What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we are back at the streets of Helsinki This time we have 5 items And we will play 1 match with each. If our challengers manage to beat us They will get 10 euros. The weather isn’t that great But let’s hope that people are up for the
challenge! Alright, today we have 5 items. This is the first match. You get to choose which item I will play with! The lamp! The lamp? Yep. Who do you think will win this match? I will! You will? It’s good to be confident! Let’s start! 0-0! So lucky for me. Sorry! 0-3 1-5 Nice shot! No chance 9-3 I had to try! Thank you! The lamp was pretty good! I’ll choose the scissors! Alright! That was somewhat expected Let’s go with these scissors! That’s a good handicap 1-0 Not a good start for me I have the wind on my side True My first point! 5-4 It’s a tight match! 6-6 It’s getting a bit critical now 9-7 10-7 You have 3 match points Good match! You played well with the scissors! Here is the prize Keep the 10 euros This was a fun afternoon exercise! Are you sure? Yeah, it’s fine! Alright, thanks! Was fun to play! Wow, what a guy! Such a nice guy! It was so challenging to play with the scissors. It was the service I couldn’t somehow hit it The wind was coming towards me So it was very difficult to hit the ball… Don’t try to blame it on the wind! You were just not very good. Okay… Maybe! Okay Which item shall I play with? Pick the most difficult one! Alright, let’s go with the candle? Yeah Ok, let’s see how it goes. 0-0 1-3 Nice! 4-3 This is fun! Thank you! Great! You played well! We have 2 items left Which item do you want me to play with? I’ll choose this one The iron Great choice! 4-3 7-4 The wind made it short Good try! That was close! Match point! That was it Thank you! Nicely played You were not far from winning! Nope, didn’t work I had to try it Miikka: Don’t break my toaster! Are you still using it? I made my breakfast with it! Nice shot! I almost dropped the toaster! I should probably hold on the cable Yeah that was a good bluff Let’s take a new point It’s fine! 4-7 8-5. My serve Close! 10-6 The toaster seems to be good for this! Alright, that was it! Thank you! It was nice to play! You were starting to get a good feeling for
the playing! Alright, that’s a wrap then for today We had 5 items with us We won 4 matches, lost 1 The only one that was causing some problems Was the scissors But, it’s still pretty good Hope you enjoyed this episode If you have ideas what items we should use
next time Comment below Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

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