[The illegal serve guy] You can’t read my serves, can you? So you want to play like that? [The edge guy] [The screamer guy] [The high toss guy] I have been working on my new serve. I will go to the toilet quickly. Just in time! I think that I need to throw the ball a bit higher! [The non moving guy] Nothing I can do about that! [The perfect ball guy] It’s not round! No, it does not sound good. [The Pongfinity guy] Can we play seriously now? C’mon! One more! That’s a Pongfinity shot! The jackpot guy!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Stereotypes”

  1. i really enjoyed your video!! Non moving guy was my favorite XD

    ps. there are some mistakes in subtitles^^;; can i fix or something?

  2. When it said “the screamer” I thought it talked about the guy who screamed each time he hit the ball, not after.

  3. Why is the first serve ilegal? Something to do with the hand? Or is it because the serve has to be hit diagonally?

  4. LOL, the illegal serve guy cracked me up. Its so common even in higher leagues (also in mine) now to serve from hand without any ball toss like a disease. When Im politely asking to try a legal serve with a 10cm toss and not hiding the ball they only yell and laugh back at me. At least you guys understand how ridiculous it is (or can be) to play against such ppl. Nice Vid as usual! xD

  5. I'm the non- moving guy and I mostly played with backhand but my hand was super stretchable and i like to play shot where the ball just on my side of the table

  6. I have a question
    Sometimes i shift racket from one hand to another (Right to left) during the match. I have command over both hands. Is it legal?

  7. is it just me or did anyone else notice that the beard guy has a really weird amount of back hair that you can see coming out of his collar on his neck ??? 1:10

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