We always like to show you interesting products
that could help your game, especially if they’re taking off on the PGA Tour and the Champions
Tour, like this little baby. This is called the Power Package. And Tom Pernice Jr. joined us right here at
The Reserve in Indian Wells, California, to tell us why this product might help your game.>>Hi. I’m Tom Pernice Jr. I want to tell you a little bit of something
about the Power Package, something that’s made exciting new progress in the game of
golf. Very simply, to me, you can attach it to your
own club, and it really helps you learn and understand how to set the golf club to start
your golf swing and how to maintain that power package back down in front of you.>>The problem that I face is — I have difficulty
getting to the right spot in my swing early on.>>I’ve always had a tendency to take the
club back closed and trying to hit the ball low, and now, with the change of equipment,
there’s more of a need to be able to hit the ball higher and straighter also helps.>>And now that you hit some shots with your
club, I want you to try Power Package, okay?>>I’ll give it a try.>>Let’s snap this on there.>>Really helped me with my consistency.>>Makes you set the hands right away.>>Simplified the feeling of the motion and
increased the balance.>>For the first time in, you know, my 50
years of playing, I really learned where and how the club was to be set properly in the
initial part of the backswing.>>When I first tried it out, obviously, for
me, having difficulty getting the club set in the right position, I thought that that’s
the only thing it would help me with. What I came to learn was — it actually gave
me this new feeling on the downswing, too. So, even though I thought it would just be
like a one use for me, it’s multi-use.>>The Power Package does the work itself. My whole golf swing feels more efficient.>>What I felt was — I end up really turning
my body and really hit it crisp.>>Easy. Takes the guesswork out of it.>>Immediately in the backswing, I felt a
much different position. Also, as a result, I felt better rotation
through the ball after impact, to where my body and my arms were better connected.>>The best thing I’m trying to do is morph
it into my pre-shot routine. So, you know, take a practice swing with it
on, but then hit with it off.>>After using the Power Package, I just picked
up my regular club without the Power Package on it and just started swinging. And the Power Package had already put me in
the spots, so I was starting to get that muscle memory that I need, and my ball flight was
taking off on a straight line. And that’s what I’ve been looking for.>>I know initially, right off the bat, if
I’m in a good position or not, and that’s the best part about it.>>I started to hit it crisp right away. It took two or three shots to figure out “I’m
not able to use my hands the way I do and shouldn’t. So I’ve got to really turn my body at the
target.”>>I would tell all my friends, anybody that’s
watching, that’s interested in improving their golf game to buy two Power Packages — one
to keep at home, to practice at home, you know, in front of a mirror, in front of a
window, where you get a reflection, and the other to have at the golf course to use when
you warm up before you play or before you practice.>>I’ll tell my friends to just try it. It’s one of those things where you just have
to try it and hit a few balls with it so you can see how it works.>>I mean, I love it and I can’t wait to use
it on a regular basis.>>Very simple, but I think it will give you
the feels to really help you get a lot more consistent and have a lot less curve on your
golf ball.

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  1. The old dude in the purple shirt has right knee dip and nice late divot. That dip move might save your lower back some stress.

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