Will play Haley Foster. [Boy] Nice. (crowd cheering) [Friend] You got this. [Man] What is she
wearing, protective wear? Oh you’ll need it today. ‘Cause I’m bringin’ the heat. Ugh!
(fence jingles) (light hearted music) [Boy] What a pro! Oh! What? That racquet was brand new. (Victor snickers) Hey, hey. Oh.
You got it. Thanks, Cal. (whooshing) Oh! (crowd gasps) Oh, man. You nearly took my head off. Your head. Huh? My head? The mask! Oh no. Uh. Oh. Preston? Uh, Ta-da (chuckles nervously) Yes. Yes, it was me. Just another one of my delightful tricks. [Haley] Yeah. Presto. Presto change-o. Unacceptable. You’re trying to distract
Victor with your magic. It’s against the rules.
Wait! Haley is disqualified. What? No! [Boy] Yay, Victor. Man! I am so, sorry. (victor chuckles) Congratulations, Victor. You’ve finally won your
50th trophy (laughing). (crowd clapping) Oh! What’s going on? Oh. (buzzing) Did you see that? What is this? Oh, so you’re not allowed to use robotic super-smasher arms? That’s how you could hit so hard. You cheated, too. This grudge between the
two of you has got to end. So, tomorrow at lunchtime,
we will have a rematch. The winner will get their
name on this trophy, but if anybody cheats, they’ll be suspended. [Boy] Get ’em, Tiger.
[Friend] You got this. [Boy] Go Haley! [Friend] Come on Haley. [Girl] Go Haley! (crowd cheering) [Fan] Can’t spell
victory without Victor. (whooshes)
[Crowd] Oh! Yes! (crowd cheering) Lucky serve. [Fan] So close, Victor. (Victor growls) (whoosh) Uh!
(whooshes) [Boy] Nice one Victor. Too easy (laughs)! Match point. Wha! (crowd cheers)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Invisible Girl Tennis Match | Episode 18 “Abrakadanger” | Sports”

  1. Snoopy could kick Victor's ass in a tennis match. Plus also, one thing I have to ask is, though I did drop this after episode 9 (maybe I'll watch reruns), has Preston learned NOTHING about not using magic properly from episode 4?

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