– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We are the Slow Mo guys trying to make
“Planet Slow Mo.” The show is over,
but we’ve prepared for you a lovely collection
of bloopers and outtakes because you may not think it, but we don’t always get
the first take right. Yes, you’d be wrong. We always mess up. Chances are we blew
this take earlier. – Well, this is our fourth take.
– This is take four of– of the bloopers take. Sometimes we have to do
the second take of stuff. Well, stop mumbling
and messing up. We’re supposed to be outro
in the bloopers and you’re bloopering the outro
for the bloopers. Welcome to “Planet Slow Mo.” Today, we’re in a very
chilly Seoul– ( laughs ) We’re at the Citizen
Potawatomi. Oh, ( bleep )!
Sorry. Today,
we’re in Elgin, Texas. Yeah, today–
( laughs ) Nice. Yeah, today,
we’re in Elgin, Texas. – Had it earlier. Nailed it.
– Yeah. Yeah. We’re at the Citizen
Potawatomi– ( bleep ) The speed of light. What? Just I got lost
in your eyes. I mean, the most
important thing is is don’t do that at home. Yeah. Hang on. Man: Deep breath. – Hello, I’m Gav.
– I was still like– I have — Hello, I’m Gav. – I’m quite cold.
– Also, it was me– – ( both laugh )
– What was that? – ( coughs )
– Taylor can’t cover his mouth ’cause he’s holding
the camera. Good, Dan.
( coughs ) ( coughing ) Can you put your chin
in your mouth? ( both laugh ) Actually got the longest fangs
of any snake in the world. Up to five centimeters. – You gotta match the volume
– Sorry. They actually got the longest
fangs of any snake in the world. – Up to five centimeters.
– All right, no need
to yell about it. Is that
what you wanted to do? You wanted to do
a little joke, did you? This is a Citizen
Potawatomi Nation bird a– Yes! Taekwondo started in Korea. So, pretty good
at it by now. ( laughs ) Took a lot of time
to practice. Pretty good at it by now. Are you all right? Just be good
at it by now. I’ve had enough time. I’ve seen the clips of– ( cat meows ) ( both laugh ) It’s a little cat. Dan, thanks for coming on. – Hello.
– ( laughs ) Sorry. Are you really gonna
talk like that? No, just a little–
Like just to the beginning. I was just gonna– ( both laugh ) – What?
– Just really wasn’t
expecting that. Oh, God. I think that was a fitting end
for “Planet Slow Mo.” Lovely finale. Probably the color–
the colorfulist. Yes. Yup. Gav: Another season,
another sleeve to rip. – Oh, yeah.
– It’s important work. It is. I don’t– I don’t– All right, yeah,
let’s give it a try. I have to do the buttons up. To like get some tension on it. You can give it
a little pilot tear. It might be too difficult.
Like– – Ready?
– Yeah. – Like it was nothing.
– Yeah! Might be difficult. All right, nice. – Perfect.
– Easy access. Oh no, it’s like– Oh, it’s pretty ripped. Is that the wrong sleeve? No. It’s fine. Wait. No. Wait! Yeah. It’s the wrong sleeve. – It’s the wrong sleeve,
isn’t it?
– Man: Really? – Dan: Where’s the other one?
– I really said, “It’s the right
sleeve, isn’t it?” And you guys just ripped
the left sleeve. ( bleep )! Oh, you didn’t stop me. Gav: I didn’t know
what you were gonna do. – Oh well.
– Tech– Technically speaking we haven’t
started the season yet. So it can be whichever one
you want. I mean, I have one more coat,
man. You’re good. Dan:By the way,
that bulge is a sound pack,
not like a new gut.– Gav:Okay.
– Dan:God, flapping around
Gav:Oh, man.Dan:Whoa! It’s getting blown
around all over the place.
We can’t show that, surely.– Gav:We can’t have that.
– Dan:We can’t have that.– Can I change out of these?
– Yes, yes, you can. – Okay, cool. Sweet.
– Please do. So we’re on location
in Singapore. Um, yesterday the lab coats
was not really damp. It’s like when they got washed
and get dried properly. So we asked for them
to be dry-cleaned. What happened, Dan? Well, there’s a cultural
difference I think between Singapore
and everywhere else we’ve been. ‘Cause we sent it
to be dry-cleaned – and you know I have a– a rip
in my lab coat.
– Yeah. They went and sewed it
back together. – They fixed his sleeve.
– They fixed it. Look, they even ironed it.
Look at this. It’s better
than it ever was before. It’s perfect. – It just looks wrong with
a fixed sleeve, doesn’t it?
– Yeah. You’d never know
it was ever ripped. – You’d never know.
– How have they done it so well? It’s amazing. I love that I’m just gonna
have to be like, “Thanks for that.”
( mimics ripping sound ) Just immediately
rip it again. We should send it
back to them. They’d be like,
“What keeps on happening?” What’s happened?
You getting trapped in a lift? Yeah, yeah,
what’s going on? Oh, I did not expect
that to be a problem we would ever have
to deal with. – What a weird problem to have.
– Yeah. Right, so I’m gonna come
and do like an awkward,
like, thing – where I come and like give you
a handshake like that.
– Okay. – Okay. Okay.
– Okay. – So we’ll just be–
– Awkward, you know. Gav: Dan’s gonna do
his dumb hand thing. – Am I supposed to shake
his hand?
– You can if you want. Dr. Thomas, nice to meet you. – Hi.
– Hi. Great to meet you, Jennifer,
Bree, how’s it going? – Hello.
– Hey. Man: Action, guys. Professor Liu,
how you doing? – Oh, hi, I’m great.
Yeah, Dan? Dan, right?
– Yeah. – Kevin.
– Hey. Hi, Dan. – How’s it going? Nice to meet.
– Good, good.
How are you guys doing? – Webster, how’s it going?
– Good. Good, good.
Got a couple questions for you. So I’m a bit worried
that we’re not gonna
have outtakes. – Yeah.
– So we’re gonna have to start
faking outtakes. – Okay. I think I’ve got some–
– Okay. some things. – Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. – No, over here, Dan.
– Oh. Silly, sausage. Welcome to “Planet Slow Mo.” I’m Gav. Hello, I’m Gav. – ( sneezes )
– ( screams ) – Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. What are you doing
in the TV? You’re meant to be here
in real life right next to me. Means I’ll be stood
next to you there. ( bleep )! Have a look in there. Two for two. Three for three. You’re almost
at a full serving. That was amazing. Nice. Oh, ( bleep )! Today, we’re near Uvalde. Which is right
in the bottom of Texas. The more observantly of you
may have noticed– ( laughs ) – Oh.
– Bugger! Do you think I could jump
into your pocket? Into this pocket? – Yeah.
– Probably. – ( groans )
– First try. I’m ready
for the skadoosh. ( laughs ) There’s some tubes
that still haven’t fired. You’re a tube. Oh! I got beaned in the face! Oh, ( bleep )! ( burps )
Pardon me. What do you think
that’s about? – I wanna know.
– All right, let’s have a look. Thanks once again
for watching. Feel free to subscribe to us. Please don’t base
your subscription on our performance
in this episode and watch the other 12 episodes
from “Planet Slow Mo”
if you want. Yeah, we don’t mess up
all the time. – We’re a bit bad in this one.
– Yeah.

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