PING means to me doing your best. You know PING has always been a part of my life even as a young kid I remember
coming here to the factory, seeing my dad at work, I see my grandpa at work. We try to
do things the right way. Anybody in the production line can kick out a product
if they feel there’s a flaw in it or something. We’re really trying to build the absolute best we can. It started in Redwood City. This was
probably ’57, ’58. He realized how bad a putter he was and couldn’t control the
ball. Pat Mahoney was the pro at Palo Alto Muni and saw him out practicing and
commented on what a good putter he was. and I said well he should have seen me
before I made my putter. We were a putter company for a long time then we became the iron company. The first irons that we built my dad Karsten went over to
Escondido where Golf Craft was he told him what he wanted to do with irons. We
learned a lot in that first set of clubs. As I started working here I
worked in engineering and I really learned about the focus we have on the
design and the performance of the product you know product first, that
performance first mentality. We’ve got a great value system here. You do a lot
of things right. You know I would say the core culture of PING is integrity. You
got to look after your people to get the best out of them. It’s a lot of fun to walk
through production and see what they’re doing. Whether it’s in the designs we
make and you know the product and the performance to our you know sales force
out in the field it’s such a prestigious brand. We’ve always put taking care of
the employees as a top priority. We promote a work/life balance. We’ve got
some great employees that stayed here for a long time and decided to make a career
at PING here. I look at life at a little bit different
than most people. It’s a lot like golf. You’re sitting there at a location on
the on the course. How you got to that location doesn’t matter at all but so
many people let it bother them. When I go up and there’s a problem
I don’t ask who’s responsible for it, I ask what’s going on, what can we do to
get it fixed. You got to hit that shot the best you can for right now. That’s
kind of the way I live my life and that’s the way I treat the employees too. You take the performance of our you know company and our product very seriously. People that use PING feel like they’re
part of the family.

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “PING Golf: Heritage”

  1. Best golf company period! I’ve played Ping clubs for the last 15 years and they have never disappointed.

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