OF TODAY’S WARM WEATHER– AT PARKS AND EVEN AT WASHBURN UNIVERISTY. KSNT NEWS REPORTER MCKENZI DAVIS TELLS US HOW PEOPLE SPENT THE DAY- CATCHING UP ON OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES.THE WASHBURN TENNIS COURT IS RACKING UP DOZENS OF PEOPLE AS THEY ENJOY THE MUCH NEEDED WARMER WEATHER.IT WAS ALL LOVE ON THE COURT, WHERE PEOPLE ARE SWEATING OFF THE HOLIDAYS …AND THE COLD WEATHER. “Why would anyone be anywhere else when it’s 60 degrees outside, than out on a tennis court at Washburn University.” HE SAYS IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE HIM– AND HIS TENNIS ACE– COULD HIT A BACKHAND ON THIS COURT. “Not with the weather being the way it is. It’s probably a month, it was before Christmas before we played.” “But tennis wasn’t the only outside activity people enjoyed today. In fact, dogs got a chance to enjoy the warmer weather.”DOGS AND THEIR HUMANS– SOAKED UP THE SUN AT THE DOG PARK. “It’s a great day to get them out of the house and burn off some of their energy.” BUT FOR SARAH’S DOGS– THEY ENJOY SPENDING TIME IN THE SUN– AND SPLASHING IN THE WATER– GETTING AWAY FROM THE FREEZING WEATHER. “They don’t like it, at all. In fact, one of my dogs sleeps under the covers when he gets cold. But they just run when they go out, and come right back in. So they don’t get to burn a lot of energy so they love coming here.” PEOPLE HIT THE TENNIS COURTS– TOOK THEIR DOGS TO THE PARK– AND EVEN DROVE AROUND WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN. AFTER A COLD– HOLIDAY WEEK– THE SUN FINALLY MADE IT’S WAY BACK TO TOPEKA. IN TOPEKA, MCKENZI DAVIS, KSNT NEWS.<:molly patt: and if you looking for ways to soak up the weekend weather we got some ideas in northeast kansas. can visit lake shawnee gage park ted ensley gardens. always make a stop at topeka zoo or sunset manhattan. manhattan river trail is great as well. there dozens of other activities do this posted ksnt dot com.>A TOPEKA TEEN IS

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