What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity. We know that you guys have been waiting for this a long time – and now it’s happening. One game match between me and Otto. Let’s go! Don’t give me there. That’s the biggest mistake you can make! Almost! Wow! I didn’t expect that one to come in. That was the second mistake you made. One was the around the net- That was the second. You need to move! Don’t be like me! Sorry! That was down! I saw you switching hand So I was like “let’s give him one”. Thanks! I didn’t really saw that last shot coming in from there but that was nice! Nothing special for me. Let us know in the comments below what you want to see for the 800k special. Remember to subscribe And watch our previous episodes there. Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

45 thoughts on “Pongfinity’s Otto vs Emil”

  1. 52 weeks, 52 videos!! We have published a new video on our channel every week for the past year! 🎉During that time, the channel has grown from approximately 100K subs to 700K. That is truly amazing, thank you so much for all your support 🙏

  2. I'm Japanese. Your videos made me very fun! I'm cheering for pongfinity.Could you play badminton with a ping pong ball?

  3. Do your intro in Vietnamese.


    Coach a beginner until they can deflect 5 smashes in a row.

    Please pick mine. I have never been picked. I just came upon your channel searching for good table tennis players.

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