I think at PING it’s you know the best
performing product at all cost. Our mission statement is to be the
unquestioned leader in design, quality, innovation and service. That’s our goal-
to lead. You got to push if you’re doing that. G410 irons, we’ve been really excited
to be able to basically take the package of the G400, make it a little bit
smaller but make it more forgiving at the same time and we’ve done that by
adding a tip on a toe weight to dial in our swingweight and it takes some
more of that mass puts it right on the outside of the iron so it maximizes
forgiveness, makes it super forgiving and easy to hit but in a smaller package
makes it look cleaner, smaller, much more something the player wants to look at.
Hybrids and fairways, we’ve got new face technology in there. They have more
forgiveness, higher ball speeds, so they’re going longer and straighter. With
a driver very similar story. We’ve got you know good face technology. Basically
we built off the G400 with the driver which was the best driver out there by
far and we’ve added adjustability to it. No sacrifice. That’s our approach to all engineering. If we can make something better without giving up on another attribute then
we’ll do it. I was pretty shocked at the first week we took that out on tour I
think we had nine drivers go into play. Monday or Tuesday was the first time
these tour players had seen that driver and by Thursday they had it in
the bag. PING is all about fitting and making a club that fits you. Look
straight ahead don’t look to see what I’m doing. How tall are you? 6’1″. So i get asked all the time: do I really need to get fit? How
important is the fitting? And I would say it’s the most important thing. We look at
the intersection of these two measurements and it puts us in a blue to
a green color code. What we’re gonna start out with is a blue dot. In other words, do
they have clubs that they can swing their best with? My dad believed that.
Today the fitting that we have with Trackman and other tools is just
phenomenal. It used to be all visual. Based on what you told me about your
handicap this is the new G410. Whether you’re a tour player who gets
their clubs tweaked every couple of weeks because they know that making sure the
equipment is right on for them is important or whether
it’s a high handicapper who sometimes feels like maybe I’m not good enough to get fit, our data shows that for those players it can be a vastly bigger difference
than the technology advancement from one of our clubs to the next. Whether it’s on
a driver getting the right loft, getting the right shaft, with irons getting the
right lie angle, the right shaft the right length, that can be the difference of 20
yards on the golf course, 50% better tighter dispersion on the golf course.
The skill is not in collecting the data, the skill is in having someone or a group
of people who really know how to get in there and see what’s real and what makes
a difference. We’re getting deeper into like measuring the whole swing itself. You
know we have our own motion capture system that measures the entire swing
and what can we glean from the way someone loads the shaft, the way someone transition at the top of backswing. We started looking at ground reaction
forces, so how does a player use the ground in their golf swing? It’s getting
all those pieces together is the real skill

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “PING Golf: Equipment to Play Your Best”

  1. Love playing and using Ping products, but hate the hassle and problems trying to get fitted. Almost no demo days or fitting days to be found. Have to go abroad to test their products.

  2. Proud to support their brand…………good people making great products……….who actually care about the customer!

  3. Up until last year I had never played Ping clubs, just didn't seem to work for me, however I went for an iron fitting and come out with an amazing set of G400 iron and Glide 2.0 wedges, few weeks later I changed my hybrids to the G400 hybrids and to be completely honest I have not looked back or even once wanted to go back to my old clubs, I am now a full Ping convert and love it!

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