[Music] Princess Charlotte sticks out her tongue rather than wave to the crowd knowing full well that press cameras were capturing it but after all the young royal is only 40 years old just look at Kate Middleton laughing at her daughter but also trying to stop her Charlotte made plenty of other funny faces too she was with her brother Prince George and her parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the king’s cup yachting regatta the event was held off the southern coast of England a prize of a wooden spoon was handed out to Kate and her proof for coming in last place overall a silly keepsake for what appears to be a silly day for all this is inside addition.com

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte Sticks Her Tongue Out at Crowd”

  1. Why’s this news? Just let our Royals (I’m from/live in) be themselves. Let the kids be kids!! Yes they’re cute, but how’s this world wide news?! It’s crazy.

  2. The queen has stuck out her tongue! This is a disaster! Oh forgive me my queen for I am just a peasant and you’re servant. 😔😔👊🏼👊🏼

  3. She's so precious ❤️😍 , mom and dad don't make her change to much please , she's perfect just the way she is , I could see her and grandmum Diana now , getting into so much trouble . 🇺🇸😘💐💐

  4. I always do an upside down 👌 in pictures.
    I spoiled my brothers birthday, a group photo, a class picture, and a grade picture. Got ‘em

  5. Let's talk about all the pedophiles in the royal family and those associated with them.. That should be news worthy no?

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