What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity Today we are playing a game to 21 points with these different items. With each point you win,
you move on to the next item. First point is with a normal racket. Good luck! Thanks. I will serve. 0-0 Sorry! Oh yeah! Now I get to defence. I’m stuck with my own racket! Okay, penhold. Easy! You started to move me around! Of course It’s too heavy. And lucky again. No surprise there Badminton! This is my point. I think so too! That was so bad! I’m starting to feel bad about my lucky
balls. Otto, I’m so sorry! You are always going for the edge. As soon as you hit it I saw the ball just coming Coming straight to the edge! Okay, dumbbell. [Miikka forgot the shoe..] Smash with the dumbbell! I hate this ruler! Close! How did you play with this? I’m tempted to eat this one I had no chance to get that on! No more chair for me! This is my number 1 serve. Finally I got something in with this fork No! It was close. The same spot. This is the match we have been waiting for. Pen vs pen. Good feeling in the pen! No 2-point difference. Okay so service on the table! Easy! Thanks! Nice try. Okay so that was fun! Then pen was maybe a bit too difficult Yeah it was really hard Don’t forget to hit subscribe And watch our previous video there! Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

67 thoughts on “Ping Pong “Gun Game””

  1. *loses on first return
    "I think maybe pen is a bit too difficult."
    Otto: *immediately finds the superior technique and wins 2 points with it
    "…yeah, it was really hard."

  2. А вы тоже смотрите это видео понимая не больше 50÷ того что они говорят из ваших скудных знаний английского

  3. Table tennis did exactly this in the recent past. They changed the game from 21 points to 11 points. They changed the ball from 38mm to 40mm. They changed the ball from celluloid to some other type of plastic. They eliminated speed glue. They limited the rubber colors to just black and red. Why? I was a champion until all the changes were implemented. Way to mess up a great game.

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