[Music] we’re in the midst of Championships week in the PAC 8 and the Los Padres leagues while swimming a track-and-field wrapped up yesterday boys tennis held its finals this afternoon PAC 8 championship hosted by San Luis Obispo High School and it was an all tiger showdown for the singles title Zach Hill T in the black Alec Piper’s in the white hell T’s return is in the net point for Kuiper’s but it’s Zach Hill T coming right back a few moments later nice backhand down the line healthy wins the title 6-3 7-6 over to the doubles final between Arroyo Grande and san luis obispo austin Bricker hits one hard past the defense to pick up a point for the Eagles but it’s the san luis obispo team of elias weeks and Nathan Butterfield taking the PAC 8 title after winning in three sets

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Dennis Veasley

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