SOFTLY: So, Mr Andy Murray is asleep in this hotel. He’s rehabilitating and, er… I’m sure this wasn’t
part of the plan. It’s all for a good cause. Andy! Oh! Holy BLEEP! BLEEP! Welcome… to the Sport Relief
Midnight Game Show! BLEEP! With Sir Andy Murray. Morning, Andy! How are you, mate? BLEEP! This is the Sport Relief
Midnight Game Show, where every question
you answer correctly is worth £5,000 for Sport Relief. Andy, we’ve got to crack on because
time is money for Sport Relief and the bedside clock is ticking. Andy, in your historic
2012 US Open final win against Novak Djokovic, can you
remember the score in all five sets? No. Remember, every question is
worth £5,000 for Sport Relief. It was long. It was long, but I’m going to need a rather more specific answer
from you, Andy. It was long… 7-6? Yes. Set number two? 7-6… 7-5? Correct. Third set? It was a five-setter. I’ve got no idea. Novak took the third set. But it was…
I’m going to have to push you. The bedside clock is ticking.
It was, er… 2-6? Correct. 3-6? Yes. And then the final set you won
to claim your first Grand Slam? For £5,000? I don’t know. Do you remember,
when you won your first Grand Slam? 6-2? Correct!
That’s the correct answer. Right, Andy, who is this
historical Scottish figure and who is the boxer playing him? Freedom! Ricky Hatton? LAUGHTER
Yes, it is Ricky Hatton. And who is he playing? Er…William Wallace. That is the correct answer
for £5,000. How you doing?
There you go. Thank you very much. That was the best terrifying thing
I’ve ever seen. Now, for this next question, pop this blindfold on,
if you don’t mind. Thank you very much. Please identify by touch alone
this tennis player. I’m going to just direct you
a little bit, Andy. So if you… Just where I was standing,
reach out to your… There you go, there you go. OK, that is the hand
of a tennis player. That’s a watch. Very good, you’re feeling
the forearms to work out if he’s right or left-handed. I’m not just saying this… I think I bumped into this person. I think I’d smell him
the same as before. Yes, of course. Well, he’s known
for his smelling abilities. Is that Tim Henman? For goodness’ sake! From his arm and his smell?! Is it? It is Tim Henman. LAUGHTER That’s an amazing, amazing answer. Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Henman! Unbelievable. Next question, Andy, and I have to
say you’re flying and raising loads of money for Sport Relief. From your favourite TV show,
please identify this person. Who is it? MUSIC: PEPPA PIG THEME God! That’s… That’s… I’m going to have to take
your first answer on this. That’s Daddy Pig. That is Daddy Pig! Well done, that’s brilliant! Daddy Pig gets a high five. Well done, thank you, Daddy Pig. There goes Daddy Pig. Can you, using their
Spice nicknames, please name the missing Spice Girls? Hello. Hello. How are you? How are
you? What are you doing there? Oh, yes, that’s fine. OK. Can you
name the missing Spice Girls? OK. Posh Spice. Correct. Baby Spice. Correct. Scary Spice. Correct. And there’s one more.
There’s one more? Yes, for £5,000! Sporty Spice? Correct! Amazing.
OK, now, take that microphone. For £5,000 each, finish the song.
Finish the song? I don’t need to sing it,
I just need to say the words? You need to sing it. OK, so,
there we go. Start from that one. So, tell me what you want,
what you really, really want. Don’t tell me what you want,
what you really, really want. I really, really, really wanna… Zig-ah-zig-ah. That was absolutely gold.
That was amazing. Was it? OK, let’s go for this one. Colours of the world! Spice up your
life? People of the world! Spice up your life? Every boy and
every girl! Spice up your life? That’s it. That was very good.
OK, and, finally… He’s got pants on. ..this one. I need some love
like I never needed love before. Incredibly awkward moment. OK. All right, thank you very much,
Geri Horner! Well done. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Well done,
Andy, thank you very much. Now it’s time for
a game called Juice. Please welcome Ainsley Harriott. Hey! Have we got a surprise for you! Hello. Here’s Ainsley,
here’s our ball girl. Ainsley has very kindly juiced some
well-known Scottish ingredients. There’s two ingredients
in this first juice. There’s two ingredients? There’s two well-known
Scottish ingredients. It’s £5,000. Blended with love, Andy.
Blended with love. OK, what are you thinking? It’s not good. I’ve got no idea. That’s haggis and shortbread. LAUGHTER OK. Next up, don’t worry,
this is a bit nicer. Mm. Have a good sniff there, And. Think of the loch. There’s a good amount of viscous.
That’s so thick. Right. But there is some taste
coming through. Focus on the senses. The senses that let you identify
Tim Henman from a single whiff. Is there salmon in that?
Oh! Oh! Amazing! One more. One more. Scottish people might
eat this in the morning. Go on. It begins with P. P…porridge? CHEERING Well done, well done!
That’s £5,000. Salmon and porridge. Are you prepared to take on
the final one? OK, here we go. Oh, Andy. How is he going to deal with this
first serve? It’s the third serve. Oh, yeah, sorry. LAUGHTER You can name just one of those
ingredients. That’s horrific. I think there’s alcohol
in that. Right, yes. Name a Scottish alcohol, well-known?
Oh, my God, whisky? Correct. We’re going to give you that. The other one was something called
neeps and tatties. Tatties! Thank you very much,
Ainsley Harriott! Thank you, guys. Well done!
Brilliant, Andy. Brilliant. Amazing. OK. Andy. This next person is a man
of few words. But who is he? Who is… Who is HE? MICHAEL LAUGHS The Stig? That is the answer! For a moment there, I thought
you didn’t watch Top Gear. You were going to try and identify
this gentleman on the left. That is the Stig, correct. Now, for £1,000 a strike, I’m going
to throw five balls at you and all you have to do is hit
the Stig on the helmet. Ready, Andy, here we go! Oh! Unlucky. It’s come all the way around again. Jesus! Maybe it’s my throw. Oh, close! We’ll keep going, don’t worry. You’ve got to get him! come on! That’s £1,000, thank you
very much to the Stig. OK, brilliant. I don’t know
what I was expecting then. OK, now, I’m going to show to you
an iconic tennis image. Remember this? Remember this? I’ve
seen that photo before, yes. OK. Now, all I’m going to ask you to do
is identify the celebrity recreating it for us… Oh, God.
..this late night/early morning. Right, any… Any ideas? I have absolutely no idea.
OK, boy or girl? Shall we narrow it down?
I’m thinking it’s a boy. You’re probably thinking that,
based on? What’s the giveaway? The ring on the left…
on the left hand. Oh, I didn’t know what you were
going to say, then, for a moment. I thought we were revealing more
than we bargained for. OK, so, phew!
Thank God it’s on the left hand. I don’t know how I’m supposed
to have any idea who that is. Well, that is a very good point. I can tell you that were he to say
something, you might get it. He has a very distinctive voice. If I could just ask you to say
the word “tennis”? Tennis. That’s really all you need, surely?
Eddie Izzard? Erm, no.
Shall we say tennis again? Tennis. Very distinctive… Er, oh, my God. Oh, this is just
what we wanted, tip of the tongue. Alan Carr? Yes, it is! It was Alan!
LAUGHTER That’s £5,000.
Thank you very much and goodnight. Oh, God. Oh! HE SWEARS UNDER HIS BREATH I got such a fright
when everyone came in. BLEEP!

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