(upbeat music) – A sun-splashed September afternoon here in Las Vegas, Nevada as we are happy to bring you coverage of the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball Open here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino at One Main Street, Las Vegas. Hey everybody, welcome to Las Vegas. Dave Benz hanging out
with Melissa McCurley and Mark Renneson, and guys,
we’re excited to be here and be a part of this tournament as pickleball continues to grow and yet another major tournament
added to the schedule. – Oh absolutely, it’s been a great week. We started with an amateur
event the first part of the week and then are going on with the pros today. – And Mark, you’ve seen
this sport really grow, and to see a tournament like this with a large purse for the
pros, it really is impressive. – What a thrill. This is one of the richest
pickleball tournaments in the sport right now, and so to come to such a beautiful place in Las Vegas here at the Plaza Hotel is a real treat for spectators and players. – Yeah, the purse of $25,000
vaults it right to the top of pickleball tournaments
that are being played around the country right now. Over 300 players, not just
from the United States but four countries represented
in this tournament here. We are excited to get
the coverage underway. Let’s play some pickleball
here in Sin City. Don’t go anywhere, live
action coming your way next. (upbeat music) Welcome back to Las Vegas as
we continue our live coverage here from the Las Vegas Pickleball Open, the inaugural ever Las
Vegas Pickleball Open, but the first of what
we believe will be many, many tournaments, and we have reached the pro mixed doubles bronze medal match, and we’re seeing for the second time today here on championship court Simone Jardim and Kyle Yates, who are on the far court, and they’re opposed by
Corrine Carr Siebenschein, or CCS as we dubbed her yesterday, and her teammate Zane Affleck. – [Melissa] And this is the
mixed pro bronze medal match, so the winner of this match will go on to play Tyson
and Sarah for the gold. – [Dave] We saw Tyson McGuffin and Sarah Ansboury earlier today, and they defeated Jardim and Yates to advance to the gold medal match, so Jardim and Yates trying to get back into the gold medal match
after losing earlier today. – [Melissa] And this should
be an interesting match. I mean, obviously Corrine
and Simone know each other very well, as being long-time
women’s doubles partners. – [Dave] Nice dig there by Affleck. And then he puts it into the net. – [Melissa] Yeah, I know he’s
been playing very well today. I know earlier this afternoon, Corrine wasn’t feeling too
well, had to go in a timeout. They talked to her just
before the match here and she said well, it’s not as hot as it was earlier today, and so she says we’ll see how it goes. – [Dave] Yeah, she
needed a medical timeout, got worked on in the medical tent, and then resumed play during her match against Christine McGrath, and I did not know who
Christine was playing against. Or playing with, excuse me.
– [Melissa] With Ben Johns. – [Dave] With Ben Johns.
– [Melissa] Ben Johns, yeah, and they went on to win that
match, Zane and Corrine did, and that brought them here for the opportunity to
play Kyle and Simone. – [Dave] Oh, nice reach by Corrine. – [Melissa] Yeah, and Corrine is probably arguably one of the very best– – [Mark] Oh God, ooh. – [Melissa] Defensive
players in the women’s game. She’s just outstanding. – [Dave] Both Affleck and CCS
going over to the side there, right up in your grill in the front row. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Mark] That could’ve ended badly. They’re both so quick, they were both going after the ball. Zane Affleck, I played
against him back in April at the US Open, and when
we were just on the court warming up, getting ready, an errant ball went over the fence, and
the fence was about four, 4 1/2 feet high, and
the guy just jumped it! No hands or anything, just
jumped it like it was a hurdle. It was unbelievable. So I do not expect that
we’re gonna see many lobs that are beating Affleck in this match. Maybe, Dave, you should talk to him about the basketball team. – [Dave] Ha! See if he’s interested in also playing some basketball, the NBA? I hear they pay well. (Melissa and Mark chuckle) – [Melissa] Yeah, and speaking of pay, this tournament here at the Plaza’s paying pretty well, too. The winners of the mixed doubles go home with $4,000, that’s
split between the two, and 1,300 for second and 750 for third. – [Dave] Corrine ultimately
hits that one into the net, but guys, am I wrong in my observation that I feel like Corrine is
playing the highest level of pickleball that I’ve
ever seen her play? – [Melissa] Yeah, she really impressed me in the final at the US Open. I mean, she was under fire, and she showed what a true champion is in being able to stay
on the end of that fire and weather the storm. Probably weathered more
storms than I’ve ever seen anyone weather, and she’s
just continued to play at that level ever since April. – [Dave] Such a tremendous athlete, a collegiate golfer,
we’ve talked about that in our coverage of pickleball before, and I mentioned yesterday she told me she still has
aspirations of playing golf and getting back into some tournaments and seeing where that may take her. – [Melissa] I have no
doubt she would excel. Just, she’s a very positive young woman, always has a smile on her face, just a genuine nice person. – [Mark] There’s gonna
be a dispute, I think. – [Dave] Well, they rule a point. – [Melissa] The referee’s calling it in. What were you thinking, Mark? It was out? – [Mark] Kyle initially called
the ball out to him, I think. It got overruled either by
the referee or by his partner. – [Dave] And as you noted earlier, no line judges except for
the gold medal matches here on championship court. – [Melissa] We actually
do have lines judge for this match here. – [Dave] Now I stand corrected again. (Dave and Mark laugh) – [Melissa] They snuck in here on us, and all the matches
here have been refereed at the Las Vegas Open, amateur and pro, by certified referees. We’ve also had certified
referees as the line judges. – [Dave] It has been
top notch all week long. They have really taken care of everything you could hope to have addressed in running a tournament here in Las Vegas, and much credit goes to Grant Garcia, who is the tournament
director, and his team. Also Jonathan Jossel, the CEO
of the Plaza Hotel and Casino. – [Melissa] And then
the Pickleball Channel has just been doing great
coverage all week long here. They’ve been taping all kinds of footage that they then always do a great job of going back and editing and sharing with the rest
of the pickleball community, whether it’s 411 or tips or strategies or stories about people
in the pickleball world who’ve had an impact on the game. – [Melissa] Look at that dig. – [Dave] Wow, Corrine’s
defense unbelievable, but then finally Kyle
just says enough of this! – [Melissa] Yeah, and look
at that smile. (laughs) I mean, it doesn’t get
any better than that. – [Mark] Yeah, and I think
we’ve talked previously about how much more common
a two-handed backhand is, and we talked about it in
terms of getting more power using that nondominant
hand to generate more speed on the backhand, but it’s
also really great to defend, and so you saw there Corrine
get that left hand on and when those balls came
fast and low to a backhand, which is otherwise a pretty
weak position to be in, she’s got that left
hand there to support it and get more balls back in play. – [Dave] Some people chiming
in on our Facebook livestream. John Morris saying loving
the production values. Our producer Ray Colaiacovo is having a big smile on the face, on his face in the truck reading that one. And Betty, I don’t wanna
mispronounce her middle name, but Wilhiti, saying, “So
awesome we can watch this “live on Facebook.” – [Melissa] Yeah, the production truck always doing a great job,
so this is the high quality, and I know a lot of people from around have taken their devices and plugged them into their TV and huddling around the TV and multiple people watching. – [Dave] We were
discussing that last night at dinner at Oscar’s, how
if you get it on your device and you just use your mirroring option onto your Roku or your Apple
TV or whatever you’re using, you can put it on your television. – [Melissa] I’m old-school,
I still plug mine in with an HDMI cable. – [Dave] That’ll work too. (Melissa chuckles) – 4-6-2. – [Dave] So 4-6-2, Jardim
and Yates trying to climb out the around the post shot. – [Melissa] I think we heard an out call. – [Dave] Yep. – 5-6-2. – [Mark] There it was, so that. – [Dave] They did rule
it a point, so 5-6-2. – [Melissa] And just for the viewers, this is a bronze medal match. They do play two out of three games to 11, win by two in this bronze medal match. Whoever wins goes on to play for gold, has a chance to win that. – [Dave] And whoever loses
has to settle for the bronze. – [Melissa] Yeah, the
worst they can do is bronze at this point. And this is a brand new championship court here at the Las Vegas Plaza. I know when I came out here in March to check out the venue, this
was still a tennis court, and they had the vision to resurface it into this beautiful championship court that we see here this evening. – [Dave] You know, the one thing about this double elimination format is I’ve done a little bit of Olympic work, and they would always say,
some people would tell you they’d rather win a bronze than a silver because then you had the feeling
of winning your final match in the Olympics, but
you don’t get that here. If you get the bronze, you’ve lost, and then if you get the
silver, you’ve also lost. – [Melissa] (laughs)
Ah, I guess that’s true. But you’ve won all day long to be able to get there and
earn that medal, I guess, so. Guess it’s all in the way we look at it. – [Mark] That’s a great
return of serve from Corrine. So hitting the return
serve deep is important because that way your
opponents are further back away from you, and so
even if they do choose to drive the ball at you at the net, because they’re hitting from so far back, you’re gonna have more time to handle it. And so what we’re seeing
from these players so far, even in slightly gusty conditions is pretty consistently being
able to return that serve deep enough so that the servers have to hit the third shot
from behind the baseline. – [Dave] It is interesting though, because from our vantage point, we can see the flags in the background that you cannot see on your
television screen right now, and the winds are swirling,
and for most of the day, it was from where we’re sitting, it was going left to right, but now it seems to be going
more from a right to left. Or from near court to
far court on your screen. – [Melissa] It doesn’t seem to be a factor currently with, as far as
the players in their play. – [Dave] It’s a heck of a
point going on right there, and then finally, Affleck puts it away! – [Mark] That was quite a point. I think Simone ended up on the ground two or three times there defending. We talked about how important it is to be able to defend,
to be able to get low because it’s those low balls that are the hardest to handle, and she did a great job
of getting down there low. We’ve seen some other players, most notably Brian Ashworth, Brian The Beard Ashworth,
he’s sometimes referred to as, being able to get low on the ground, sometimes even putting down their knee almost as if they’re a goalie
trying to block a ball. – [Dave] Brief stoppage right now. You can see top right on your screen, Kyle Yates is actually
doing a little groundwork ’cause the wind had blown
over the banners on the side, and they try to get that all restored. The wind, for the most part where we are, we’re not consistently feeling it, but there are the gusts,
and that’s something you just can’t predict
or really account for. – [Melissa] No, but those stands with the banners on them
must be pretty light. – [Dave] The sun is
not as much of a factor as it was previous, and
it’s becoming less and less of a factor as time goes on here, finally dipping down below the tower of the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The south tower, to be exact. – [Melissa] I think the sun
may have gotten Kyle there, he’s looking up a little bit there, just there’s a block that he missed, it looked like it might’ve been
a bit of an impact for him. – [Mark] So there’s an example of trying to hit that good deep return. Kyle had the right idea, just missed it by probably about six inches. – [Melissa] We have John Bamberger who’s saying he’s
watching on the big screen back home in Naples. John was here earlier this week competing in the skills division. John, you gotta stay with us
next year and watch it live. – [Dave] Yeah he came all this way, why not stay for the weekend? – [Melissa] That’s right, yeah. – [Mark] That’s a good
finish there by Corrine. One of the things that’s
really impressed me is I feel like she’s improved her ability to put away high balls. I’m used to seeing her in the past where it sometimes takes two or three or even four attempts sometimes, and what I’ve seen this week is that when she does get that
ball up above net level and hit hard, she’s done a
good job of finishing a point. – [Dave] They close the door
right there, game point, and 11 to five strike
here in game number one by CCS and Zane Affleck, and boy, we expected Jardim and
Yates to really dominate. They’re in the hole in a big
way here after losing game one. Game number two from Las Vegas coming your way after this timeout. Stay with us, from Sin City. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino, the place to be downtown,
Miller Lite, and by Hyland’s. Welcome back to Las
Vegas, Nevada, Sin City. We move on to game number two, this best of three bronze medal match in the pro mixed doubles division. And a little bit of a surprise here to see Yates and Jardim
down one game to none here in this match and
their backs against the wall already in the opportunity bracket. – [Melissa] Yeah it certainly is, and now Zane is showing why that side might be a bit of a disadvantage, the sun in his eyes, just not able to see. But they’re playing some
great pickleball out here, some folks might be surprised
to see Zane and Corrine here, but at this level of play,
it’s gonna be anybody’s day. – [Mark] Well, Affleck and Carr have not yet made an unforced
error this whole match. So if they keep playing solid,
steady pickleball like this, they’re gonna be putting
pressure on Yates and Jardim. – [Dave] So side out, Corrine
Carr Siebenschein’s husband Rafael Siebenschein, in his
own right a very well-respected and well-decorated pickleball player. Did not come to the tournament, but he is watching our livestream, and he says he’s taking some of the credit for Corrine’s success, he
says he’s been telling her to be more aggressive in mixed doubles. – [Melissa] Oh good, good for Rafa. She’s, and we’re seeing that here, but I tell ya, her defense is really what seems to win games for her, and so she adds that with
some more aggressive offense, she just might become unstoppable. – [Referee] 0-0-1. – [Dave] Oh, Affleck going for the kill but hits it into the net. – [Melissa] Yeah, he’s certainly wishing he could have that one back. – [Dave] Zane Affleck, who
describes his pickleball strategy as dink-dink-dink-smash,
went for the smash there. – [Mark] So there’s some
obvious frustration here from Yates, from Yates and Jardim. It’s been, they’ve a little bit rattled here going down early, losing the first game and
being up just one-nothing in game two. – [Dave] Both of them
winning gold yesterday in their respected doubles brackets. – [Melissa] Wow, that’s a– – [Dave] What a, yeah,
around the post shot that was unreturnable, was what that was. – [Melissa] Yeah, he did great, and he had some time when
coming around there, he had to, and he waited, he waited for
that ball to get pretty low before he hit it back. – [Mark] And he switched
to the left hand for it. An offhand around the post between the net and the referee, that’s a good shot. – [Melissa] That’s athleticism
at its best, isn’t it? – 0-1-2. – [Dave] Kyle Yates puts that one away. – [Melissa] I was gonna ask you Mark, but I guess, what is
it that Kyle and Simone have to do to get back into the game, but at this point, if Corrine and Affleck don’t start making errors, it may be difficult to get back in. – [Mark] Yeah, I think right now– – [Dave] Oh, what a get by Zane. – [Melissa] Jeez, what concentration. – [Dave] And then he’s able
to get to that one as well! Wow, Zane Affleck putting on a show here on championship court! – [Melissa] Oh, that he is! I mean, jeez, I mean,
what do you say to that? I mean, how do you have an answer to that? – [Mark] Well if I was
Jardim and Yates right now, I’d take a time out and
ask that exact question. I’m not sure that Kyle’s power game that he’s going to and that
he does so effectively, I’m not sure that’s working right now. Corrine, as you said before, Melissa, is defending really well,
and Affleck is so good at knowing when not to hit a ball, and so if I was Yates and Jardim, I think I’d try to work this
dink game a little bit more. There’s great defense
again, and it was in. – No way! – [Dave] Ruled out by the line judge, and you can here Kyle’s reaction. – [Mark] But you know what? – [Melissa] Even Corrine’s gonna
agree that the ball was in. – [Dave] The judge saying he called it out and the officials staying with out. Kyle now pleading his case. – [Melissa] Yeah, and I think– – [Mark] So my, yeah. Carr and Affleck are going
to say that it was in. – [Melissa] Yeah, the player should be able to overrule this. – [Dave] He can overrule,
but then it’s a bad precedent because then you’re saying
well what point is it if I’m not gonna trust my line judge? – [Mark] You know what’s gonna happen if they don’t do an overrule, I bet? Is that they’re going to intentionally give away the next point, sort of like… – [Kyle] This has happened like
10 times in this tournament, why can’t they fix this? – [Melissa] Yes. – [Dave] Kyle and Simone looking at us and not really much we can do. We can show you a replay,
but at the end of the day, we have no control over
what the decision is. – [Melissa] Well, they’re
looking here to me ’cause I run the tournament operations for this particular tournament, so their question is can
they call the head ref over, and the answer to that question is yes. – [Dave] From that vantage point, it does look like it
catches part of the line, and nobody had a better view of it than Corrine Carr Siebenschein. – [Melissa] Yeah, I’ve seen this happen in other tournaments, and the players were able to overrule it. I’ve seen that in other sports as well. – [Dave] We’re gonna take a short timeout while they sort it out, we’ll
be back to Vegas in a moment. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino, the place to be downtown,
Miller Lite, and by Head. Back here in Las Vegas, during the timeout they’ve sorted it out, they have ruled that the shot from Kyle Yates was in, so now they’re just trying to sort out what the exact score should be, and we have it as still 1-0. – [Man] The score is 0-1-2. – [Dave] 0-1-2, as Affleck will now serve. Carr finally hits it
out, and you know guys, I wanna ask you, you
have a moment like that where the emotions start
to flare a little bit, could that be a turning
point in this match? Could that light a fire
under Jardim and Yates? – [Melissa] Yeah, it could
light a little bit of a fire, but I think the way that it was handled and ultimately the outcome could maybe not be as much fuel as it could’ve been had it not gone their way. – [Mark] Yeah, I think, I
mean, both these players, this is why it’s interesting
that Kyle and Simone is a team, because they both have the same sort of like, passion when they play, and I think that can
go to their advantage, but if you’re not careful and
that gets the better of you, it can go the other way, too. So I expect that they’re gonna
calm down a little bit here. They get the result they wanted, they’re in the lead, there’s no reason for them to dwell on the past. – [Dave] Three-nothing advantage now. And Simone hits it into the net. – [Referee] 3-0-2. – [Dave] Affleck hits it out. – [Melissa] (laughs) And
the line judge, I guess, was trying to be funny, said, “Way out!” – [Dave] 4-0-2. – [Melissa] Kyle Yates
getting more aggressive here. – [Dave] And how about now
since we had the stoppage four straight points, it was 1-0, now 5-0. 5-0-2, the correct score. – [Melissa] So maybe that fuel
that you were talking about, change in momentum is
actually occurring here. – [Dave] Side out, so now a chance to get on the scoreboard
for CCS and Affleck. – [Mark] Yeah, this is the kind
of game style that I think, watch out. – [Dave] Corrine goes
for the around the post. Kyle scooped it out, but
Affleck puts it away. – [Mark] Yeah, I think
overall that strategy was an effective one. Jardim just hit the ball
a little bit too wide and then that opens up that
around the post we talked about. Good defense from Yates though, ooh. – [Melissa] Oh wow. Yeah, and you see that. Did you see how Corrine, so Affleck had to go way out wide, right? And so Corrine, she moves
into the middle of the court so she’s positioning herself
to be able to play a ball that comes back from Yates or Jardim back to her, allowing then Zane Affleck to be able to get back into the court, and ultimately, they got the point. Well played. – [Dave] And the ball ruled out. We appreciate you watching
us here on this livestream on Facebook, and also RYouLive. If you have an opportunity to share, let people know that you’re watching this, let’s get the number count up because this has been
some fantastic pickleball, and of course after this match is over, we will have the gold medal match here in the mixed doubles pro division. – [Melissa] That’s right, Tyson McGuffin and Sarah Ansboury await
the winner of this match. – [Dave] In fact, I can see Sarah Ansboury getting some warmup work
in with Vivian Edwards on one of the courts in the background here at championship court. Corrine unable to handle
that Yates offering. – [Melissa] And it’s 6-2. That was a nice drive by Simone. It was down low down that line, Zane had to stick out a backhand
to try to get that back. – [Mark] That’s still the spot where there’s some sun
coming in over the fence, and so I like that idea of when someone has that
disadvantage of the sun, those low fast balls at them. – [Dave] Momentum starting to build here for Jardim and Yates. They’ve got it to a 9-2 advantage, so you feel like if this
thing goes to a third game, it’s going to be advantage
for Jardim and Yates at least in terms of momentum. And you talked about the
unforced errors early and now they are starting to creep in for Affleck and Carr Siebenschein. – [Mark] Yeah, that’s
the fifth unforced error that they’ve made in the match,
and the fifth in this game. – [Dave] And the game point. – [Mark] There it is.
– [Melissa] There it is. – [Dave] And off of Carr, so
a resounding comeback here by Jardim and Yates in game number two after an emotional outburst
on a questionable call. They used that emotion and
bottled it up to their advantage. They get a resounding victory
here in game number two, and we are tied at one game a piece. A third and decisive game coming up next. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino, the place to be downtown,
Miller Lite, and by Hyland’s. Back here in Las Vegas, Nevada ready for game number three, the pro mixed doubles bronze medal game, the gold medal birth on the line here for whoever wins this third game. The loser of this game will have to settle for the bronze medal here in Las Vegas. Affleck and CCS dominant
in game number one, Jardim and Yates dominant
in game number two. – 0-0-1. – [Melissa] And it seemed in game two the difference was those
unforced errors, Mark. – [Mark] Yeah that’s right. I mean, we did have that turning point where there was a
controversial call early on. That did seem to kind of
inspire Jardim and Yates a little bit, and Carr
Siebenschein and Affleck started to miss a few more balls. And I mean, that’s a big
part of pickleball, right? It’s sometimes the other team
is just playing really well, and so what you have to
do is weather the storm, keep up the pressure, and hope that they start
to make a few errors. – [Dave] Affleck puts it away. Jardim couldn’t catch up with it. So a one-nothing advantage here as CCS and Affleck draw first blood. Talked about the unforced
errors just moments ago, there’s one. – [Mark] 0-1-1, Jardim serving. – [Dave] Affleck between the legs, but it goes long, out of bounds. – [Mark] You saw there
where that ball clipped the top of the net and just dribbled over. We talked yesterday about
how that’s something that strong players do, is they assume that that ball is gonna come over the net even though it’s touched it,
and so they’re ready for it. And so Kyle did a great
job of closing in on it, getting it playing an unattackable shot, and getting back in a point. – [Dave] 1-1-2 in this
decisive third game. – Out! – [Dave] And Affleck
hits it out of bounds. – [Melissa] And now we have a question about what is the temperature. It is 94 degrees here in Las Vegas, but here in the shade, I’d say it’s a good 10 degrees cooler at
least, wouldn’t you say? – [Mark] Feels pretty hot
to me, I don’t know Melissa. – [Melissa] Oh, well you’re from Canada. – [Mark] I’ll take your word for it. – [Melissa] I need a jacket. (laughs) – [Dave] Affleck puts it away. The temperature gauge across the street, it doesn’t seem to be,
it’s not legible to me. – [Melissa] It’s not working,
so I had to pull it up on AccuWeather, yeah. – [Dave] It was more convenient to just have the temperature
gauge right there. – [Melissa] Yes it was. – [Dave] Nice scoop there by Affleck, and then Yates able to show the power game along with the finesse,
but just a little bit long. – [Mark] Mm, what a great lob. – [Dave] Great time, yeah
great timing and execution. – [Mark] Good timing, good execution, and I like the decision to go cross-court, where she has a little bit
longer distance to work with, a little more court, and
that makes it more likely that ball is going to land in play, and that was a clean winner,
Simone couldn’t even touch it. – [Dave] Nick Lyman on the Facebook stream saying it is 48 degrees
right now in Buffalo. (woman speaking on loudspeaker) I’ll take 94. (woman speaking on loudspeaker) – [Woman] Congratulations on your medals. – [Mark] Mm, that’s tough. So Kyle, we talked earlier
about Kyle’s strength and how he seems to have become fitter over the last year or so, and to be able to do shots like that, to be able to hit that backhand with speed from a low position like
that is one of the dividends that getting more fit for pickleball pays. – [Dave] Affleck turns it into
a power game for a moment, and Yates into the net. – [Referee] 2-2-2. – [Dave] 2-2-2. – [Line Judge] Out! – [Dave] And Jardim is wide. By the way guys, we finally are, well I was gonna say until Kyle came and stood over and his face
was illuminated in the sun, I was gonna say we’re finally at a point where the sun is no longer a factor. It is still just a little bit. – [Mark] Mm, just barely
caught the back of the line. It’s a good volley. Not easy to generate that much
speed high on the backhand. Kyle did a good job with it there. 2-2-2. – [Dave] Been stuck on twos
for a little while here. – [Mark] A left-handed
overhead smash from Jardim. Didn’t get quite as much power out of it as she would like, but she
hit it effectively enough, put it in a good spot,
gets her team the point. – [Dave] I was kinda surprised
Kyle went up and got that one ’cause I thought maybe it
was gonna go out of bounds, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. – [Line Judge] Out! – [Dave] And now Affleck
with a look at the line judge after that shot was called out. Did not like that call. Look at the replay, you can see why. – [Mark] Uh-oh. So another dispute, another
disagreement about the call. So this ball was called
out by the line judge. Simone stopped the point and, Simone stopped the point and
said no, that ball was in play. So she was actually, she
was actually making the call against herself, you can see here. That ball is in the court. – [Dave] It’s in by a mile! – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Mark] Yeah, it’s right in
the center of the line there, and so Simone did the right thing. She said hey, that ball was actually in, it shouldn’t have been called out. She made the call against herself, and so what she’s trying to argue is that the point should be replayed, whereas the referee is saying that hey, you stopped play because you
were questioning this call, and you were wrong, so
this is gonna get messy. – [Dave] This is the second
dispute over a line call that we’ve had in this match. Tell you what though, this
speaks a lot to the character of Simone, because her willingness to be able to wanna get the call right versus take advantage of
a call that favors her. – [Mark] Yeah, you know
what’s hard about this? And I don’t know, I can imagine the emails coming in already,
but I think in a lot of cases, the players would rather
make their own line calls. These guys know each
other, they see each other week in, week out on the circuit, and they trust each
other for the most part. And so in some cases they
don’t like giving away that power to referees or lines judges who get to make those calls, and sometimes the players aren’t sure they always get it right. – [Dave] If you’re
gonna have a line judge, do you think you need to have a line judge in all four corners? – [Melissa] Oh definitely,
and that’s the solution they’re gonna put in place here. They’ve just placed two more
line judges on the other end, because it’s very difficult
for this person on this end to be able to call the
line all the way through. I mean, it’s a long distance and they’re looking through a net. – [Dave] So we play on with the score knotted at two a piece. Feels like it’s been knotted
at two for a long time. – [Mark] 2-2-2. – [Dave] You know, Rafael
Siebenschein chiming in saying Simone should’ve hit that ball. It would’ve been in play so then there wouldn’t
have been a need to replay. – [Melissa] (gasps) Oh. – [Mark] That just went off
the end of Carr’s paddle, went out. 3-2-2. Kyle Yates serving. – [Dave] Finally breaking that 2-2 tie. – [Mark] So it’s been interesting to see earlier on in the match when
Carr and Affleck were winning, it was at the time where Yates and Jardim were really going with the power game, and now they’ve seemed to taken more time, slowed it down a little bit, they’re playing more drops,
they’re playing more dinks, they’re working the point, and I think that Carr and Affleck really like the fast game,
and so they’re struggling to deal with these balls that are now getting lower and slower below the net. – [Dave] Well Carr and Affleck
getting the serve back now down by three. Again, this is the bronze medal game, so the winner of this match
will move on to play for gold, the loser will settle for bronze. – [Mark] What a good reset by Corrine. Oh. – [Dave] Wow! – [Mark] Yates says to
Jardim get out of my way, and finishes the point. – [Dave] Zane tried to keep it alive, but ultimately could not. – [Mark] Yates was close to falling into the non-volley zone
after hitting that overhead. Think he’s pretty happy that he didn’t. That of course would mean
that you lose the point because an overhead is a volley, and even if you volley
from outside of the kitchen or the non-volley zone, if
your momentum makes you in, you lose. – [Dave] Serve going back
over now to Jardim and Yates. 5-2-1 here in game number three. – [Melissa] And some questions out there that are being answered on Facebook about who is the referee,
it is Mark Pfeifer. He is one of the certified refs who’s been here all week
long calling matches and doing a great job. – [Dave] With it 6-2 now, they’re going to change
sides of the court. We will take a quick timeout, back with the conclusion of game three here in Las Vegas after
this temporary break. The Las Vegas Pickleball
Open is brought to you by the Plaza Hotel and Casino, the place to be downtown,
and by Miller Lite and Franklin, the X-40, the official ball of the Las Vegas Pickleball Open. Back here in Las Vegas, Nevada, couple of false starts on my part there. I had my volume turned down,
didn’t think my mike was open. We had a few false starts
here in this match, but the level that we have
seen has been fantastic, and Corrine Carr
Siebenschein taking advantage I should say of the timeout
to catch her breath. We mentioned she needed a
medical timeout earlier today in her match against Christine
McGrath and Ben Johns, a match that she and Zane Affleck ultimately came through to win, and she is good to go and
we’re continuing on here. – [Melissa] Yeah, but I know
Mark went over to see her I know earlier in the day, she had told me before the match she had
just really gotten too hot, and I think this was
something different, huh Mark? – [Mark] Yeah, she looked
like she was okay in there, just trying to, look,
this is the third game. As you said earlier, Melissa, you can’t take the timeouts
with you once it’s over, so you might as well use them. Players of course switch halfway through, they switch after six points in a game number three like this, and that’s to make sure that
it’s fair for both teams in terms of wind and sun and other things that might give one side of the court an advantage over another. – [Dave] Carr into the net. We can finally say sun no longer a factor here on championship court, but the wind has been a factor all afternoon. – [Mark] 7-2. – [Melissa] Yeah, and
that’s not gonna help Zane and Corrine get back into this, right? That’s the type of unforced error that will let a game slip away from you, especially when you’re down two to eight. Oh, and there’s another one. – [Dave] Make it two to nine. – [Mark] Yeah, I mean
this is one of the things that makes players like
Jardim and Yates so great, is that even if they’re behind, even if they’re down, they
find a way to get back to challenge, to force
those other teams not to, to maintain that high level, and it’s tough to do it
against players like this. – [Melissa] Yeah, and now
here we are at match point. – [Mark] The lights have just come on. – So Jardim serving for the match and spot in the gold medal match. And there it is! Affleck unable to get it over
the net, and that will do. What a comeback! Resounding fashion after dropping game one and losing 5-11, they come back 11-2, 11-2 in games two and three. And they will move on, Jardim and Yates against Ansboury and McGuffin
in the gold medal match. We will have that coming your way, but first, interviews with
the winners coming up next after this timeout. Stay with us here from Las Vegas. Welcome back to Las Vegas. We are just about set
for the gold medal match in the mixed doubles pro division, but first, let’s talk about the people who came through the opportunity
bracket, if you will, to get back into the gold medal match. Simone Jardim and Kyle Yates,
we didn’t really expect to see you guys coming through
this end of the bracket, but you played your way back in, and you have to feel a lot better than you did an hour and a half ago or so after losing in a chance to
get through the first time. – Yeah you know, and it’s
part of playing a tournament, you’re gonna lose sometimes. And for us, it’s really having
when we get out of that, is coming back to play
the bronze medal match, is being ready, and I feel like we were, but they just came out of the gates. Like, they were playing
really, really well. So it’s not, you know,
we were ready to play, but they were really, really ready. – Momentum kinda seemed to
turn a little bit, Kyle, on that questionable call
and you had to kinda take, they had to take a stoppage
and kinda get things right. Ultimately, they did get things right, but did you use that emotion
to kinda fuel you a little bit? – Well, I mean, just credit to both teams for being such good sports. I mean, I think we
overruled a call for them, they overruled one for
us, so it’s like you know, we felt like we made the
right decision ultimately, and so we felt we had a
clean conscience about it knowing that hey, we didn’t
steal a point from them, we gave them a fair shot, so after that I think we just loosened
up and just played, and we started playing better. – Mark Renneson made the point that maybe he feels some of the players would rather just make their own calls. Do you guys feel that way as well? – I mean honestly, I sleep well at night. I sleep really well, so to me, it’s like I’m not gonna take a point on somebody’s in ball, so. But I guess like, sometimes they are here to make things, I mean,
we are playing for money and I get it, it’s just that sometimes if the players agree, then. You know and again, it’s
just part of the rule, and we know that’s their job
and they gotta do their job, so we just wanna make sure that
we all get on the same page. – I’ll ask you real quick, I
know you wanna go get ready for the gold medal match,
but Ansboury and McGuffin, they were lowed a couple hours ago, how do you approach them
differently this time? – I mean, I thought we played fine against them the first time. We lost that first game,
it was pretty tight, and then we felt pretty
good the second game, and the third game they
just kinda stepped it up, so I think we’re just
gonna need some energy. It’s been a long day, but
I think we can muster up some energy and see if we
can take them the distance. – All right guys, go get ready, and looking forward to
seeing what you have in store on the gold medal match. We’re gonna take a
timeout, when we come back, our coverage of that
match coming your way next on our livestream from Las Vegas, Nevada. (upbeat music)

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  1. Great game! I agree with Melissa…Corrine Carr's game has come up significantly. Much more aggressive. Gooo Corrine!!!

  2. Bad line call from linesman at 9:55, but Simone had a great ATP at the point so they probably would have won the point anyways.

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