For trail runners and ounce counting fast
packers, it is essential to have a jacket barrier that is ultra lightweight and breathable
and something that is not going to leave you clammy underneath of that shell. And that
is where the Patagonia Women’s Houdini jacket really shines. This is an ultra lightweight
piece that packs down to be very small. It weighs in right around three and a half ounces
and it is that extra barrier that you need when you are moving fast on the trail, you
need something that is going to repel water, something that is going to be good against
wind and something that is just an extra added piece for those days on the trail when the
weather turns nasty. Now this isn’t a completely waterproof piece,
but it has all of the breathability you need while still offering a lot of protection from
the elements. The features here are really streamlined and
simple. So when you are trail running you can grab in your hydration pack, pull it out
and put it on. You have got a full length zipper here for easy on and easy off. The
zipper is very lightweight, so it is a very small, light-weight zipper. And then down
here on the bottom hem you have got adjustability. It is a very lightweight adjustment point
here. It just goes around the back. So when you are running with it, when you are on the
trail in windy conditions, you are not going to have a lot of bellowing. This does fit
very close and trim to the body. I am wearing a small right now. And I normally wear smalls
in women’s Patagonia pieces. So it is a trim fit through the arms. Down here on the cuff you have elastic on
the front of the cuff and then a flat cuff on the other side. Moving up you do have a
hood so this hood is going to offer nice protec-tion. In the hood you can pull the zipper up here
and then you have a little bit of adjust-ment in the back. So if I cinch that down you can
see it fits around my head really well. You have a nice little brim here and this isn’t
going to prohibit your sight. So if you cinch down the back there you definitely have a
really flexible hood here. You can have free-dom of motion there as well. You do have one chest pocket here. And this
is small enough to put some small essen-tials, but the jacket actually packs down into this
pocket. It is a zipper on the other side so you can clip this to a harness, clip this
to your hydration pack and access it whenever you need it. Overall this piece is going to offer you exactly
enough protection you need from the ele-ments while having a very small pack size and enough
breathability when you are out on the trail moving fast and working up a sweat. It is
the Patagonia Women’s Houdini Jack-et.

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Dennis Veasley

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