– This is “Between the
Lines” with Peter Crouch. (upbeat music) No. (laughing) (upbeat music) I could probably keep it short and just say maybe one
that should write one. (laughing) And 99% probably shouldn’t. (laughing) (upbeat music) (pops) (pops) (pops) (laughing) Tackles like a ferret? (laughing) Pretty sure that’s the
one, that’s not real. Shut up! “Tackles Like A Ferret” is an actual book? – [Crew] Yeah. (laughing) – I thought “I, Robot” was a bad name. (laughing) (upbeat music) (pops) Taller. (dings) (pops) Smaller. (dings) (pops) I’d say taller. (dings) Yeah. – [Crew] By three inches. – Than RoboCop?
– [Crew] Yeah. – Optimus Prime’s about 20 foot isn’t he? (laughing) (upbeat music) Oh everything, there’s not
a bad thing about it really. You know it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and all I’ve ever done so, nah, no bad points. (upbeat music) Worst thing… just maybe Christmas. Don’t, you know I love playing but when you’re training
Christmas Day, play Boxing Day play the 28th, you’re in
a hotel New Years eve, playing New Years Day. I’m looking forward to
enjoying Christmas this year. (upbeat music) It’s hard to describe just the best feeling. I always find it weird like, managing to get 60,000 people
to stand up at the same time just by something you’ve done. And then the feeling of winning a match and scoring the goals –
you can’t replicate it. (upbeat music) Mackenzie Crook, Gareth from “the Office”, he’s a good actor and he, yeah he looks a little bit
like me in “The Office”. (laughing) (upbeat music) Jamie Carragher used to
have, on every away trip he would have a different autobiography. (pops) From Cruyff to Pele to you know, every week he’d have a different one but well read… as in… like Rob Green always used to have a book
on the coach and stuff. Which was very rare I have to say. (upbeat music) I don’t think Jermaine
Pennant read too many. (laughing) (upbeat music) Oh True Crime. Love a bit of True Crime yeah romance is not for me really. Yeah True Crimes the one, love it. (upbeat music) Ant Middleton’s book yeah, “First Man In” yeah I met him, we had a
conversation about books ’cause we were both sort of like, doing well. His one did great and I read that, it was interesting yeah. (upbeat music) I actually loved doing like
writing stories and that, that’s what I used to do when I was a kid, I was quite good at it. Still do the odd poem and stuff like that, believe it or not. So yeah I wouldn’t, I’d be up for that. (upbeat music)

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