President Obama:
Can I just say whoever on my
staff decided it was a good idea for me to play pig against
a former All American — Clark Kellogg:
Oh, Mr. President, seemed like — President Obama:
— doesn’t seem like they
were thinking things through. Clark Kellogg:
Ha-ha. I know
you’re a competitor. President Obama:
How are you doing, man? Clark Kellogg:
Oh, Mr. President,
I’m doing terrific. I’m a competitive guy by nature like
you would love this challenge. President Obama:
I’m a competitive guy but not
playing against Clark Kellogg. I can out talk ’em. Clark Kellogg:
Does that mean you’re
still coming after my job at some point? President Obama:
I’m still coming after your job. Clark Kellogg:
All right. Well, we’ll see. I thought if we played
some out there, right? President Obama:
Okay. All right. Let’s go. Clark Kellogg:
See what you got. President Obama:
What have we got,
three right here? Clark Kellogg:
Yep. President Obama:
All right. You know
I shoot under pressure. Clark Kellogg:
I know that! You
handle pressure well. Clark Kellogg:
Okay, there’s your first
letter. That’s your P. President Obama:
All right. I got P. I got P. Clark Kellogg:
All right, here’s the pressure.
He’s knocking this one down. President Obama:
That’s money. Clark Kellogg:
Boom! Whoa. I thought
it was in the hole. President Obama:
All right, I got PO. Clark Kellogg:
So are you gonna get a
chance to watch some of the action this
weekend, Mr. President? Will you watch the Final Four? President Obama:
I will, I will definitely
watch the games. And if I get skunked — Clark Kellogg:
You’re not gonna miss that one! President Obama:
— then I guess you’re
going to have to keep your job, aren’t you? Clark Kellogg:
Yeah, I am going to keep my job. Let me hear you talk
about what the tournament, what you have been able to see
the tournament so far this week? President Obama:
You know, this has been
probably one of the most balanced tournaments
that we’ve seen. Clark Kellogg:
Yeah. President Obama:
And terrific excitement. I mean, when you see,
like, a northern Iowa — Clark Kellogg:
Yeah. President Obama:
— pull off a game like
they did against Kansas, I think, yeah, that makes everybody
invested in the tournament. And that’s what makes
March Madness terrific. I am going to come
back right now! Clark Kellogg:
Are ‘ya? President Obama:
Absolutely. Clark Kellogg:
Okay. All right. Go ahead. President Obama:
I’m going to start
using some legs now. Clark Kellogg:
Okay. I’m going to
go to glass from here. President Obama:
It’s hurtin’ me. Clark Kellogg:
Just a tad off! Clark Kellogg:
Look at the talent out
front of that sweet stroke! President Obama:
See, I’m not gonna. Clark Kellogg:
This might be your one
shining moment right there! President Obama:
Okay, let’s see what
you got. Come on! I’m not going down easy. I’m not going down easy. Clark Kellogg:
Nor am I! President Obama:
I mean, you know, I’ve got a few other
things on my mind. Clark Kellogg:
Ha-ha. I would say so! President Obama:
But I’m not just going
to be humiliated on national television. Clark Kellogg:
You’re holding up
well. Oh, ooh! Ooh! President Obama:
I’m not going to be humiliated — Clark Kellogg:
Uh-uh. President Obama:
— on national television! Clark Kellogg:
I started him off. President Obama:
Let’s see what you got. Clark Kellogg:
Bang! President Obama:
Yeah, I saw your
foot was on the line, but that’s all right. Clark Kellogg:
Ha-ha. When did you actually
fall in love with this game, Mr. President? President Obama:
You know, probably when
I was ten years old, yeah. Clark Kellogg:
That’s about when
it happened for me. President Obama:
Yeah, yeah. And I
just never got over it. Even when I realized I wasn’t
going to be Clark Kellogg, I still loved the game. It’s the quintessential
team game. Clark Kellogg:
Yeah. President Obama:
So it teaches you how
to, at a certain point, get outside yourself and be
part of something learning — Clark Kellogg:
That’s right. That’s right. President Obama:
Absolutely. Clark Kellogg:
My greatest moments were always
coming out here by myself — President Obama:
Yeah. Clark Kellogg:
— doing this. Shooting. President Obama:
Just shooting. Clark Kellogg:
Thinking about it. Dreaming about being on the big
stage and then trying to get there through practice
and hard work. President Obama:
And one of the things
that Michelle has done a wonderful job with is, and my
wife’s got this campaign called “Let’s Move.” Because part of what we’re
seeing is so many young people now they’re inside all the time,
they’re watching television. Clark Kellogg:
Yep, yep. President Obama:
They’re playing video games. But don’t have that experience
to just–oh, you know, before I finish my thought, let
me just point out it’s P-O — Clark Kellogg:
Ha-ha. Boy, you’re kick. President Obama:
— to P-O to you, right? Clark Kellogg:
Yeah, that’s right,
yeah. We’re — President Obama:
Okay. That’s all right. Clark Kellogg:
There’s got to be a kick comeback because — oh, my goodness — President Obama:
Now, come on, come on! Now don’t tighten up playing
against the President! Clark Kellogg:
Don’t worry about it. Ooh! Uh-oh, P-O-T-U to P-O-T? President Obama:
Now, if I came back, that
would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Clark Kellogg:
That would be a shining moment. Uh-oh! President Obama:
Let’s see what you’ve got now. Clark, everybody’s watching now! Ooh! Clark Kellogg:
P-O-T. All right. One
letter, here we go! President Obama:
We’ve both got T-U? Clark Kellogg:
Yeah, we’ve both got T-U. President Obama:
This could be it! Clark Kellogg:
This is money time
right here, money time! President Obama:
Whap! Clark Kellogg:
Ooh! They warned me about you talking a
little bit when you got it going. President Obama:
Yeah, let’s see what you’ve got. Clark Kellogg:
Ooh! Ooh! (applause) Clark Kellogg:
That’s unbelievable. I love that left-handed stroke. President Obama:
Can I just say,
everybody, I guarantee you, Clark missed a couple
of those on purpose. Clark Kellogg:
You think so? President Obama:
But it was only because
he didn’t know he was going to end up losing. Clark Kellogg:
Ha-ha. President Obama:
When he was up, he missed
a couple just to give me a break because he didn’t want
to embarrass his President. Speaker:
Big mistake. President Obama:
You can’t give me
that kind of room. Clark Kellogg:
Can’t give him that kind of
room! You handled it well. President Obama:
Thank you, sir. Clark Kellogg:
A pleasure. Thank
you, very much. President Obama:
Appreciate it. Clark Kellogg:
Yeah, appreciate you as well! President Obama:
I had a great time tonight
and look forward to watching you on the Final
Four. You’ll do great. Clark Kellogg:
I’m looking forward
to it. Thank you. Thank you very much,
Mr. President. President Obama:
All right. Harry? Speaker:
Great to see you. Thank you, very, very much, for
your time. Really appreciate this. President Obama:
Good. You can edit those
shots in the very beginning. Clark Kellogg:
Ha-ha. We’ll find a way to make
it look just the way it is. President Obama:
All right, guys.
Thank you, everybody. Clark Kellogg:
Thank you. Thank you.

Dennis Veasley

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