Hi, my name is Patrick Kearns. I am the owner of 4 Star Camps
in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am the owner of a
reBounce machine, it’s 150 ball machine. I’ve been using it
for about a year. In that 1 year that I’ve purchased it,
I’ve had the opportunity to recharge a lot of
balls for our camps. Basically what we’ve been
able to do is, we’ve been able to
reduce our consumption from about 25 to 30 cases
down to between 6 and 10 cases. Within the camp what we do is
every 72 hours, we’re rotating balls. Basically we’re doing
150 balls every 3 days. So, we know that every 3 days we’ve
got a couple of cases of “new balls” always going through
our baskets. So what we’ve been able to do with
QuickStart balls is we pop them in. What’s great about those is we can
recharge those a few more times more than what we would be
recharging a regular ball. The key to it is having 1 person
be in charge of the ball rotation. That just becomes a part
of their job description. For me it’s been great. I always know that I’m going to
have good balls coming through. It’s just been something that’s
been really successful for us. My tennis staff in summer
is 8 teaching pros. Within that I have
1 person who is basically the person in charge of
recycling our tennis balls. We have probably about 120 kids
who come through over the course of the summer.

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