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Dennis Veasley

18 thoughts on “PRO Mixed Doubles BRONZE Medal Match from the 2019 Franklin Pickleball Masters”

  1. 1:55 What a point…40 shot rally. Anna Leigh appears to have her sights set on Dave Weinbach
    3:32 Leigh runs down a beautiful lob hit by Kyle
    04:00 The 12 year old hits a lob over her mother for a winner
    4:35 Kyle hops the kitchen and hits a winner
    5:16 Anna Leigh (#AL) hits a drive down the middle for a winner (she did it again on the next point, too)
    7:07 Leigh hits a winner down the middle
    13:08 Dave almost knocks Leigh over reaching for a lob on her side of the court
    15:32 Leigh and Dave hit several overheads
    17:12 Amazing point bam-bam-bam

    19:09 Start Game 2
    24:23 Longest dink session of match
    26:26 Lots of great defence. Leigh hits the winner
    27:14 Kyle hits a great lob and then a backhand Erne for a winner ++
    27:44 Out ball called in. AL makes it right
    31:44 Dave hits a no look dink
    32:19 Kyle hits a backhand down the middle for a winner
    49:35 Great rally. Kyle hits another backhand down the middle for a winner
    37:05 Kyle hits a backhand running away from the net – amazing shot
    43:43 Intense rally: 8-8-1
    46:27 Ref calls fault on Dave for touching his paddle down in the NVZ after hitting a volley
    48:20 #AL mis-hit goes in setting up match point

  2. Weinbach mad about a no call on a close line call, the linesman covered his eyes with both hands. Does that mean his view was blocked?

  3. Wow. What a GREAT match. And the commentary, aside from the difficulty in getting Anns Leigh’s name correct :), was superb. Thanks for the good work!

  4. C'mon, Leigh and Anna Leigh deserve better announcing. Might help if the announcer studies with flashcards on names and faces before a match. Better than calling Anna Leigh "she" and "her", or "Waters serves to Waters" while and naming Dave and Kyle at every opportunity.

  5. Please change your attitude Weinbach, and Yates while we’re at it. You’re supposed to be role models, grow up.

  6. Rusty: you have a tendency to talk over your co-commentator. He'll be saying something and you'll start talking about something else. Commentating is a team sport. You have some work to do in that regard.

  7. Note to Kyle: what is up with crowding out your partner just to hit an ordinary dink? It's an insult to your partner, plus it pulls you out of position. Love it when your opponent hits a winner in the vacated space.

  8. I loved the instant replay slowmo of controversial calls! So good! And Dave really did have those two kitchen faults! Very clear in the replays.
    Insanely great game, regardless. All four players very fun to watch!

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