, I’ve got a question, so you’re the boss lady over
at pickleballtournaments.com. Do you think you could make a
little hack into it could be pickleballandgolftournaments.com and maybe we could have a little biathlon, you know so that they play
some pickleball in the morning, some golf in the afternoon
and best scores win? – [Melissa] There you go, so
all pickleballers and golfers. – [Mark] So I want Corrine as my partner. – [Dave] You got three-zero-one. By the way there is a
sport called chess boxing, so maybe we could combine pickleball golf. – [Melissa] Picklegolf. – [Dave] I just learned of chess
boxing about two weeks ago, they play in Europe where they’ll box and then they’ll play chess and then they’ll get back up and box some more. – [Melissa] Oh, very interesting. – [Mark] It does sound
right up your alley, Dave. – [Melissa] I was gonna say, it must be some smart boxers. – [Dave] Well either that
or dumb chess players. (Melissa laughs) Four-zero-one as Corrine Carr not relinquishing the serve here. – [Mark] That drop is
so solid from Simonie. – [Melissa] And did you
see the spin on it, right? So when it hit, it sorta
spun back towards the net. – [Mark] Yeah especially with a bit of a breeze going into her. There’s a time out right here. – [Announcer] The score is five-zero. – [Mark] Five-nothing is usually a good time to call a time out. – [Dave] Yeah, at
five-zero-one, I would say so. So Simonie and CCS
liking their start here. And we’ll be back here with more of game one after this quick
time out here in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Lite and by Hyland’s. (intense music) – We continue on here
with the Women’s Doubles in the pro division and
a great start here for Corrine Carr-Siebenschein, CCS if you will and Simonie Jardim. A five-zero-one start here to game one. – [Announcer] Henderson, court four. – [Dave] McGrath and
Tereschenko hoping to break Carr’s serve with the time out. And instead Carr continues the hot start, make it six-zero-one. – [Mark] I’m gonna take
a second here, Dave, to give a quick shout out
to a couple of top players, and super nice guys that are watching, Aspen Kern and Wes Gabrielsen. Two of the best players in the game. Also two of the nicest
players in the game, to see that they’re watching
here on our Facebook feed. – [Announcer] Point! – [Dave] And they must be impressed with what they’re seeing, Carr
makes it seven-zero-one now. She’s rolled off seven consecutive points. – [Mark] Aspen Kern, many people will know pickleball players as the founder of the pickleball forum,
which is now on Facebook. It’s now got close to 20,000 members. This is a place where people go and they talk all things pickleball. Anything you want to know about or discuss the pickleball
forum is a place to go. – [Melissa] And eight-zero-one
here, Dave and Mark, so this one’s quickly trying
to slip by Christine and Irina. Oh but then Irina says let me take this step outside of the kitchen. – [Mark] There’s your erne, there you go. – [Dave] Yeah, but all you get for that is now you’re gonna have to
face the Jardim serve. – [Melissa] That’s right. – [Mark] I think the strategy here is when you’re down eight-nothing like this, you gotta know there’s a very good chance you’re gonna loose this game and you’ve gotta be okay with that. What you can do is to
use the rest of this game to figure out what kind of strategy might work in game number two. So you’ll see them testing
out a few new things here. You saw Irina going for the erne. Right now, I think they’re
playing to figure out how to compete better in
game number two rather than with an eye towards
winning game number one. – [Dave] Nine-zero-two. 10-zero-two and game point here. – [Mark] Yeah and Christine McGrath has missed too many soft balls. She’s been up at the net, dinks that normally makes on both her
forehand and backhand side. She’s missed a few of them into the net, she’ll need to improve on
that in game number two and I expect that Corrine and Simonie will keep going at her as they are now, unless she does that. – [Melissa] Oh jeez, look at the defense from both Simonie and Corrine. It’s just absolutely fantastic. Some of the best you’ll absolutely see in any of the pickleball, the
women’s game or the men’s game. – [Dave] It wasn’t quite the point we had in game two of the men’s semi, but that was a pretty
impressive point none the less. – [Announcer] Their serve. – [Mark] Yeah so some
of those unforced errors and who knows, a bit of nerves. You hear on the Grand Stand Court, you’ve got lots of people watching and you know it’s being broadcast. A lot of things can go on, but these are uncharacteristic
misses for Christine. And I expect game two she’s
gonna improve that consistency. (trio laughing) – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Dave] A little Bronx cheer
out of McGrath and Tereschenko as they get on the board here. – [Announcer] One-10-two. Side out. – [Dave] And now a chance
to serve for the game. Thank you to all of you watching this livestream here today on Facebook. – [Announcer] Second serve. – [Dave] And Simonie hits it long. – [Mark] Speaking of players
that we have watching us today, Tonja Major, Tonja is a multi time national champion, a great player. And we talked about unusual technique, Tonja has showed us some
different ways people can hit the balls, and she
does it really effectively. Game point. – [Announcer] Side out. – [Dave] Side out. – [Melissa] Yeah and that ball there got what I call a double wheel house, it was a wheel house of Corrine’s backhand and Simonie’s forehand. Both of them went for it. Ball went out. Oh there’s a second point there. – [Dave] Wow, Tereschenko and McGrath not done yet here in game one. – [Announcer] Two-10-one. – [Mark] The wind has started
to pick up just a little bit, we’re here at the fifth floor of the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and perfect conditions. A little bit gusty though and we’re sorta in almost a bowl around the hotels and you get those gusts that don’t always blow in
a consistent direction. – [Dave] Las Vegas weather can be tricky and it can change in a moment. – [Announcer] Second serve. – [Dave] And we move
on to the second serve. – [Announcer] Three-10-two. Side out. – [Dave] And now again, a
chance to serve for the game. – [Melissa] Yeah and that was a really nice return by Simonie,
it was a nice deep return. That’s what you want to
try to do in pickleball and its a deep return to Irina’s backhand. Well done by Simonie. – [Announcer] Second Serve. – [Dave] Nice exchange there,
results in server number two, and that will be Simonie, having to try and serve for the game. – [Announcer] Middle mast, court five, referee Bob Bardez, players,
(mumbles), court three. I’m sorry, it’s– – [Announcer] Side out. – [Mark] Well they got a side out. While we do the side out, maybe we could mention some of the stats. We got Chad Edwards doing stats for us. And interesting on third shot drops, Tereschenko and McGrath have
only hit one third shot drive. That’s not gonna be one there. And Simonie Jardim and Corrine
Carr have now hit eight, oh nine third shot drives. All righty, so we’re seeing
the power game from CCS, as you like to call her
Dave, and Simonie Jardim. And I’m wondering if in game number two if we’re gonna see more third shot drives from McGrath and Tereschenko. There’s one right there. – [Melissa] Oh awe, so Irina
got away with one there. That was defiantly got up
where Corrine wanted it and then she put it into the net. Some really nice defense there
by Christine McGrath as well, to stay on the point. We saw her get a little more aggressive in that particular point. – [Dave] So four-10-two
after trailing zero-10, but now again another opportunity
to serve for the game. – [Mark] Yeah, that forehand
drop and letting McGrath doing a little bit this first game. – [Announcer] Play, T.T. Garden. – [Mark] She’s much more
comfortable on the backhand side. – [Announcer] Versus Andrea
Coop and Maggie Rementz. That’s Rementz– – [Dave] And there it
is, Carr puts it away. So game one in favor of CCS
and her partner Simonie Jardim. Have another look at game point. And early one-nothing
advantage here in this match. Time out here in Vegas, game
number two coming your way. Stay with us from Sin City. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Lite, and by Head. (intense music) Back here in Las Vegas,
Nevada, an ariel view of the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the pool deck with 13 courts and it looks fantastic. An inaugural year of the
Las Vegas Open Eight, $25,000 purse, one of the largest payouts on the pickleball circuit and no doubt this is going to
be must attend tournament for years to come for pickleball players. 300 players in the tournament this year and we expect that number to grow in time for next year’s tournament. – [Melissa] Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubled in size. We had 27 states here this week, we had the first three days
were the amateur division, we have four countries represented here. – [Announcer] Zero-zero-one. Point. – [Dave] And so a two-zero-one start here in favor of CCS and Jardim. – [Melissa] So it’s one-zero-one and Corrine just serving the ball. Neither one of these ladies plan to take the pedal off the gas. That’s for sure. – [Mark] So Dave, earlier
you mentioned that you were gonna call Corrine,
CCS, Corrine Carr-Siebenschein, ’cause that’s a mouthful for you. – [Dave] Yes. – [Mark] Well, were you gonna say hello to her husband Rafael Siebenschein, who’s now here, not here, but he’s watching our feed on Facebook. Hi, Raf. – [Dave] Corrine telling
me Raf just wanted to take the weekend off
as to her explanation as to why he’s not here in Vegas. – [Announcer] Second serve. – [Mark] Okay, so we’re
gonna see right now with McGrath and Tereschenko can start to get some points early on in the game. They waited until quite late last time. And we are gonna need
to see Christine McGrath handling those forehands better. She’s got a great backhand,
like we saw there, but it’s that forehand side. It’s interesting Melissa,
they’ve been setting it up where Christine has been playing on the right hand side of the court, which really exposes her forehand on the outer parts of the court. So we’re gonna see if
Corrine and Simonie start to target it here in game two,
like they did in game one there. – [Announcer] Great, every time
you talk we’re hearing this, I don’t know. – [Melissa] Yeah that’s
about the only thing that they can target, cause you
certainly don’t want to get it in that backhand
of Christine McGrath. – [Mark] Yeah again we’ve talked about trade offs a few times this afternoon. The advantage Christine
has when she plays on the right hand side,
is she’s got that solid two handed backhand, right
in the middle of the court, where a lot of balls go,
but the downside is that, that’s a good example of why. – [Melissa] There it was. – [Mark] The downside is
if Corrine or Simonie can play a dink, especially, or
a third shot dropout wide to the side line, it’s gonna force Christine to hit that forehand. And her forehand’s a little bit shaky. That could be trouble. – [Dave] One-two-two, a much better start to this game for McGrath and Tereschenko. They trail 10-nothing
at the start of game one and now they’ve drawn even here
in game two so two-two-two. So our third match that
we’ve telecast today, we’ve yet to see a match go
to a decisive third game. Will this be the charm?
– Side out. – [Mark] Another shout out, we’ve got someone watching on out Facebook feed, a young man named Kyle
Yates, I believe is watching. Do you know this guy Dave? – [Dave] Kyle Yates,
what do you go back up to his hotel room and he’s got his feet up watching our feed. – [Mark] Must be, so those who are here, Kyle and Ben Johns won
their semi-final match just before this match
and they’ll be moving on. So hi to Kyle.
– Point. – [Dave] Jardim catching
McGrath off guard there. – [Announcer] Three-two-one. – [Melissa] Yeah, Kyle
probably knowing that when the match is finished on this court, so when about the time he’ll
need to start getting ready. – [Announcer] Four-two-one. Second serve. Four-two-two. – [Dave] Four-two-two. – [Melissa] Simonie and
Corrine just showed us a great, great, great
job of working together, getting up to the line there, but then that ball just
went a little bit high on the other side and then Corrine had to retreat a little bit more, putting her in a defensive position. – [Mark] Yeah, one of the reasons that you see players move together. Sometimes you hear players or coaches talk about how they’re forming a wall or something like that. But here’s the rationale
as far as I see it, if it’s safe for one of
you to be up at the net, it’s safe for both of
you to be up at the net. And if it’s dangerous
for one of you to be up, it’s dangerous for both. So that’s why you see these
players move together, not necessarily because there’s
a rule that you have to, you know, imagine you’re tethered together or something like that, but because if it’s advantageous to be in
one place for one of you, it’s advantageous for both
of you to be in that place. So that’s why you’ll see this teamwork where they
move generally in sync. – [Melissa] Wow. – [Dave] Oh what a put down by McGrath, and you know we talked
about the power when we saw Johns and Yates in
the previous match today. You mentioned at the
beginning of this match that these ladies are certainly not lacking for power either. – [Melissa] Yeah, no,
these certainly aren’t. I mean these are some of
the most experienced ladies that we will have on the
pickleball scene today, Dave. And that they are no strangers to being in these type of matches, getting in to the draws very, very deep. So they have power, they have
precision, they have patience, I mean all of the P’s
that we can throw at it. These ladies certainly
have it in their tool set. – [Dave] People on Facebook asking about which ball is being used
for this tournament. It is the Franklin X-40, which is distinctive in that neon color. Now being used at over 100 pickleball tournaments nation wide. And Jardim would like
to have that one back. – [Mark] Maybe she had
the wrong ball. (laughs) Maybe she’ll toss that one to the side and use a different one. Yeah, the Franklin X-40 is a ball that’s been on the market now in the pickleball world for a few years really more and more
players are starting to really like it for its durability, for its ability to stay round, and you have that bright yellow color. You can see it from a mile away. The top of the Plaza Hotel, I bet you could still see this ball. – [Melissa] Yeah it
looks neon, doesn’t it? – [Announcer] Three-four-one. – [Melissa] Like it’s glowing in the dark. – [Dave] Three-four-one now
as McGrath and Tereschenko trying to draw even with
the point in this exchange. – [Mark] Simonie is so
good at that surprise shot, she was looking to her left and ends up hitting to her right, catching
Tereschenko off guard. – [Dave] Tereschenko,
who played college tennis at Texas Tech, was part
of a high school team that won the Russian championship, was born in Moscow, before
emigrating to the United States. – [Mark] One of the things we
just saw there from Simonie, that ball hit the net, barely crawled over and she was on it. And we’ve seen that from the pro matches, the senior pro matches and
this is something that’s quite different from many
recreational players. The coaching I’m doing, I
often see balls hit the net and dribble over, players
just sorta give up on it. As soon as the ball hits the net they assume the point’s over. The pros never do that,
they know that just because it touches the net, there’s still a chance it might come over. There we see it from Irina. Right and this is one of the characteristics that we
see that really separates high level players from the rest. – Oh look at that.
– A dig there by Carr. Ooh, what touch.
– Wow! That is just unbelievable
– CCS. – [Melissa] Unbelievable, they
even were out of position, for they were both playing defensive, they both caught on this
particular side of the court. You’ll see it again here and just look at the defensive that gets shown here. It was pretty impressive,
they work together so well, they just have the chemistry,
they play together so often that they we’re able to take what looked like a wide
open court and close it up. – [Announcer] Point. – [Dave] And then Jardim
hits it right off of McGrath. You know Mark, you’ve
mentioned the style of play, you look at these ladies on the court and McGrath, Tereschenko, Simonie Jardim, they all have a tennis background and you’ve worked with a
number of pickleball players across the country. What’s the biggest obstacles
a tennis player faces as they try to convert to
being a pickleball player? – [Mark] That’s a good question, I’d say the most common one
is that the tennis players… Oh there’s another great point. – [Announcer] Point. – [Mark] They’re used to hitting the ball with a fair amount of top spin to help keep the ball in play, even though you hit kinda high. Because pickleball paddles are so smooth, and the balls are relatively smooth, you can’t generate nearly as much top spin as you could with a tennis ball. So converted tennis
players have to learn to hit the ball a little flatter,
with a little less spin. Plus they need to get used to idea of when your opponents are up at the net with the ratcheting, that rather than always
hitting hard pass them or high over them, you actually play a low, soft ball down towards their feet, a drop and that’s a
shot that doesn’t really exist in tennis, hitting low and soft when your opponents
are already at the net. – [Dave] Six-four-two now. – [Announcer] Point. – [Dave] And make it
seven-four-two after the point. – [Announcer] Time out, paddles down. – [Dave] And so a time out being taken by McGrath and Tereschenko. As they’re holding on
to their last gasp here in game two of the Women’s Pro
Doubles in the semi-finals. (intense music) The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Lite and by Hyland’s. And back here in Las
Vegas, seven-four in favor of Jardim and Corrine
Carr-Siebenschein, or CCS, as they look to try to
move on to the finals. Loser of this match will go
into, what did you call it, the opportunity bracket? – [Melissa] The opportunity bracket, so they would have an
opportunity to come back and play for the gold medal
here at the Las Vegas Open. – [Dave] It is double
elimination here in Las Vegas. – [Melissa] And you’ll hear
people say different thing, Dave, some of them, you know, who ever goes on here, to wait for the loser to come from
the opportunity bracket, can sometimes sit and get cold while they’re sill playing on the
opportunity side coming back. So you hear different things about what the advantages to sitting there waiting as opposed to still playing. – [Mark] A miscommunication, Simonie apologizing for taking a ball that was otherwise going to Corrine. One thing to notice here on the top left hand corner of your screen, you can see the sun
coming on the court now and that’s gonna make it difficult for who ever is playing on that right side. Right now it’s Christine McGrath. Balls coming in and out of
shadow can be pretty tricky. – [Melissa] Yeah, that’s
gonna continue to do that, the sun is, the more sun that will come on this court as we go. Its provided us some wonderful
shade all afternoon long. – [Dave] Five-seven-two, the score here. – [Announcer] Point. – [Dave] And make it six-seven-two after that shot, right down the line. – [Mark] Might have to
call that a time out so we can put on some sun
screen, get a cold beverage. Think they’ll wait for us?
– Six-seven-two. – [Melissa] You mean water, Mark? You talking about water? – [Mark] Sparkling water. – [Melissa] Oh, okay. – Extra ice.
– Side out. – [Mark] It’s beautiful here on the rooftop of the Plaza Hotel
and Casino here in Las Vegas, we’re on the fifth floor,
there’s a pool out here, there’s a cabana, there’s
a few people gambling, this is a beautiful
place to play pickleball. – [Dave] You really can do it all here, there’s great restaurants here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. I had a great conversation
with Grant Garcia, who’s the director the
Las Vegas Pickleball Open, yesterday talking about this sun. And he said it’s very
unusable here because it kinda like bends around
almost in a half circle. You’ll have sun on the
courts here in the morning and then you’ll get it
again in the evening. But during the day, the tower
blocks out most of the sun, so you’ll have shade during
the heart of the day. – [Melissa] Yeah, and it’s been, like, very, very warm here
in Las Vegas this week, in the upper 90s, about eight or nine degrees above average from what they normally
have this time of year. – [Announcer] Nine-six-one. – [Dave] Nine-six-one, you’re talking to somebody who comes here quite often for the Las Vegas summer league in July. This is not warm. – [Melissa] (laughs) This is fall. – [Dave] Try a 110 with
40 mile an hour winds and you would think those are
gonna provide some relief, instead it’s like if you had and oven with a fan going on ya. – [Melissa] Yeah, I guess with the sand, you wouldn’t need any
hair mousse, would ya? – [Dave] Yeah, this is September, it’s a great time of year to
have this event here in Vegas. – [Mark] McGrath is so
good at blocking fast balls with that two handed backhand. The stability of the second hand, the nondominant hand really helps her out, as with many of the players
who use two handed backhands, that when those balls come fast, that nondominant hand is on the paddle, just really makes it more solid. Here’s a timeout with
match point coming up. – [Dave] Yeah, well at 10-six-two, the time out on the court, match point coming your
way after this time out. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, and by Miller Lite, and Franklin the X-40, the official ball of the
Las Vegas Pickleball Open. Back here in Las Vegas,
the Plaza Hotel and Casino right on the end of
fabulous Fremont Street, here in Las Vegas. So much to do, so much to
enjoy, including pickleball and the Las Vegas Pickleball
Open with intentions of becoming a staple
on the pickleball tour. Match point here for
CCS and Simonie Jardim. – [Mark] There’s that forehand again. – [Dave] There it is,
so an 11-four, 11-six straight sets win for Simonie Jardim and Corrine Carr-Siebenschein. And let’s take a look at match point cause this was pretty much an impressive match from start to finish. – [Melissa] It certainly
was, I mean it was pretty. We’ve seen Corrine and
Simonie be dominant and they showed no differently here today in the Las Vegas Open. – [Dave] So they move on to the finals. We will hear from them coming up after this quick timeout from Sin City. (intense music) And Welcome back to championship court, so moving on to the
women’s finals are CCS, who says she’s okay with the new nickname and Simonie Jardim. And let’s talk about the
beginning of that match because Corrine, you got out a 10-nothing start. I don’t think you coulda
drawn it out much better. – Not at all, we came
out feeling pretty good and it showed in the scores. So it’s nice to have a strong start. – Simonie, when you get out
to a strong start like that, I’m guessing it just opens everything up, takes the tension off and really you’re able
to play more relaxed and play a lot more freely? – Correct, I mean, like
a lot of the times when you come out right away,
we haven’t played, you know both of us, both teams hadn’t
played for a couple hours. And you’re kinda stiff and so if you start and you’re rolling, rolling, rolling, then all of those jitters go away and now you’re just swinging. And that’s what we were doing. – Early thoughts here on Las Vegas? What do you think about
this tournament so far? – I love it, it’s a unique venue, yeah. – You’re being up here on a rooftop and have the pool nearby and, you know, you got the black jack
tables not far away. It’s unlike anything else in pickleball. – Absolutely and I think
what, you know, I mean for me, I’m a parent, so we have two kids here and my husband is actually
working with you guys. So our kids are in the pool having fun and yesterday they spent
the whole day in the pool and they passed out. So this great, great babysitter
that pool, right there. – There you go, ringing
endorsement for the tournament. I know it’s getting a little warm, I’ll let you guys go get some rest. We’ll see you in the finals, congratulations on an impressive
win, and the semi-finals. Much more to come, here from Las Vegas. Don’t go anywhere, we are back
after this quick time out. (intense music)

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  1. First time I see this game pretty much like tennis but looks much easier, seems fun I wouldn't mind to give it a try.

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