Brian Annest Serve Backhand Attack Nod Backhand Forehand Forehand Behind the Back Shot Stanley Wong Serve Backhand Serve Hand Sweat wiped on the table. and the other hand. and the right hand sweat wiped off again. Ping Pong paddle fans face sweat. left hand wipes forehead sweat face fanning again. forearm wipes forehead sweat. Bouncing table tennis ball up with foot attempt. Drops ball on table. Peter Bragau Serve Forehand block into the net Forehand Serve Felix Schtorper Forehand serve Backhand Sum Guy whose name I used to Know Backhand Dance, dance, dance Ready position Backhand push Oh! Disappointed head gesture. Backhand accidental lob. Forehand with focus. Smile. Evan Oswald. Tosses ball and squeezes nose. calls score Damn! Facial gesture. Evan Oswald back in focus Darn! Facial Gesture. Funny remark. Smile. Confused score and service possession. Evan agrees with opponent. Forehand serve. Stanley Wong. Sum Guy Token Backhand. Token Forehand. Smokin’ Jay Turberville. Backhand serve. BAckhand push into the net. Ah! Disappointed head tilt gesture. Bounce, focus & ready position. Glass position adjustment. Forehand push. Forehand slam. Everlasting smiley face. Focus face. Forehand push. Backhand something. Backhand. Tony. Stanley Wong. Marco. Backhand. Glenn Wambold. Jay Turberville. New blue shirt for green shirt sweating guy. Hides the ball. Tosses ball to opponent that guessed which hand the ball was in. Backhand push. Jay Turberville ready position and glass adjustment. Forehand push.

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Dennis Veasley

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