( ♪♪♪ ) JAMES ROLIN: We raise crickets
for human consumption. Cowboy Cricket Farms
is a research facility, is a cricket farm
and it’s a network. I got the idea from attending
Montana State University, learning about alternative sources
of protein and the need for that. I went to the Bug Buffet which an entomologist here
has been doing for 30 years now and I thought it was fascinating how
people were excited about eating bugs. So I went home and I told James. I said, “Hey, let’s start a cricket farm.” She brought the idea back to me.
I thought it was ludicrous. I did not want raise crickets. But I told him, I said,
“No, seriously. Let’s look into it. This is food of the future.
Let’s do this.” We spent about six months
doing research, figured out that this is actually
a viable business. So we started calling food manufacturers
that use crickets as ingredients and we asked them for a letter of intent
for them to buy crickets from us – crickets we didn’t even have yet – and we had so many letters of intent
that we had to stop asking. JAMES ROLIN: We have
a couple of different customers. I think one of the ones
I’m most proud of though is the people that really have
some physical limitations that don’t allow them
to absorb their food properly. KATHLEEN ROLIN: We met one dad
and he has a hard time getting his son nutrients that he needs but he’s trying the cricket powder
and it seems to be working. We’re going to have a food source that’s going to help feed the entire planet. JAMES ROLIN:
We have our own production facility. We have retailers coming
on basically every week and largely, this is due to
the help of our SCORE mentor. I’ve never worked with a client
who has been so prepared. First, I was in the United States
Coast Guard Reserve. I am currently serving in
the Montana Army National Guard. KATHLEEN ROLIN: I served
six years in the Coast Guard. Any veterans that are looking
into starting a business, you should know,
you already have the skill set. Our mentor Rick as well as SCORE
as a larger organization have really brought us
on to this national stage and they’re showing people that
what we have is a valid business and we’re developing something that’s going
to help to feed our population as it grows. And I don’t think that there’s
a whole lot better of a business that you can have than something
that literally brings life to people. ( ♪♪♪ )

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