hi this video is for Michelle. I couldn’t
find the other video I made. I spent over a year maybe almost two years since I made that video last but I just wanted to show you how this how these pens are
they’re kind of funky in that when you first get them you’ll notice when you
open them okay let me make sure I’m showing this right yeah when you first
open them they’re kind of white like this and so one of the things that you
want to do before you get started is you want to push down on them like this just
keep doing that until you get something at the end just keep looking at it. It’s starting to come out. Every one of them is like this too, even the really fat or
or the thin ones you’re going to start seeing a little bit of color come out. I
don’t know if you can see that or not but you just keep doing that and do it
on just a spare piece of paper because what happens if you try to do this on
your work -the work you’re working on, it will blot first thing. And then once you
get going then it makes a really nice line so for each one, before you ever get
started check it, look at it. If it’s white I’m going to push down on it on
some scrap piece of paper until you get it to come to the tip. These are
different than anything I’ve ever used like that what sharpie does is it just
starts blotting right out of the gate you know you don’t even get a chance to
to do this with it so just for each color that you get do this and sometimes
it takes quite a while to get it to do it and you might another thing that you
can do is you can do this take it and shake it really good and then push again and it might
come out faster sometimes it just takes awhile. Depends on how long you had the
pins. These I’ve had since last year when I was working on the car so they’re
probably going to take a lot longer so that’s how it works and some of them
that come to you going to be packaged up in plastic to
keep them from drying out, but I not had had any issues i bought I’ve bought him
like this before I bought them with just single black with plastic over them and
I’ve never had a problem. Yeah like this you see how how they’ve packaged this
black separately and these are the ones I was telling you about that are kind of
glittery I think they’re kind of cool to have a really good color but you know
later maybe but these I cannot stand these I know their oil paints but they
just are goopy and blot. Now these are are the .5 (point fives). I believe these are the really large ones oh no these are eights I think yeah
these are eights these are even bigger it’s how big this tip is and that’s for
really big canvas so you have like the ones that you bought the ones and then
these are the this is the ones like what you bought the really thin ones and then
you have the threes I believe this is a three now this is a 2.5 which is a
little bit bigger and they just go up from there until you get to the like
these the eights so you can buy them in different so many different sizes and
it’s hard to tell unless you know, seen them before like this – this is a one like
what you bought no this is a 3 this is a three so this is even bigger than the
ones you bought so anyway that’s – that’s basically what the video was that I
think two before and I just can’t find it anymore so hope that helps have fun

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Dennis Veasley

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