Okay it’s time for some boxing gloves
table tennis Not bad! Emil catch I actually caught it! It actually stayed there! I think it’s time for you to also take one Let’s see how it goes! Just a normal backhand What else than a lucky point! You get a lot of sidespin In the next episode we are going to take challenges from Instagram comments, so if you haven’t followed us there, remember to do it! And we’ve also got a lot of exclusive
stuff for you guys, so check it out! The next challenge is to play with a 50
kg dumbbell so let’s hit the gym! Oh there we go: 47,5 kilograms Can you lift that? That’s almost as heavy as me This is so heavy! No, I can’t! So here we have it guys 47,5 kg. Just over 100 lbs I think this is the heaviest racket I’ve ever played with Otto! You have to do a 360! I would cheer now but i can’t Almost got a point! It’s Miikka’s turn to try I think someone’s gonna get hurt Just don’t drop it! No I won’t! I’ve got a different approach I went for the short one Next we’ll have a visiting star in this episode He’s the voice of table tennis, Adam Bobrow! Let’s go play some rallies! Net post and in! Did I make Pongfinity? If you enjoyed this video and haven’t subscribed to Pongfinity Subscribe here or watch their other fun videos here And if you wanna see more of Adam in action go check out his channel here Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

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