At some point it’s likely that you’ve
heard the deep return is an important part of playing good pickleball. But is it just the depth of
the return that’s important? Not if you want to control the point. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson,
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sing the praises of the deep return? Well, it’s true that the deep return can make
the third shot more difficult for the serving team. It actually has a greater impact on
the returning team and their ability to control the point. Pickleball is one of the few sports where
the serving team is at a disadvantage since the double bounce rule forces
both players to stay near the baseline. That allows the returning team to
establish their position at the non-volley zone and shorten the distance
between the two teams, taking away the serving
team’s reaction time. However, to capitalize on that advantage, the returning team needs to get
all the way to the non volley zone. A deep return makes it easier, but in reality that’s only
one part of the equation. The speed and trajectory of
that return are more important. If you hit the ball not just
deep but higher and softer, it takes more time for it
to get to the serving team, which in turn buys the returner
more time to get to the net. A return that’s hit deep but hard doesn’t
buy you any extra time and you may find that you are short
of the non-volley zone. If you are not very fast or having a
difficult time getting to the non-volley zone, hitting a soft deep return is an effective
strategy that’s going to give you more time to get into a
better position at the net. It’s when both players of the returning
team are at the non volley zone that they control the point. Check out this link for more
winning double strategies. If you got value from this video, give it a thumbs up or share it with
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