The first three shots of the game, the serve,
the return of serve and the third shot are keys to playing good pickleball. Today were are going to talk about the serve. What makes it legal and what makes it effective? Stay tuned Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson. Today were going to talk about the serve and
what every savvy pickleball player needs to know to make it legal and to make it effective,
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the next couple weeks so it’ll tell you when I go live. Let’s start today with the serve. Talking about what are the things that you
need to do to make it legal. So there’s three things that make a serve
legal. First of all the contact has to happen below
the waist and in the rule book the waist is defined as the naval. So contact with the
paddle and the ball happens below the waist. Number two. The arm needs to be traveling in an upward
motion. So here. I think that’s pretty self explanatory. Right? An upward motion and contact below the waist. Number three. The paddle and is in this case it’s defined
as the paddle head which is absent the grip, needs to be below the wrist. Here it’s below. Here it’s above Here it’s above, here it’s below. So it has to be below the wrist. I see a lot of players make contact in front
and make an upward motion but they have the paddle up here to the side and the head of
the paddle cannot be above the wrist. So here’s what it looks like, when you’re
serving. Now that you know what makes a serve legal
What makes a serve effective? Number one it has to be in. You only get to score points while you’re
serving so it’s crucial that you don’t give up on that opportunity. Point number two. You want that serve to be deep. When it’s deep it makes for a more difficult
return of service for your opponent. If you hit that serve short, or really short
you bring your opponents into the net even more quickly. And let’s face it pickleball is one of the
few sports where you are on the defensive while you’re serving. So you need to make sure that you send that
serve deep. Now not everybody can make a hard serve go
deep. So when you go out to play make sure you experiment a little bit with the trajectory. What does it look like, how hard is it, how
soft is it. The goal is to make sure that you can get
that serve within three feet of that baseline. Point number three. Now that you got it and you’ve got it deep the bonus point is to get it to your opponents weaknesses. So when you’re playing against people you
already know you understand if they have a hard time with a high shot or a hard shot,
is their backhand better than their forehand or vice versa. So when you’re playing against people you
know you have an advantage. You should be serving to whatever their weakest return is. If you play against people you don’t know
more often than not start with the backhand. For most of us the backhand is a weaker shot
than the forehand is. So start by serving there and see how well they do and if you
need to make adjustments after that. Now you know the three keys to a legal as
well as an effective serve. Bonus note: There is only one place in the
rule book where it talks about where you have to stand on the court and that has to do with
the serve. So what you want to do is click on a link
that’s popping up above. Somewhere up above here it’s going to take
you to a blog post and it’s going to show you exactly where that is. Now come back next week we’re going to talk
about the basics. When you look at good servers, they look really
different but you know what? They have a few things in common. We’re going to talk about what makes them
good servers. If you got value from this video make sure
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Dennis Veasley

24 thoughts on “Pickleball Serve-Legal and Effective”

  1. Hi CJ I love the game of pickle ball, I subscribed. If you get a chance check out my video on pickle ball that I just put up. Thanks again.

  2. Your instruction is clear, direct, concise, and detailed. You also have a well modulated voice and a nice paced delivery. You finally come across as a confident and pleasant person. Well done.

  3. Although you are demonstrating a legal serve, there are many other serves that are also legal. The largest mis information is that the head of the paddle must be below the wrist "At the point of contact", It can be anywhere before of after that contact. Many players start their motion with the paddle "cocked" up with the paddle above the wrist, then drops the paddle before making contact. Legal. It would help if you would clarify this since you have a lot of followers. This is often one of the most controversial issues on the court. They see your video, then want to call a legal serve illegal. Particularly when there is no referee.
    Thanks for the video'

  4. I follow all the requirements for a legal serve, but occasionally I start at the knees contacting below the waist with the paddle head below the wrist, however my paddle face is only open part way on contact to impart maximum spin as I brush along the side of the bill.
    The motion carries my paddle with my palm perpendicular to the ground, and I go diagonally upward across my body with the paddle ending up close to my left armpit. I have been called only by one person who insist this is illegal serve. Your comments please?

  5. Thanks CJ, but I think issue lies in the new rule of 2018 ,
    3A36 that the Palm should be facing upward when striking the ball. This opens up a whole new can of worms.

  6. Subscribed. I can listen to you. I've seen some videos on here I just can't listen to. You give good advice.

  7. Wow, CJ, what a surprise and pleasure to run into you like this. The River Club (Mequon Country Club) is starting pickle ball, and I was doing some research. Thanks for the great tutorial! Bill Wagner.

  8. Nice video. Just wondering who made up the serving rules? Try getting the ball over the net by contacting the ball below the waist/belly button with a non-upward motion (without being 8 feet tall) LOL.

  9. Nice video…we have brought pickleball to perth Australia (pickleballperth)….we are the first club in perth to put pickleball lines down! the sport and from nobody knowing what it is to getting all 6 courts every week people are starting to take notice!!…i still play it alot like tennis and need to learn the intricacies of the sport..great help from your vids. Keep up the good work.

  10. played today for the first time & fell in love! I learned alot here from CJ! Thx! Did not know you had to have the paddle below the wrist, strike the ball below the waist, etc.

  11. At 2:33, you shake your head in a "no" motion while saying "you don't want that serve to be deep," then after you seem to be saying the opposite. Confusing.

  12. It would have been helpful to show examples of illegal serves. Question – is it possible for a LEGAL serve to have underspin? If I receive a serve with underspin (i.e. a slice serve) should I immediately call it a fault? Thank you.

  13. I was introduced to in June and my first real game was with too high level players they didn't like playing with beginner. Bummer. Oh well. Thanks for teaching the scoring and serving .I have a lot to learn.

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