hello everybody welcome general a gaming channel today I want to talk about the technique the Chinese technique power from the ground this is the most basic the most fundamental in table tennis technique very important if you want to improve your table tennis power from the ground so I have one viewer asked me hello can you further explain but let’s top taking power from the ground means so I have answered it in general however today I will explain better so yes the Chinese player can generate the power with that technique the power from the ground means you rotate your lip paste and use your leg to talk spin the ball the legs and the ground is the support and with a good technique you can rotate faster and eat pattern the old technique is not good as we will take only the Schauder use the forearm to hit the ball a good technique should use also the legs that’s why the power comes from the Rao however today I will explain you better with the video and image hope you enjoy it so this is all Technic snap before am only this is the old technique which is mostly touched in western country in u.s. a viewer you hit mostly by folding snapping your fall and around the elbow you finish the shock when the rocket is at the height of your nose you can increase the power by rotating your shoulder however this is the old technique this old technique has a limit the power of the ball is not good enough this technique is only good to counter hit the wall because why because the mass curl of the arm is not strong enough to hit harder and faster look at here this is the technique you can only use to counter hittable if you rotate your shoulder faster I think you can miss the ball so this technique is not good if you want to hit harder and faster so this is the control style of Rubenstein have you ever wonder why Asian player can hit a ball there with us a same player in general weaker than European player in physical strength however predictable very fast why even faster than some European players when the loop cutable it is impossible to block the ball it doesn’t come from the equipment it is due to the technique it is called power from the ground this technique is firstly taught in Asian country China Korea Vietnam mostly the female player because female player is very weak to hit a ball so female turbo tennis style is normally counter hit counter-attack fast rally fast attack and then this technique is adapted to male player and now we have a good Technic power from the ground so today I want to show you this video of jams occur in slow motion how how we can do that what is exactly power from the ground [Music] so that’s a technique power from the world now let’s see how John G cool use his leg to forehand free and forehand topspin have you noticed something Jonesy curl then his right leg and pushed Brown to make a little jump and why to act the power of his forehand flick and forehand loop in Chinese we say hit the ball by your leg it is seem strange when you first hear it however it is true hit the ball but we are like the power is from the ground use your legs to support your stroke so the power come from the leg first and then look at here rotate the hip second and lastly snap your forehand and combine all of these three things you will get a better quality stroke okay so now see it again now I will hide the the high part of the video now you can see only the lack of genji cool now concentrate on the lack of juniper and you see the moment gems you could make a little chump so that’s why power off on the ground and look at here how well that Genji could rotate his hip waist and the last moment he use his phone and to transfer this power before and Moscow is too weak to generate the powerful strength it is not a farm but it is the leg but hey to generate this power the fore arm only transfer this power to the ball so look at what the farm of jungjie curve is not powerful because it is not necessary to powerful because the power is generated from the Rao from the legs and from the hips the legs of jungjie crew is very very strong and jungjie to use the fore arm to transfer the power to the ball and increase the quality and the speed of the ball [Music] and thus why sometimes you notice that Chinese player chummy by hitting the wall it is because they transfer the power from the ground by Mac a little charm to add the power to the shop if you want to add power in your stroke learn how to use the legs how to use the movement from Asian players it is very important for your table tennis that’s why Susan was once asked which is the most important muscle in table tennis and the answer thus is the hip I want to train the muscle of the hip I hope you understand that now the power from the run off it is time to stop invest in eg in equipment now you should focus more on tactics and techniques because better technique more fun in your table tennis hope you enjoy this video and let’s see tell me [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

32 thoughts on ““Power From The Ground” Chinese table tennis techniques”

  1. finally somebody who explain it properly. Here in Germany I only see the western style as you mentioned and so I stopped learned this technique from my coach and begin with chinese technique.

  2. Can you show a video of this concept? If I understand correctly, the swing starts with the legs, and then the hip turning, which then turns the shoulders, and then the arm. Does this sound right? Does the arm lag behind and come through at the last second? Thanks. Again, a specific video showing this would be helpful. Thanks again.

  3. We need such great couch!
    Just tried to apply the technique and accidentally I got one right yesterday. So my friend looked for a "burning track" on his table side πŸ˜‰ He said it's was just fast. Congratulations to the coach!!!

  4. I already learnt it thanks to you coach even top provincial players cant block it back to the table due to the tremendous speed and spin

  5. The video of the guy from Pingskills wasnt meant to be a powerful loop, it's more of a controlled counter-hit, exactly like you describe it's limit as? How can you compare them then and claim that that is the 'western style'???

  6. You make it sound like some ancient kung-fu technique, while all top players use this nowadays. Just look at Boll or Ovtcharov. I'm also sure top players from any country visit the gym to increase their core strength.

  7. Thanks for your educational videos. My 9 year old is a big fan of your videos and learns a lot everyday from you.

  8. Sorry, my friend, P.F.T.G is a deep scientific concept than what you are trying to explain, if you understood Newton's third law you will get to the bottom of it?

  9. Thats is a must in ever racket sport! Tennis also have power from the ground concept! Amazing vΓ­deo, keep up

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