The Achilles [tendon] is one of your body’s main stress points while playing basketball It’s largely responsible for stretching and contracting the calf muscle. So every time you jump or run [it’s] getting a strenuous workout. Series Achilles tendon injuries are rare But basketball is one of the main culprits so make sure that you’re prepared before you go out on the court. Achilles tendon tears are far more common in men especially over the age of 40. It’s rarely preceded by any symptoms But that doesn’t mean we should avoid taking preventive measures. E-ccentric exercises are the single best thing you can do to prevent these kinds of injuries which help to stretch out the muscles so that the Tendon doesn’t snap when contracting rapidly. Balance is also very helpful so focus on improving your single leg endurance on flat ground or on a balance trainer Building up core strength will also improve your odds of avoiding injury So keep doing those planks and sit-ups Fatigue is another major Contributor [to] these types of injuries So starting a conditioning routine to boost your general endurance will go a long way Always perform a dynamic stretching routine before you exercise to get your muscles prepared for rigorous Activity and a static routine at the end will help keep them from cramping on your way home. If you do suffer an Achilles injury You might not know it right away as the pain varies from minimal to intense but usually patients report hearing a pop or thinking they got kicked in the back of the leg If this happens to you stop playing immediately and seek [professional] medical advice It’s possible to recover from an achilles tear without surgery But the Likelihood of returning to 100% is less without it. Sports like basketball always carry a risk and you can never prevent 100% of injuries, but [you] don’t have to wait for these things to happen to you You can use these techniques to be proactive in your training, and if you do end up hurt you always know where to find us

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20 thoughts on “Prevent Achilles tendon injury during basketball | UCHealth Sports Med”

  1. It is now recommended to have the Achilles repaired by non surgical means with equal to better results than surgical repair.

  2. Thank you so much!!! I’ve suffered a very bad knee injury 10 months ago and I’ve been looking for ways to prevent other injured and this video Totally helped! Thank you!

  3. I imagine Kevin Durant did all of these and more. Sometimes there's nothing you can do – it just happens.

  4. played basketball in February and partially ruptured my left achilles tendon. Played basketball 2 days ago and i'm 90% positive i ruptured my right achilles tendon. Just dont play basketball guys. Use me as an example.

  5. I came close to injuring my Achilles when getting out of my car really fast, so be careful with your back leg when doing that.

  6. omg thank you so much, i was playing in my aau league and my heel area popped and i started using this method to stretch, now i can get back to myself

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