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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Pink Floyd – The Last Concert (Gilmour, Waters, Mason ,Wright )”

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  6. Слушаю и наслаждаюсь ими уже 35 лет( мне 51) , тем не менее смотря на это чудо воссоединения ухожу в музыкальную кому…………………….PINK FLOYD FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  7. There are at least 2,300 assholes without any concept of what music is in this world. UNDOUBTLY, THE BEST BAND OF ALL TIME!

  8. I also saw Pink Floyd in 1975 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. It was very unique show with multiple stage affects and props. It was also perhaps the first time I heard quadra-sound at a concert with speakers also placed at the rear of the venue.

    But what I remember most about the concert was the band playing all of the album "Wish You Were Here" from start to finish, taking a break, then playing all of "Dark Side", again start to finish.

    Encore ….. "One Of These Days" (I'm going to cut you into little pieces"). A memorable show indeed.

  9. Lest we forget the amazing talents of Tim Renwick. He is the "Gentle Giant" of session me, and one of the best players to ever accompany Pink Floyd, Al Stewart, Eric Clapton, and a host of others. Renwick is on the top of my list of favorite players, either in session work or live material.

  10. Watching this video,tear drops automatically rolled down from my eyes!!!!Love from Nepal!!!May Peace Prevail on Earth!!!

  11. WOW- this is the 1st time I've seen Floyd live-68 & still listening!…never had time & opportunity to make a concert…………….truly am sorry for missing them

  12. 19:10 I swear I thought they were using a pipe organ for the soprano part here. Gotta look her up… great concert, great post, thanks

  13. Stunning. Too bad a disagreement between David and Roger had to break the hearts of a billion people. Too bad they couldn't grasp the extent of the heartbreak. Too bad. But, that being said, PF is the only guarantee I have ever had of an incurable feeling of chills running up and down my body every time I hear their music.

  14. The pros and cons of everything.. May we always shine on remembering how it all begins. A spark of hope into the memories of people who have shaped our existence. To dreams they allow us to pass… to the dark side… Time for medication nurse.. Goodnight. Goodbye.

  15. I am a Pink Floyd fan. I really love their magical music but can anybody tell me why the members of the band are wearing clothes

    like they would be public employees instead Rock Stars.

  16. Man once they get about 10 minutes in, around about the solo point in Money, they are totally flying. It's hard to imagine they came together and had like one practice session and then did this.

  17. If they got back together can you imagine the amount of money they would make?
    They would put some manners on U2 and
    The only reason the Rolling Stones do a World Tour every couple of Years is to keep Keith Richards in Drugs L O L

  18. I long the days when pink floyd was an experimental rock band, Wright got soloing time, Waters would shut up, Gilmour played more than blues scales and Mason hit the drums like a madman…

  19. I listen to and purchase any and everything Pink Floyd…including motion picture soundtracks and the artists individually. The GREATEST Band ever…I sometimes put on one of their songs on my cell phone and when going to sleep the phone is under my pillow playing through…that's how dedicated I am to the band and everything their music brings to me…and to you. Cheers!

  20. Can we get this synced up? Tightest band in history, and the video lags… lol
    Waters is such a happy camper here – nice to see.

  21. Das haben die vier gut gemacht, sich noch einmal gemeinsam zu zeigen Mit Richard Wright, der damals vielleicht schon wusste, dass er nicht mehr lange zu Leben hatte. Danke für das Video.

  22. Wonderful moment…but the director of this should have been fired. On top of the horrid handheld work and extreme close-ups, Richard Wright's watch has more screen time than his face. What were they thinking? Nothing can take away from the sentimentality and quality of the moment… can only wish it was an hour slot or more.

  23. it’s mental to think that when this show was played syd was still alive. nice to wonder that maybe he would have watched it.

  24. it’s mental to think that when this show was played syd was still alive. nice to wonder that maybe he would have watched it.

  25. Can someone marry me of a doubt …. what guitara David Guilmor uses to play "Wish You Were Here" I am doubtful if he is a Martin … but what model he is … in advance … Thank you

  26. 40 ans déjà ! Et "comfortably numb" se bonifie avec le temps. Dans 40 ans on le jouera sur Mars, c'est certain !

  27. Has a guitar solo ever perfectly fit a song in the history of rock? The answer is hell no! From Gilmour's first rip leading into it gives me chills every time.

  28. They are extremely professional and I don't think that we will have a chance to hear such perfect musicians anymore in our live…

  29. I can’t get enough of this! Gives me goosebumps every time! Seeing David and Roger up there together again is,is,is, man I can’t find the words!!🤘🤘

  30. Молодцы ребята , через много лет вытянуть так композиции как они звучат в альбоме это 6 по 5-ти баллам , молодцы ребята , всегда за вас !!!!!!!

  31. Esse é a melhor de todos os tempos, tanto instrumental como vocal show de bola, só é equivalente a o Pink Floyd o Queen patinha o melhor dos melhores vocalista de todos os tempos, freddie Mercury,

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