What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity We have hit 300k subscribers So it’s time for me and Otto To play a one set match! This should be an interesting one. Do we have a yellow card here? I would give him a yellow card. That will be a yellow card! Good serve! Don’t give me there. I don’t have enough room here! I had him! I had him under control! My favorite shot… Well played! Game and match to Miikka! So I lost this one, but I’m sure I will beat you in a best of 7 match. I think that once we reach 500K subscribers It’s time for the full match! And to make things a bit more interesting: If Otto loses, I will cut his beard. And If I lose, he will get to shave my head. Yeah, I won’t lose this one!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Pongfinity’s Miikka vs Otto”

  1. So… How about this if we hit 500K subs?

    – LIVE STREAM full best-of-seven set match between Miikka and Otto,

    – If Otto wins, he gets to shave Miikka's head

    – If Miikka wins, he gets to cut Otto's beard

    Hit subscribe if you want to see it happen! 😁

  2. Otto's always relaxed in every match that's how he always wins and pressure don't bother him and his backhand is unreal

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  4. We only missed the Adam Bobrow commentary on this one! 😀

    Both Otto and Miikka are extremely good players, both top 1000 in the world! Otto just shy of top 500 actually!

  5. To all the watchers : Otto lost the match INTENTIONALLY. Pongfinity clearly told this in their I Million special video.

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