Hello from Saint John’s Outdoor University! We are so excited about your upcoming field trip. This video will explain things you should
know before you visit. Let’s get started! Our staff will meet your
group when you arrive. Every field trip is different, but here are some examples of activities we might do together. “Through the Woods” by the Okee Dokee Brothers Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum is home to
many plants and animals. Here are some examples of life you might see on our hike. These plants and animals live here. Please be respectful of their home. Bring only memories with you when you leave. On every field trip, we have three rules: Part of staying safe and having fun is arriving ready for our outdoor field trip. The best
way to prepare is to dress in layers, and dress for the weather. This might include
a jacket, a hat, and mittens. We will be outside the whole time. Make sure to wear tennis shoes or boots. Don’t forget to bring your positive attitude! That’s it! The staff at Saint John’s Outdoor University are so excited for your field trip. See you soon!

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Dennis Veasley

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