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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Peyton Manning on Golfing with Donald Trump”

  1. This is no way means he likes or supports Donald Trump. If you want to be that delusional then fine keep drinking your koolaid and living conservitard land. He is very out spoken person against alot of Republican even tho he is one. He is an intelligent well spoken thoughtful man. GO BIG ORANGE (not the cheeto and chief)

  2. Trump said if elected he was "not going to have time to go play golf."
    "I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go play golf,"

  3. Kimmel is a straight up loser. Liberal propagandists through and through. I really don't think he could make it through 1 show without bashing Trump. I like Fallon alot more then this trash.

  4. Peyton is a good man. In the interview, he's talking with common sense. Everything Peyton said is indisputable, regardless of your political views. But, good 'ol Kimmel had to make his classic uneducated, immature, and unnecessary 'Trump jokes.' You can really tell who's the better man in this interview.

  5. Your so rude Jimmy Kimmel. "Did he cheat"?! Stop being salty and trying to make Trump look bad. He is our president. Unamerican

  6. First time you stupid mericas hate your president its not for the rightish reason. Instead of heating him for beeing a war criminal like his predecessors Obama, Bush, etc. you hate him for his mean tweets. What a shallow nation.

  7. Manning is the same as these other hypocritical repubs. Afraid to call out his own party even if they are sinking the country.

  8. If you believe the president is a racist you should not give him the hour of your presence. If Stalin invited you to go golfing, you should go? I think that logic is f*** up and I was a big Peyton fan.

  9. Kimmel's just another political whiner and complainer using his show to trash the President like Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin and Wanda Sykes. Ask Kathy Griffin how her career is going these days.

  10. Shame on you Peyton. First commercials for jerk that doesn't pay his employee's Papa John.
    Then Trump , doesn't pay contractors and is literally every type of ist from Racist to sexist.

  11. And of course mangina Jimmy can't just shut up and let Petyon tell his story. And Peyton is right. Not that any president would ever ask me to golf with them, but if they did it could be Trump or Obama. I'm going.

  12. Good job youtube…. top rated comments that involve pro trump or Maga themed messages gets put after a comment of lesser rating and thumbs up for the mere fact it's not pro trump…. What is the rating system of what comments are shown at top…… Best guess most thumbs up or just pick and choose for your image/narrative…..

  13. Im sorry.. We are just going to ignore the fact that the FORDS theatre is giving out something calling the Lincoln medal?

    I dont know if that badass or offensive

  14. I see conservatives in here have absolutely no sense of humor what so ever and are trying to spinn absolutely everything to be an attack on Trump.

  15. You dont play because its Trump, you play because its the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I cant stand Obama, but if for some reason he wanted to meet, you bet your ass Id be there. Its the president of the country. Thats a rare invitation by somebody of great power.

  16. If this was about Obama the title would have President in it. No respect for the President. No respect anymore

  17. I’ve always liked Jimmy but the truth is he’s a brainwashed pussy sheep just like the rest of Hollywood.

  18. As an avid golfer, great interview Payton. As for Kimmel, he tried and tried to get Payton to say something derogatory about Trump..and we got is Trump gives putts and wants a few in return. That is golf Jimmy, which I doubt you have even played a match in your life. Kimmel has gotten to be unwatchable, you see one of his shows, you’ve seen them all…hammer trump, hammer trump, hammer hammer hammer. A good friend of mine played two rounds at Pine Valley with Trump, said he does cheat, basically he takes a bunch of long putts and walks off. I see it every day in golf, you miss a par putt by 5 ft and you scarpe it for a bogey. BFD if there’s nothing on the game. The only one it hurts is the player when he needs to play to his handicap. Payton fan here, nothing good to say about Kimmel.

  19. Kimmel is a tool and his baying audience nothing more than useful idiots. Stupid comment about saving North Korea. Would love to send Kimmel there personally.

  20. What a jerk Kimmel is… Cant get over the fact that Trump won and 50% of the world love the guy. Jimmy is the loser!

  21. If Trump entered a room I was in I'd leave. If Trump asked me to play golf I'd decline. I do not want to be in the presence of evil.

  22. Peyton proving that you can behave around people even if you don't agree with them. People should watch and learn, it's not that hard.

  23. I know right I can't stand The Donald, but the way Jimmy is always hating on him makes me become more of a fan for some reason

  24. Jimmy Kimmel was trying to say did Trump cheat did you have to let Trump win and trying so hard to get Payton to talk bad about Trump and Payton didn’t budge.

  25. Can't understand when americans say it's a great honour to play with the president trump is a disgusting arsehole i wouldn't be able to stop myself from wrapping a 5 iron round his head

  26. One has to police oneself in the game of golf. To rely on trump to be honest isn't even a gamble. EVERYONE should know by now that he's going to lie. It's like a prerequisite for his talking.

  27. Blehh, ughh, yuk… puke sounds…*&#!% strong dislike for anything forehead talks about especially D.Chump!

  28. If Donald Trump is such a good golfer, why is it then that I see so many pictures of him hitting shots from the rough?

  29. jimmy no class. Boo hoo. Trump still in office. Go take care of your baby. Bringing on TV sucks.

  30. I think it would unamerican to say no. Thank you, Peyton. I like how a lot of audience members clapped at this. Made Kimmel nervous.

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