(rock music) (rock music) – A sun splashed September
afternoon here at Las Vegas, NV as we are happy to bring
you coverage of the Inaugural Las Vegas
Pickleball Open here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. At 1 Main Street, Las Vegas. Hey everybody, welcome
to Las Vegas in advance. Hanging out with Melissa
McCurley and Mark Renneson, and guys, we’re excited
to be here and be a part of this tournament as
Pickleball continues to grow and yet another major tournament
added to the schedule. – Oh, absolutely. It’s been a great week, we
started with an amateur event the first part of the week and are going on with the pro’s today. – Mark, you’ve seen this sport really grow and to see a tournament like this, with a large purse for the
pro’s, it really is impressive. – What a thrill. This is one of the richest
Pickleball tournaments in the sport right now
and so, to come to such a beautiful place in Las Vegas,
here at the Plaza Hotel, is a real treat for
spectators and players. – You have the purse of
$25,000 vaults it right to the top of Pickleball tournaments that are being played around
the country right now. Over 300 players, not just
from the United States, but four countries represented
in this tournament here. Well, we are excited to
the coverage underway. Let’s play some Pickleball
here in sin city, don’t go anywhere, live
action coming your way next. (rock music) – [Dave] Welcome back to
Las Vegas, Nevada, sin city, where Pickleball takes
its place amongst some of the biggest sports to
have dotted the Las Vegas sports scene over the years. It’s been a long time coming and we are happy to be apart of it. We are officially underway, here in the Woman’s Senior Division Doubles. You could call it the semi
finals, you could call it the winner’s bracket finals, if you will. Melissa McCurly, you say
that either is appropriate. – [Melissa] Either is fine. You’ll here people reference
both ways, so, either way, it’s not incorrect. – [Dave] We’ve had some people
here watching the live stream coming in saying, hey I thought is was the winner’s bracket final,
instead of the semi finals. – [Mark] You know how
I like to think of it? If you win, you go to
the gold medal match. – [Dave] Right, there you go. And if you lose, you go to
the opportunity bracket. – [Melissa] Right and still
have the chance to come back. – [Dave] At any case, Kim Jagd
of Palm Desert, California. Along with Vivian Edwards,
they are in the far court. Lisa Naumu and Jas
Stefanovic in the near court. – [Melissa] All ladies from
California, with the exception of Vivian out of Colorado. Lisa Naumu, the raining
champion, Women’s Senior Open Doubles Champion with Gigi LeMaster. Gigi couldn’t be here this weekend. She was out doing clinics
out on the east coast, so, certainly miss her being here. – [Dave] Look at that last
exchange as Stefanovic was unable to catch up with it, but then, Naumu answers right back. So, 0-0-2 here in the early going. This is our fourth
broadcast of the day here on our Facebook live stream. And we’ve yet to have a
match go to a third game. – [Melissa] We haven’t. So, maybe we’ll see
something different here. There’s some really even matches here. I think, Lisa and Kim,
certainly have a bit of edge on experience, but
Vivian and Jas, certainly outstanding players, can definitely be able to hold their own here. And then see Kim’s
looking up in to the sun, so that sun has continued to
creep in more on to the courts, and so there’s an advantage here. It’ll be interesting
if Lisa and Jas see it, and that advantage is being
able to put the ball up high where Kim can’t see it. Kim Jagd, there in the
red, on the far court. – [Dave] All right, Kim unable
to catch up with that return. So, another point for the
Naumu/Stefanovic tandem. 2-0-1 And Edwards with the return. Edwards coming off a Bronze
in the singles side of things at the Tournament of Champions, recently. – [Melissa] That was at the end of August, in Brigham City, Utah. Some fantastic matches
there Dave, its a Tournament of Champions, brings in
about 150 pro players. Close to 100 here. – [Dave] 300 in all. And Edwards sending it right into Naumu. – [Melissa] I think Lisa’s probably gonna wanna find a way to return that favor. – [Dave] Lisa Naumu, by the way, as you may have mentioned
to, she won Gold in Naples, back in April, Senior Mixed Doubles Gold. The U.S. Open. So, 2-2-1, another look
at that last point. – [Melissa] Yeah, these
lasers are coming out firing right away, Mark. – [Mark] Yeah, we’ve seen that in a few of the matches today,
where in these conditions, the wind is hardly
blowing at all, right now. This is a great opportunity
to start to get hard. So, there just looking for
any ball that’s elevated just a little bit and that’s a ball there going to take a full swing at and see if they can either
hit an outright winner or more likely, hit the ball
well enough that it creates a pop-up, they can then
pounce on and put away. – [Dave] 2-2-2. And now serve will go
back to the other side. – [Mark] Yeah, I think one
of the things to think about is that Pickleball is not
inherently a slow game, right? And when see top players
place low balls it’s not because it’s the right way to play, it’s an intelligent shot to a low ball. So, if I ever see the
ball down below net level and I have to hit it up, well,
if I hit it with any speed, it’s either going to go out
or it’s gonna be attackable. So, when you receive a
ball below net level, like you just saw Kim Jagd receive there, that’s a good time to play a dink. A slow low ball that maybe
doesn’t win you the point outright, but puts your
opponents in a position where they can’t do much damage and then you can look for
something high you can pounce on. – [Dave] That was some
nice net work by Kim Jagd. – [Melissa] You’re seeing
Lisa do some of that a, what you had referenced earlier Mark, in some of other matches,
that third shot drive. It seems to be kind of a theme
here on this court today. – [Mark] That’s a good point. Yeah, I think especially early
on, what players will do, is they’ll test each other
out and there gonna try to answer a question. When I hit hard, can
my opponents handle it. And if I hit hard and
they can’t handle it, they either miss outright
or they pop-up something, then, it’s a good strategy for
us to continue to hit hard. But if however, we hit
that third shot fast and they do handle it well, playing a ball that we can’t
attack or hitting a winner, then we know that at least for now, the fast game is probably
not in the cards. So, you’ll see them test it early on, and then develop the rest
of their game strategy based on those early observations. – [Dave] One forced error
there, so Edwards with the serve and 3-3-1 now, or excuse me 3-3, or 2-3-2, after the side out. – [Mark] So, I think
the thing right now that Stefanovic and Naumu
would be noticing is that Edwards seems to get caught
a little bit off guard when that fast ball comes, especially if it’s down low to her. So, I expect your gonna see
more volley’s coming to, again she’s a lefty, so
if you play it out wide, you can get it to her back end. – [Dave] It is only 3-2-1,
a slight advantage here, and now it’s 3-2-2. Naumu and Stefanovic with the 3-2 lead. Tell you what, this Las
Vegas tournament is terrific, the one thing that they will need to add, and hopefully they’ll add it overnight, and will have it tomorrow,
they need to add a, just a little scoreboard in
the championship court area, for the fans to be able to stay on top of and a visual aspect. – [Melissa] Yeah. I note
that there was someone that has one, that was
running around here, hopefully still around. Something that we could
get added here tomorrow. – [Mark] One of the reasons
why you often don’t see it, or more often than not you
don’t see it is because the only person who would
take of that score board would be the referee, and the referee really has her hands full, she’s
keeping track of the score, she’s making sure that the players are in the correct position, that it’s the right serving rotation. She’s also gotta make
sure that she’s watching for non volley’s or violations. So, there’s really a
lot going on right now and to add that other
element of doing the score, gives her one more thing. But, I think your right. As we see Pickleball continue
to grow in to the mainstream, and people who don’t
necessarily know how to follow the score on their own, I
think you’re gonna start to see more and more tournaments where they have exactly what you said. Some way for an outside
observer to know very quickly what the score is and who is serving. – [Dave] That’s why we have
a score board on the screen. – [Melissa] That’s right so are– – [Mark] I’d like to just do a shout out, I don’t know if anyone, if
this was caught on camera, but Stefanovic just threw
the ball, baseball style across to her opponents and
that is the best throw I’ve seen from a (laughs) person, male
or female, in a long time. – [Dave] How bout that,
put away by Edwards. – [Melissa] Yeah, Vivian’s
got a lot of power, I think. In this game anything you
get up high, somebody’s gonna punch back at you pretty hard, but she’s got some quick hands. Yeah, and Kim Jagd just going
for an offensive lob there, what she’s trying to do is
get the ball up high, deep, get her opponents off that kitchen line, put her in a better position to get a side out or get a point. – [Dave] Edwards into the net. – [Mark] Early on, speaking of Edwards, I just want to mention that, that’s now seven unforced errors already for Edwards and Jagd. And so the fact that they
have a small lead here you know, I think if they
keep making unforced errors they way that they are,
they’re not going to continue to have that lead for much longer. – [Melissa] Yeah, and so there’s
gonna be a time out here. It’s 6-4-2, Jagd and Edwards. – [Dave] Yeah, 6-4-2 with time
out taken here on the court, we will take a break as well,
back to Las Vegas in a moment. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Light and by Hyland’s. (rock music) Back at 1 Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, The Plaza pool was remodeled
in 109 days, 70,000 square feet a face lift for a hotel that
was originally opened in 1972. Prior to that, it was actually
the first train station in Las Vegas, Nevada, which
was constructed in 1906. The side out here. This hotel has been apart
of many Hollywood movies, television shows, it was
used as the structure, the base structure for Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino and Hotel, in “Back to the Future Part II.” – [Melissa] Oh, very interesting. I love walking around the
hotel, they’ve got all kinds of pictures from, you
know, back in the 70’s and their was an original pool that looks straight down Fremont Street
and you can just almost feel the history everywhere
you walk around here. It’s pretty neat. So it’s actually Naumu
and Stefanovic up 6-4, against Jagd and Edwards. – [Dave] Jagd hits it long
and now an opportunity for Naumu and Stefanovic to
add to their lead, 6-4-1. (announcer speaking to the
crowd in the background) That sun continuing to creep
more and more on to the court. – [Melissa] Yeah, I would
imagine that’s gotta be a factor for Jagd and Edwards here. I mean, you can see, you
can see, especially Kim, really having to squint
to try to see the ball. And that sun will continue to
creep on, the entire court. – [Mark] Speaking of
Edwards, we have a friend, our statistician today is Chad Edwards, no relation to Vivian. And Chad tells me right now,
that on 3rd shot attempts, Edwards and Jagd, five, third
shot drop attempts at just six, third shot drives. Where as Naumu and Stefanovic
15 third shot drops, compared to just one, third shot drive. – [Dave] And that winner
makes it 8-4-2 now, 8-4-2. Naumu and Stefanovic three
points away from taking game one. It is best of three. – [Melissa] Yeah, Chad, thank
you for being here with us, doing a wonderful job. – [Dave] Chad working his
way through some technical difficulties as well,
the headset went down, but he is persevering. – [Melissa] Yeah. (laughs in the background) – [Dave] Edwards in to the net. Getting a lot of love from
the truck after mentioning the headset issue. – [Melissa] I know, I think
I just heard they say, they were going to bring you dinner. Lobster, that’s what I heard. – [Dave] Wow. 4-8, the score here, as Edwards and Jagd needing a little rally to
get back in to this game. – [Melissa] Oh, that was a really, really, really nice lob there. – [Dave] Jagd kind of hung
Edwards out to dry there, didn’t she, she realized
she couldn’t get it, and yelled “You” at the last second. There wasn’t a lot that
Vivian could do with that one. – [Melissa] No, it was a
great offensive lob by Jas. She saw the right opportunity
to take it and she did, and it was effective. – [Dave] 8-5-1, now 8-5-2. – [Mark] So, one of the
things to watch here is, Jagd and Vivian Edwards are now doing a little more switching,
let’s see where they move, if they play straight up
or if they switch sides here after their turn. Look, there’s the switch. So this is something
that we see players do instead of stacking. They’ll sometimes switch
in the middle of the point after the return service hit and they will sometimes stay and the
reason they do that is, when their opponents are
targeting one player or another, by switching and staying,
sort of, by mixing it up, it gives the team hitting that third shot, something else to worry about. Not just the shot they have to hit, but whether their opponents
have played straight up or whether they’ve switched sides. – [Dave] 5-9-1. – [Mark] That all started
with Lisa Naumu handling Kim Jagd’s, she played a solid
third shot drive, it was low, but Naumu, Naumu’s back
hand volley was good there, it made Edwards move off the court and she couldn’t hit a high quality shot. – [Dave] And the net ball in
favor of Edwards and Jagd. So, 6-9-2. You get the feeling though
that Naumu and Stefanovic have been the aggressors. It feels like Jagd and
Edwards have been on defense this entire match. – [Melissa] Yeah, it certainly,
it certainly felt that way. Lisa and Jas have been very
aggressive getting on the line. We’re not seeing a lot of
dinking in this game Mark, it’s more just a lotta power and reaction. – [Mark] That’s true, once
they’re up at the line, but as Chad Edwards tells
us, there’s only been one, third shot drive
from Naumu and Stefanovic. So they’re getting up to
the line with a soft volley. We’ll see, that’s maybe
a borderline drive. But you’re right, once they get up close, they’re the ones initiating the play, they’re the ones hitting faster, and you’ve already got 12 unforced errors from Edwards and Jagd. – [Melissa] Do you think
that side of the court that they’re on, with the sun
is playing any factor in it? – [Mark] Well, it’s not
just the factor of the sun, players are used to playing in the sun. Where this gets difficult
is that you get a transition between sun and shade. And having the ball come through there, baseball fans will be familiar with this. When they see the batter,
where the ball has to travel from the pitchers hand to the
plate, you see way fewer hits, way more strike outs, because
that change in the amount of sun and shade, that’s
what causes the trouble. – [Dave] Yeah, when it’s coming
from the sun into the shade, that’s when you have the issue,
in Major League Baseball. Course, in about another
20, 30 minutes, I think, the entire court is
going to be in the sun. So, no one will have an advantage. – [Melissa] Maybe even us too. – [Dave] The way this match
is going, they may still be playing this match in 20 or 30 minutes. Cause this has been,
compared to the other matches we’ve seen today, this
has been by far and away, the slowest moving of the four. – [Melissa] Yeah, absolutely. I think, both of the other
matches might have been over in the time it’s taken this
game one, to still be underway. – [Dave] But, you know what
that says, is that this has been the most competitive,
been the most even. Of the matches we’ve seen so far today. – [Melissa] Yeah, absolutely. It’s nice having to one,
Naumu and Stefanovic are up and serving. Okay and there she was, I
think that’s one opportunity she took to throw that ball
up, cause she knows that the sun is directly in her
eyes, and it was a great lob. – [Mark] I think that,
combined with the fact that the last time that they
lobbed it, there was some miscommunication between Edwards and Jagd about who was gonna take it. – [Dave] And there was. That’s game point as the return was long. So, 11-7 Naumu and Stefanovic,
they will have an opportunity to try and move on to the
finals in game number two. We’ll be back with game number two. Here from the pool deck of
the Plaza Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada
after this quick time out. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by The Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Lite and by Head. Back here in Las Vegas,
the Plaza Hotel and Casino bills itself as the place
to be downtown and it’s easy to understand why, they
opened in early 70’s. A grand re-opening in 2011,
over 80,000 square feet of gaming space, the only
bingo room in downtown Las Vegas and it also
boasts the largest ballroom in downtown Las Vegas. It also boasts the only rooftop Pickleball court in Las Vegas. – [Melissa] Yeah, and it’s great
to be here and I don’t know if viewers can, but the
rooms actually look down on to the courts, so. If you’re not out here
playing, you can viewing Pickleball anytime. – [Mark] Dave, I don’t
know if you know this, but Melissa McCurly is a bingo specialist. – [Dave] She is. – [Mark] She’s not so good
at the other gambling games, but bingo, you should see this woman play. She’s unbelievable the
way she uses that dabber. – [Melissa] I had to explain to one of the millennials today what a dabber was. I told them, “Don’t worry
about it, you won’t need it for a few years.” – [Dave] That was a
well placed lob shot as Jagd was unable to catch up with it. – [Mark] 0-1-1, that’s a side out. Players have just switched
sides, so that means that Stefanovic and
Naumu are now in the sun, Jagd and Edwards in the shade. And we did see on the very first point, when Stefanovic tried to return serve she almost missed the ball completely. I think that that might take
them a minute to get used to. The different amount of light
that they’re now dealing with. Not there. – [Melissa] Yeah, not there, she just stepped right in and drove it out. – [Dave] That shot seemed like it kind of froze Vivian Edwards. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Mark] You know, you
don’t often expect players to hit hard back hand volley’s. And I think it’s fair to
say, especially the women. That’s why you see so many
women use two handed back hands. And so, with Stefanovic there,
that ball was kind of low, it was on her back end,
she was still moving. I think she surprised Jagd and Edwards with how much pace she
was able to generate. – [Dave] Edwards tried to place
that last shot and misfired. – [Melissa] Seeing how
we’re talking a little more about the Plaza, I mean, we
have a pool that’s up here, there’s live entertainment
up here, there’s a bar, there’s food and gambling, right up here, right next to the Pickleball courts. It’s really a special place. I know it’s been quite enjoyable for all to be here all week. – [Mark] Are the three of us allowed to gamble on these matches? Is that in the contract? – [Dave] Well, the matches
are not on the sports book, here in Las Vegas. Not this year, but I did
speak with Grant Garcia, the director of the Las
Vegas Pickleball Open and he said, “You know, next
year, maybe that’s something “that they’ll discuss, whether or not “they will take wagering on the matches. “Why not, you’re in Las Vegas. “Nothing’s more Las Vegas
than being able to come here and place a wager on sports.” – [Mark] What do you
think the over under is on Edwards and Jagd coming
back and winning game two? (announcers laugh) – [Dave] I think we’d need an
official handicap, right here. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Dave] Right now, the odds
are not looking good for them. Down in a hole here in game two. Although, Edwards, as I say
that, with a strong shot. – [Mark] So, Edwards
and Jagd are stacking, when they’re serving. So, now that they’re playing straight up now because they have an even score, they’ll play straight up. When they have an odd score, they’ll both have themselves on the
same side of the court. – [Dave] Edwards unable to get there. – [Mark] So, Dave, I’d
like viewers to watch, watch Kim Jagd in the red. Put her hand behind her
back here, she how she’s got a closed fist, that
means she’s not gonna go across the court, she’s gonna stay put. So, when Vivian Edwards
returns serve, they’re gonna come straight up and
they they play that way. And that’s a hand signal
that they’re giving to their partners, returning serve to know whether they’re gonna switch sides after the return is hit or stay. – [Melissa] And there was a
little miscommunication there by Kim and Vivian. I think Kim thought Vivian
was gonna actually jump up with that back hand and
try to stab it back down and it just floated past both of them. – [Dave] Yeah, you can see
the frustration on Kim’s face as she was caught by surprise
having to take a shot at that. – [Mark] There’s that hard back
hand again from Stefanovic, two in a row, that’s
a real weapon for her. – [Melissa] A real weapon,
I mean she’s on the move when she’s doing it, it’s
not like there’s any sort of, split step or anything like that. She’s running through it. – [Mark] Yeah, the split
step happens before, but I’d actually say there’s
an advantage here because, not only is she generating
the speed with her back hand, she’s also moving in to the
ball to create some momentum. – [Dave] Edwards and Jagd
decide they need a time out in a serious hole, here in game number two of the Winner’s Bracket
Finals in Senior Women. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by, the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Lite and by Hyland’s. At Las Vegas, a sight to be seen, no matter the time of year. We showed you the Fourth of July earlier. St. Patrick’s Day, was a good
time to be here in Vegas. Really never a bad time
to be here in Vegas, as Edwards hit’s it long and
unable to keep it in the court. So, 7-2-1 as Naumu and
Stefanovic four points away from moving on to the finals. – [Mark] There’s that back hand again. All day long she’s going with that. – [Dave] Make it 8-2-1. – [Stadium Announcer] 8-2-1 – [Melissa] I’d like
to give a shout out to the Pickleball Channel,
Rusty Howes and his team. Been here all week and been a real staple in the Pickleball world. – [Dave] They really have,
they’ve done such a great job with promoting this
sport, covering the sport and no matter the tournament, their there and you can find all things Pickleball on the Pickleball Channel. – [Melissa] Absolutely, 411, quick tips, just little updates around
what’s going on with the game and what’s really, what I really enjoy is some of the stories that they do on people that have had a real impact
on the world of Pickleball. Just a great job, Pickleball Channel. – [Dave] 2-8-2, our score
here in game number two. And the side out after Naumu
and Stefanovic have a net ball. – [Melissa] I just got an update to, that today’s broadcast has
gotten to 15,000 people. – [Dave] Wow. – [Melissa] Yeah. Which means Facebook has put the live feed in 15,000 peoples news
feeds, which is great. So we’ve had a lot of
viewership here this afternoon. – [Dave] Thank you to all
of you who are watching around the country, around the world. Here in the Inaugural Las
Vegas Pickleball Open. Dave Benz, Melissa McCurly and
Mark Renneson along with you. You can also watch this stream on RU Live, the letter R, the letter U, live dot com. So a few options for
watching the live stream. We will also be on the air again tomorrow, here from Las Vegas. Point here makes it 3-8. – [Mark] This’ll be
interesting to see here, if Edwards and Jagd can
score a few quick points. – [Dave] 4-8-1 Edwards and
Jagd trying to mount a rally. 5-8-1, the gap is closing. – [Mark] Yeah, let’s see if
the keep going with that. There’s a time out taken. Stefanovic and Naumu wanna
gather their thoughts and make sure they don’t
let this slip away. – [Dave] We’ll take a quick break as well, back with more from the
Woman’s Senior Bracket Final after this quick time out. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by The Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, and by Miller Lite and
by Franklin, the X-40, the official ball of the
Las Vegas Pickleball Open. Welcome back to Las Vegas,
the Plaza Hotel and Casino really has added to the
skyline here in Vegas, with the addition of
three separate murals, and this one Shepard
Fairey, the street artist, brought his imagery to downtown. A piece entitled “Cultivate Harmony” was what you were seeing
the time lapse of there. – [Melissa] Very Nice. I know when we’ve taken
pictures with the big mural there behind those bleachers,
it turns out really well. It’s very, very colorful,
quite a stand out. – [Dave] The one behind
the bleachers is D*Face and they all have distinct names, they all have distinctive looks, but they all flow beautifully together. Something to be seen here at
the Plaza Hotel and Casino, that’s for sure. – [Melissa] Yeah, very, very nice. This is a great place to stay. I’m actually staying here
at the hotel, all the rooms are nice and renovated
and just very comfortable. The staff here are very pleasant. – [Dave] It has been a nice stay. It’s been a great tournament thus far. – [Melissa] It really has. I mean, I’ve had people
stopping me all week long, just talking about how
great of a time they’ve had here in Las Vegas and just
how wonderful they felt that the competition was. – [Dave] And Jagd with
a strong shot there. – [Melissa] Yeah, that was
with some authority there, wasn’t it. – [Dave] So, 9-5-2. – [Melissa] Jagd played
volleyball for UCLA. National Champion, all
around great lady too. – [Dave] Jagd was a Silver medal winner at the 2018 U.S. Open in Senior mixed. So, 10-5-2 now, match points. And staying alive as Edwards
hits it in to Stefanovic. – [Melissa] Yeah, so Vivian
said, “Not quite yet.” – [Dave] Work to do though,
down in a 5-10-1 hole. And Mark, I would imagine that
the mindset in this situation is you just try to stay
alive one point at a time. – [Mark] Yeah. And I like seeing that Jagd is still hitting that serve hard. She got free point, her
last one from Stefanovic. I mean, you can’t go for too much, but you can’t totally
step on the breaks either. So, we’ll see if they can
get one or two more here to stay in the match. – [Melissa] I’ve been really
impressed with Jas Stefanovic and just her vision and her execution. I haven’t had a chance to
see her play very often. But, she has shown a lot of skill here. – [Mark] Yeah, her back end
and jet around back hand volley in particular has been one
of the better ones I’ve seen for sure, amongst the senior pro woman. – [Melissa] Yeah, and just
a couple of points ago, she noticed that Vivian would
pull a little bit too far to the center of the court
and she sent her dink out wide cross court and
Vivian couldn’t get there. Just really impressive. – [Dave] So, they break
Stefanovic and now Naumu with a chance to serve for the match. And there it is, double break. They’ll get a chance to stay
alive here, down 6-10-1. – [Melissa] Yep. See if Lisa, or Kim
Jagd and Vivian Edwards, see if they can do anything
with this opportunity. They just lost the first chance there, they’ll get a second serve. It’ll be 6-10-2. Kim Jagd will be serving to Lisa Naumu. – [Dave] Okay, 7-10-2. – [Mark] So, Melissa, take a look at this, watch when Vivian Edwards,
in the black, serves. When it’s her turn to serve. Even when her partner Jagd serves, look how she moves forward
into the court like this. I think that’s pretty risky strategy. – [Melissa] Yeah, that’s very
risky, it’s kind of like, what we were talking about earlier, Mark, how the partners were
going together, right? And Vivian, she doesn’t,
she’s going on her own. – [Mark] I mean, if the
return serve is short, or medium distance, you
might get away with it. But, with a deep return,
you’re gonna be in trouble. It’s Vivian’s serve,
she’s giving the ball… – [Dave] So back to
Stefanovic now, 10-7-1, serving for the match. But Jagd with the winner. Bobby Fumy on Facebook
wanting to know who is broadcasting along side Melissa McCurly, that’s Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports and my name is Dave Benz and
we’ve got another timeout. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Dave] 10-7 in favor
of Naumu and Stefanovic. Possible match point coming
up, we’ll take a break, back to Las Vegas in a moment. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by, The Plaza Hotel and Casino,
the place to be downtown, Miller Lite and by Hyland’s. Back live in Vegas, Naumu
serving for the match. Edwards and Jagd trying
to get the serve back and stay alive. And Edwards with an impressive shot. And indeed they will get the serve. Chance to live another day. – [Mark] Okay, so watch here Melissa, we were talking before, right? Edwards tendency to go inside the baseline after the serve is hit. There’s that deep return and so, now she has to
hit off the back foot, which generally is not really the preferred position to be in. You’ll see it even more pronounced when she’s the server here. – [Dave] 7-10-2. – [Melissa] Yeah, and there’s an let. We’ve seen two of those
here on center court today. And so, the ball hit the net, but it traveled beyond the kitchen line, so she gets a second serve. Had the ball hit the net and
landed in to the kitchen, that would’ve been a fault,
she would’ve lost the serve. – [Dave] Side out, so back
over to Naumu and Stefanovic. Again an opportunity
to serve for the match. Shelly Johnson, chiming in
on Facebook, saying that, “she wishes she could be playing “but it’s only 45 degrees in Wisconsin.” – [Melissa] Oh, geez. I would move. (announcers laugh) – [Dave] It’s nearly double that here in Las Vegas, right now. – [Melissa] Yeah, in fact,
we get a temperature gauge on the top of the hotel over there, what is that, 98. But, it’s certainly not
that here in the shade, where we’re at. – [Mark] Just 92. – [Melissa] (laughs) That’s
cool, I need a jacket at 92. – [Mark] So comfortable. – [Dave] Credit Edwards
and Jagd here guys. They’ve hung tough with
their backs against the wall in this second game. But, there it is, there’s the winner, and the match going to
Naumu and Stefanovic. So, they move on to the final and Jagd and Edwards going
to the opportunity bracket. Look at match point. – [Mark] Yeah, this is something they did regularly throughout the match, is go hard at one player,
then go hard at another. If your opponents can’t handle the speed, hitting hard makes a lot of sense. And they did it very effectively. – [Dave] Naumu and Stefanovic moving on, you see them reacting in heat. We’ll here from them
coming up, from Las Vegas. Back on Championship
court here in Las Vegas. Jas Stefanovic and Lisa Naumu
have moved on to the finals, so congratulations ladies. And we were making note
during the broadcast of the sun and the shade and it kind of, came into play in the
middle of your match, and I’m sure that made things
a little bit difficult. – It was difficult on the sunny side, because the sun is coming from the side and the angle is really weird, so you don’t know if you
should wear glasses or not. Especially on the higher balls, you completely lost ’em in the air. So, it was quite a challenge, actually. – And the heat a little
bit of a factor as well, the thermometer behind us
saying it’s 98 degrees, were you feeling it a little bit? – I was feeling it, I
have to continually drink and towel off and stay
hydrated and cool off, yeah. Constantly, today. – Well the good news is that
you’re in the finals now. So, you don’t have to go
in to the Loser’s Bracket or the Opportunity Bracket. Overall, so far, on your
impressions of this tournament here in Vegas? – It’s been actually a
great tournament for me. First time here, first time
playing with my partner here, so it’s been a little bit getting used to, the environment, but I love it, actually. And I’ll be probably back next year. – Well I didn’t know
this was your first time as playing partners. How difficult is that to
transition with a new partner? – Well, we have different tendencies, so, we had to work it out on the court. We started off, kind of, shaky,
but then we worked it out. And we’re from the desert,
the Palm Desert, so we’re… We could acclimate and we train
and we kind of, drill also, so, we just had to get
over the nervousness and all the stuff around us. – The nervousness of first
match was kind of, there. So, once we kind of, went over that, it was a little bit easier. – Well, the good news is, you’ve made it just about to the finals,
to the final hurdle. You’ve got one more to go and hopefully you’ll be
taking home a Gold medal. But, congratulations on reaching the final and we’ll see you a little bit later. – Thank you. – Thank you – All right ladies, congratulations. And we’re gonna take another
timeout, but our coverage coming from Las Vegas
continues after this timeout, the Men’s Championship coming
your way next from sin city. (rock music) (rock music)

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  1. Edwards' black tennis shoes in shadow (second game) make it look like she's wearing combat boots! Good match but I get the feeling it might have been better if not for the challenging lighting.

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