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Dennis Veasley


  1. Thanks Adam! your videos are great. What about ball position on different slopes (uphill, downhill, slanted to the right/left). That would be another great area for you to review in a video.

  2. That visual of the baseball swing has been the most useful of every tip, drill, swing thought, etc I have seen. I was on the range yesterday and was using a baseball type swing horizontally to the ground and would incrementally tilt toward the ground. I would then use that feeling to hit shots and they were considerably further than before with seemingly little effort. This was effective for driver thru short irons. Maybe I was finally releasing the club properly

  3. With my 4 I use to hit it long and clean now almost every shot goes left . Not draw left but goes left and into the bushes

  4. I wonder if tiger still uses a 1 iron when he won at St Andrews it pretty much was all he used. just love that u talk about where to hit the ball on the club face and taking off loft squaring the club more to the ball and forward hands on impact. its pretty much the secret to hitting the ball better. other instructors on YouTube do NOT addresses this. In a weird way I feel hybrids are cheating.

  5. Hi Adam.
    First of i love your videos and Way of explaining!
    I started golf last year, im a 12.8 hcp now, but i still struggle with Ball position being consistent. It Works Well on the range with alignment sticks, but on the course this varies a little sometimes and that has an effekt on the strike. How can you be consisent of you dont position the Ball in the same spot, it becomes guesswork??
    Example: ive never ever Got rid of my slice with the driver, and recently i found out that moving the ball too much forward in the stance forces a slice because the swing ends up outside-in even tho the swing is fine, Ball strike is dead-center. A feew inches back im the stance makes a whole other Deal.
    What Would your suggest for consistent Ball position???

  6. Adam just TALKS so much….and most of it is not that insightful in my humble opinion….lots of anecdotes which don't add any value at all.

  7. I appreciate this realistic approach to ball position. Following coaching to get the ball progressively and further forward than you suggest on mid and longer irons I've had lots of problems. I'm going to do as you suggest and maybe move it forward more as I improve.

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