This video is all about Ping Pong: A Table Tennis WP Theme. Ping Pong is fully customizable
and all device perfect WordPress theme for creating a website that need just your attention
nothing else. The theme is perfect for International Olympic Committee IOC, International Table
Tennis Federation ITTF, table tennis club and athletes.
If you are associated with stiga or ping-pong sport then this is your port-of-call. You can encourage and support the promotion
of your table tennis club. Can organize various table tennis tournament. ITTF coach and trainer can quickly pick the theme and create their online table tennis
website. The theme is suitable to conduct both outdoor and indoor table
tennis game. Let’s have a doubles match (you & me) with
this theme. The theme has a boxed type slider where you
can display your passion towards the sport, different grips: like chinaman or a penhold,
your board members, Champions player, team member, scoreboard. It gives an eye-catching
look to your website. On top your company’s logo is your
identity. Social platforms for your online presence. Custom menus, home page, about us
column: Who you are? What’s your club’s motto?
History and other info related to your company, sometimes about us column helps in trust building. You can add a game play panel, In this section
you can showcase how exactly table tennis is played? Rules, scoring, formats, playing
criteria, representations etc. A particular column for blogs. In which you
can define the ping-pong word with more ease. You can also promote upcoming events through
this section. If you are making a website for your club
then it’s better to show off. Images! Images do convey a message and links with your club
members or website visitors. Join Us panel, make it simple and easy, one
page joining form without any requisites is need of the hour. Now with every landing page
you can see this widget area. This is fully customizable. Here we have have a search bar,
recent posts, gallery panel, categories to make it more refined, Videos can also be added
in this area and you can make other changes as per your need. Few good lines about a sport, punchlines and
other all time high quotes related to table tennis is another option. It depends on you,
how you want to make things happening. Down here there’s a section dedicated to the
sport adding to it’s glory is a video column to make things more inspiring and related
to the world of sports. Display your tournament highlights, club, match recap, top scores
replay within the video. It will motivate your athletes and promote your club. In this 3 column featured area you can exhibit
your club’s features, services like events & selection procedure, stuffs-kits tackling,
your play-learn-improve approach anything which gives more idea of your company. This is footer area. Completely widgetized.
Here you can add your address and contact info, images and few more informations.
Copyright because nothing is for free. So how was it?
Make your move! You can also checkout PingPong theme by using
the link given below. Do share, and subscribe our channel.
Thank You for watching.

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