RUSTY: Hi! Welcome to a new episode
of Pickleball 411. I’m Rusty and this show from Pickleball Channel
is all about providing helpful information about the sport of pickleball.
This week we’re going to talk about some different kinds of serves.
So, let’s learn and play. ♪♪ upbeat music ♪♪ ♪♪ upbeat music ♪♪ ♪♪ upbeat music ♪♪ »ANNOUNCER: Pickleball 411 is powered by
Hyland’s Leg Cramps. Proud supporter of pickleball players everywhere. »RUSTY: Today on Pickleball 411
we’re going to talk about why the serve is important. We have special guests
Alex Hamner, Jennifer Lucore and Bob Youngren. And they have won gold medals at
pretty much every category of tournament play. They’re some of the best players in the country.
And what we’re going to do today is each of them is going to show you a different kind
of serve, why it’s important, and some of the times to use it. So this episode is going to be less
of a “how to” and more about why. So let’s check it out.
♪♪ lively music ♪♪ »JENNIFER: Today I’m going to show the
High Soft Serve and this is a great serve for any level: beginning or the
5.0 level. The reason you do it is because, one, it has a variety.
It’s a different look as a receiver. And secondly because it’s high
and deep. Then that receiver has to create their own speed.
Unlike if you had a fast serve, you’re just blocking it.
♪♪ lively music ♪♪ ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ »ALEX: Today I’m going to show you the Power Serve. That’s the serve that is low,
deep and, of course, hard. That’s the power part. You can mix it up. You can put it in the forehand corner, the
backhand corner or even right at the opponent. And that way, even though it’s the same
serve, it’s different how the opponent reacts to it. If you’ve maybe
used the high soft serve or a short angle, they
might start moving forward in anticipation that you’ll do something
like that again. And that’s a good time to try to use that hard, power
serve right towards them. ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ »BOB: The Soft Angle Serve. It’s a great serve. It’s one of the three serves that
kind of mixes up the rhythm. If your opponents are side stacking, then you would want to serve
the ball in front of the stacker and soft. And that way
the service returner has to run all the way up and get to
the ball right in front of their partner. And then what it does is
it opens the outside lane. So if it isn’t a great return,
you can knock it down the open lane. ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ ♪♪ lively music ♪♪ »RUSTY: So that’s our Pickleball 411 for today.
Thank you guys so much for coming out and sharing and teaching us a little bit. Thank you to the wonderful Brambila family for
letting us use this beautiful court in their backyard. We hope this has been helpful. Now there’s
only one thing left to do and that’s go play. ♪♪ upbeat music ♪♪ »ANNOUNCER: If there’s something you think
Pickleball 411 should cover, we’d love to hear from you. All you have to do is send us an email
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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “Pickleball 411: Three Serves and Why You Need Them”

  1. Nice video with great explanation on service strategy. I am trying to be a PB coach and your videos are perfect adjuncts to our drills.

  2. who ever called pickle ball a sport is lying to you LOL.  Fat old people standing around that are the BEST IN THE COUNTRY> PATHETIC

  3. Look, I've played competitive Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis (ping pong) and now Pickleball. Despite its goofy name (alright, funny name) it can be challenging when you play some of the good players. If you don't give it enough credit going in you will when you're done. That's a promise!People used to snicker at Badminton until I intervened. Now Tennis, Pickleball and T/T players who are good at those really respect the 'birdie' and call it a shuttle (for short) or shuttlecock. They are overawed by the stamina it takes to play the variety it commands just for one point with a 20 or 30 shot rally. Oh yeah, top players do more rallies at times. Reality finally sinks in and they're totally exhausted. Fun while it lasts though. Hope someone gets my drift.It's whatever level you take PB to. It can be humbling depending on who you're playing.

  4. Is the backhand serve a legal serve. The serve is done below the waist which gives a lot of spin. Please give ans. Thanks Bob

  5. Why don't you teach to lift straight up and slightly forward with your paddle? By slicing upwards top spin is created. I have seen players do this and put much more top spin on the ball than you are getting. The serve is very difficult to return for a novice.

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