Greetings Frank Giannino here to
introduce a new line of shoes in the store for ages zero through seven years
old. The company is called Pediped. For the longest time we’ve wanted to partner
with a really good shoe company and we have that shoe company here. When a child
is zero to three years of age they have cartilage primarily done in their foot.
The foot is in formed between the ages of three and eight years old they start
to develop what they call the adult structured foot.
Pediped takes all that in mind with their different levels of offerings for
growth along the way. They have a zero platform as far as the offset. They have
a little removable inserts inside, so if we do need to put any kind of alteration
in there we can. And they have a nice firm little heel cup, and they let and
easy fasteners on the top. So they’re really an easy company to work with. They
have literally got all the fashions covered for those ages zero to seven
years old. Little Mary Jane’s that really are a lot of fun to wear.
From the tiniest of feet to like I said right up to about age seven. And we are
just really looking forward to seeing you come on in with your kids and so we
can show them, and fit them in the best line of shoes that’s out there today.

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