Hello viewers.. Welcome to NBC In this video am gonna talk about some key points that’ll help with catching the ball painlessly so many of them were saying in comments that you guys are getting injured when trying to catch the cricket ball so let me teach you guys how to catch the ball safely and painlessly before going into the video.. please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol for quick updates from NBC First thing that you guys must remember when you are going to catch a ball is.. that you should not dash with ball instead you should receive and gather the ball if you guys dash the ball then there is 99% chance of getting injured in your fingers so always you have to allow the ball to come to you and gather it.. you gotta receive it instead if you rush up.. surely you’ll get injured in the beginning stages no one will wait for the ball they’ll try to grab it instead gathering when you commit that mistake your force and ball’s force will meet at a point.. and that will be painful so all you have to do is… wait for the ball, allow it to come to you, gather it and complete the catch this will be safe and less painful there are two basic types of catching one is aussies style and the other one is simple gathering style gathering the ball is much safer than aussies style. coz it provides more cushioning comparing aussies style only if the ball comes above chest level ., go for aussies style.. otherwise simply gather the ball if a ball coming to your left or right then you will have enough room to cushion but if a ball comes in body line there might not be enough room to cushion so anyway you’ll have some pain during bodyline catches but still you should not dash with the ball let the ball come very close to the body and provide the maxixmum possible cushioning rushing up will lead to severe injury as i said earlier if the ball comes to your left or right it’s easy but be conscious and give cushioning when it comes in bodyline so if you keep these points in mind while catching you can avoid lots of injuries **summary** Now let me show you guys some demo thanks for watching the video i hope you people might have got some idea about pain less catching if you guys wanna experiment by dashing the ball and experience the pain do at your own risk.. then if you catch the ball by proper cushioning you’ll realise how advantageous the technique is if you try both types you’ll get an idea so before leaving please do subscribe an also press the bell symbol to get notifications from NBC thanks for watching.. keep supporting !!

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