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reminder. What are the three biggest risks lurking out there on the
pickleball court? Not sure? Stay tuned. Hey everybody its CJ Johnson. Now this is not
going to be the typical video that you see on the better pickleball channel but
WAIT don’t click off because the information is extremely important . Now
before I get to the biggest risks out on the pickleball court if you don’t mind
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comes from FLGRL2006 and she made a comment about one of the hidden
risks out there on the pickleball courts. Well I think there’s three hidden risks.
She brought up one. The very first one is your eyes and taking a ball to the eye.
Now in my former life I was a golf professional and I took a golf ball in the eye. It shattered my glass glasses into my eye and I almost lost my right eye. I was
really really lucky I didn’t lose it! Now since her comment I’ll be darned if
twice I haven’t taken a golf ball I mean a pickleball to the glasses. I wear my
prescription lenses when I play so….. this was an instance where somebody
a good player hit one really hard from the baseline, hit a hard line drive at me
and hit the top of the tape it popped up hit me in the left glass so hard that it
actually scratched the lens. Then I’ll be darned if not two or three days
later I’m playing with somebody else, a very powerful player who goes for an
overhead miss hits it just a little bit and I catch it on the side of the
glasses and it drove it into my nose. I actually have a little black and blue
mark on the nose Make sure you’re wearing something to protect your eyes.
They don’t have to be prescription lenses in fact if you click on the link
that’s coming up above I did a blog post on how to pick out some of the
best lenses that offer you some quality protection as well as protect you a
little bit from the Sun. Now glasses and protecting your eyes are really kind of
only the one out of the three things that I think are hazards that could keep
you off the pickleball court. Number two is trips. It’s so easy sometimes to get
caught up in our feet and the fact of the matter is the (longer) older we get
the worse our balance becomes. There are certain things we just didn’t need to
practice when we were kids but as we age we need to practice our balance. In fact
when you get past age 65 one in three people actually gets hurt from a slip
and a trip so you need to be working on your balance and that’s super easy to do.
One of the things you can do is when you’re standing somewhere just like when
you’re standing like this lift one leg up in the air and just stand on that one
leg. Think you’re really good at it close your eyes it gets even harder. If
you’d like to learn a little bit more about balance go ahead and click on the
video that’s coming up on the top. I did a whole video post on how to get better
at balance because it’s so important that as we age we continue to practice
our balance! The third thing that’s important if you’re playing outside is
sunscreen. Now I know you’re probably sitting there saying come on CJ you’ve got
to do a video about sunscreen? Do you know that in the last three decades the
incidence of skin cancer have gone up and that’s with the advent of
sunscreen. I’ll tell you I see people at the court come out without sunscreen on
or they stay out for a long time and don’t reapply or they use spray
sunscreen. And believe it or not those spray sunscreens have been shown to not
be as adequate in terms of coverage because you don’t get as much on your
skin as you normally would if you put it on with a cream. So I also wrote a blog
post about sunscreens and how to pick out a good quality sunscreen and how to
make sure that you’re protecting yourself from the Sun when you’re out
playing picklebal. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s an eye injury,
or skin cancer or a trip and fall any of those three things could take you out of
this game for not just a little while. It’s better safe than sorry! If you got
value from this video please give it a like, share it with your pickleball
playing friends or like I said leave a comment. You never know it might show up
in a future video. Because together we can Train Smart, Live Bold, Age Well

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Pickleball Strategy-Dangers Lurking on the Court”

  1. Aloha CJ! This is great information. One more thing…when I first began playing pickleball last year, I was visiting my brother in Tucson. He invited me into play…so I did. With my running shoes. I hadn't played but a few points when I was forced to run back to retrieve a lob. My foot rolled over and you guessed it so did I! Right on to my left wrist. I broke two bones and was out of commission for a few months. I was in good shape, have a really good sense of balance, but my shoes were the wrong ones for the game I was playing. Now I have two pairs of court shoes and haven't had any problems. They support my feet laterally and medially. Hope that helps those who think shoes don't matter. 🙂

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