so number one Court is now two-thirds
through the main construction the last year has been a year of building the new
roof of a fixed roof we’ve still got a major step next board which is putting
the trusses on the roof each truss weighs about a hundred tons straight
after the championships will be going into the preparation mode for lifting
those trusses it’s a critical part of the work we will be doing the lifting
through the autumn we need to move the trusses onto the roof so we can start
completing that work but also to free up space so we can build the last two
trusses on the practice course so if you are a member of the public who’s coming
on the ground pass and you’re wandering around Wimbledon you will go and see our
new walled garden area which is the area that used to be caught 19 and that is
now a new food area with a whole selection of new variety of food it’s
got a new larder area you will also notice a new big screen on the hill so
the big screen is a lot larger than last year the hospitality Suites now have
panoramic views with floor-to-ceiling glass and sliding doors having a roof
over number one court will be a welcomed addition it will provide for 11,000
members of the public guaranteed Tennis who will be here in
number one court I’m not very proud to have been part of this project it is a
big moment in the club’s lifecycle and it’s an impressive stadium in its own
right now and will create a whole new atmosphere for people to come to number

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