There are times when I’m absolutely confused
how a game idea came about. And this game, Pig Eat Ball, has left me wondering
just how they came to the conclusion that a pig princess should enter a tournament where
you need to eat tennis balls. Seriously, in what world does this make sense!? So if it’s one thing the game has going
for it, it’s the unique premise. However, the part that sticks out in my mind
the most is just how front and center puking is to the game. It’s an odd choice considering most people
find it disgusting. They sure did work to make it absolutely vile
too. Every time something is coated in the green
goop I feel slightly repulsed. Although it is amusing how you can puke on
a bug and they have to wipe it off. They deserve it, I’m not really a fan of
bugs. So you’ve entered this tournament. You must visit clams and play through their
three levels to be rewarded with a pearl. While there are all kinds of different mechanics
in the game the goal is always the same. Eat all the tennis balls. It can get a little repetitive even though
the numerous mechanics keep it from getting boring. Stuff like conveyor belts moving the balls,
enemies chasing you, and areas that balls can pass through but you cannot. They definitely made it a point to mix it
up as much as possible. I respect that but I’m not all that interested
in seeing what’s next. It almost feels like they wanted to say they
had so many levels and stretched their creativity too far. There’s too many filler levels that simply
have you eating tennis balls for the hell of it without being challenging. There are moments of cleverness though. For example one of the more unique levels
has you racing bugs to create a sandwich by grabbing bread, lettuce, cheese, and bacon
then placing it on a plate. I really want more levels as interesting as
this one! The puking mechanic is more than just something
to disgust. It works like this, if you take damage with
tennis balls in your stomach a counter starts and when it reaches zero you puke em up. Also you can puke whenever you want. Which can come in handy when you’re stuck
trying to get through tight part of the game since you get fatter with tennis balls in
your stomach. On one hand this is a really unique game element
I haven’t seen anywhere else. But, it’s severely underutilized. There’s not enough puzzle levels included
that force you to relieve yourself of the balls. I was also hoping for something more advanced
than trying to get through a tight space. Also if you take damage you’ll have to spend
time chasing the balls you puke up. This can quickly be remedied by restarting
the level and trying again. The levels are so short it’s usually much
faster and erases your mistake. Pig Eat Ball tries to give you some freedom
in completing the levels with disguises. It’s a wearable item that will change your
stats. For example, more hit points or more ball
sucking power. Yet, it’s a mechanic you can ignore unless
you’re trying to top the leaderboards. Anyway, another great part of Pig Eat Ball
are the bosses. This accordion boss actually makes music,
if you can call it that, while he moves around the level. To put the player into a situation where it’s
a big level and the main focus is all about the boss feels great. The way the game controls is perfect for this
situation. Also the design of this boss it awesome. A musical instrument that actually plays sounds
is super smart and I was surprised when I got here. You know what though, the controls are another
problem with that game. It’s trying to do too much with too little. The game requires precision to move through
the normal maze like levels but doesn’t give it to you through the mouse, the main
control scheme. In those instances you’ll have to switch
to the keyboard to move slowly in perfectly straight lines. However, using the keyboard can get confusing
and you’ll end up fighting the controls. For some reason, in my brain, trying to switch
back to the mouse controls after using keyboard is painful. I end up trying to use both at the same time
and it doesn’t work. Do note that it’s not super hardcore. Mommy’s Best Games took care to make just
finishing the levels rewarding without any objectives to hold you back. It’s a trend I appreciate. Leave the option for people to push themselves
but don’t force it on me. Overall, while Pig Eat Ball stumbles in a
few places it’s generally a good game. I love when the game tasks risks and deviates
from the normal levels but they’re so far apart I get a bit bored between. It’s not like playing the levels is progressing
a story. Trying to lengthen a game by putting more
filler levels in doesn’t work. The mechanic cannot hold up for eight hours. Nevertheless, the unique nature of the game
really makes it stand out against a dreary sea of other indies. Puking! Who would have thought!?

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