If you want to play better pickleball, you need to stop trying to hit
a winner every single time. If you can learn to be more patient
and to wait for the right opportunity, you’re going to find
yourself winning more points. Easier said than done?Stay tuned. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson,
if you’re new here, welcome. We talk about all things pickleball from
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button and then the bell, that way you’ll know
whenever I post a new video. How many times have you been at the
non-volley zone and attacked the ball and after you did it you thought, Oh no
that wasn’t the right one to attack. It was probably marginal. Meaning that the apex of the bounce
was just slightly above the net. One of the things that separates players
of different levels is that better players have the patience to wait
for a ball that’s clearly attackable. Less skilled players attend to attack
shots that are a little bit more marginal or closer to the height of the net. I think there are a couple of
different reasons for that. The first being players
don’t always recognize the
difference in trajectory from an attackable shot to a marginal shot. So learning to see the trajectory of a
shot that’s attackable versus one that is more marginal is a learned skill. The point of this drill
that we’re going to do, and it’s called the attack
drill, is to learn to see that. So what we’re going to do is
started dinking game back and forth, and when a ball finally
gets above the net, we’re going to reach out and grab
the ball and say, attack. Okay, so let’s go ahead Jeanie
let’s put the ball in play Attack. Okay, so that ball was high enough
where I could attack it. All right, let’s do it again. I think another reason that people have
a hard time and attack marginal shots is they’re not confident
enough in their dink shots. They’re scared that if they
get into a dinking rally, they’re not going to
be able to sustain it, and they’re either going to be
attacked or hit a dink into the net. So a great way to do that is
to play this half court game. Now the key here is the first five
shots between Jeannie and I have to land inside of the kitchen
that teaches us patience. After those first five shots
land in the kitchen, then anything goes. Good shot. I know that some of you love to watch
pickleball on YouTube and you’re probably thinking to yourself, wait a minute CJ. I frequently see players
attack from below the net. Yes, high level players have the ability
to attack balls at or below the net. They create topspin which
lifts the ball over the net, just like Alex Hamner does in this shot. Most mere mortals would be better served
waiting for a more attackable shot. If you play against someone who can
top spin a ball from a low position, two things to keep in mind; their setup may indicate an attack and
sometimes your best weapon is a duck. If you got value, make sure you give it a thumbs up and
share it with your pickleball playing friends because together we can Train Smart, Live Bold and Age Well.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Pickleball Kitchen Play-STOP Trying to Win EVERY Point!”

  1. Marginal shots change as you get better. Most of the better players that I play against can hit net height and lower balls with pace and still keep them in. The question that you must ask your self is, if I speed up the ball am I likely to win the point? Here are a couple of videos to show you how to hit balls below the net and still keep them in. The Backhand Roll with Ben Johns
    https://youtu.be/i4UPFzl6QuU The Forehand Roll Attack with Collin Johns https://youtu.be/aM1svQneQ8U One word of warning, these shots are best when disguised as a dink so be patient and hit some dinks.

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