Carla too busy demonstrator cash please Wake up kids Good morning it hurts right wake up Ooh but that selfie lighting though yo you guys have that selfie light next to your bed *duck lips* yo it turned into a war zone good morning Tessa hey HEY Oh your boy got an electric skateboard oh nice but well obviously the Martinez twins can ride this but you know I got an electric skateboard going to try you know this mean yes it’s like you press it and it goes just press it and it goes are almost no sort of you always blow job is cool too so but the throw is brand-new I finish maybe I really you know if I’m going to take an l that means that you’re gonna taking out the wall no I’ve never take house look at the skateboards bubbly its breathing oh well there’s a phone in a skateboard in there now are you mad at me it’s even right well this is an interesting way to start the morning guys and if you are watching this Jake callers i want to say good morning i hope you are having a great day because i’m not and as some of you are you know we’re commenting my upload my last two videos have been screwed because premiere pro which is the editing software sucks and slow they’ve broken we tried everything multiple different systems and the footage that we had was like corrupted and so I wasn’t able to upload and edit or export or anything so I apologize guys I’m super sorry but you know we’re making up for it you still got those videos they were just a little bit late and if you’re watching this it means it’s Valentine’s Day so happy valentines day i’m single on valentines day if you’re single like we get wait we were no no all I have a Valentine coming over have a Valentine coming over yo yo that’s all she’ll be here in a little bit stay tuned morning Nick more common snipe ER oh I like your merch I don’t want I don’t want to me yes actually in the description enough look look look look oh so it’s dumb do we get the pictures of you guys want to see that picture when it comes out going to my Instagram right now at take pause and follow me sons functions you guys back hi so guys the prank wars are back on and today I’m going to be pranking my brother logan paul some of you might know him from musically mainly musically so I got his roommate mark in on this prank I’m going to order a bunch of pieces to his house and make Logan pay for it and Mark is going to film the whole thing behind the scenes for me so I’m going to call mark right now to coordinate the plan yo is the gym is logan there with you you watching ok when you get back just text me because I want to order the pieces ok ok i don’t know i think like 25-30 maybe yeah and then and then you just have to you just have to like record it when the pizza arrives and like his reaction and stuff hi Bob gets deliver ok and you guys like have like giant pieces yeah like really big one tablet is your large cheese pizza um could I put in order for 15 of those yes for delivery hello hello is your store getting robbed why would you hang up with the shiz this is out for delivery just tried calling you guys that someone I find up on me so I just tried calling you guys and someone hung up on me yeah just like to put in a order to 15 of your large cheese pizzas my phone number is logan and my last name is Paul 15 of your large cheese pizzas cash plz like now about ok awesome thank you almost two hundred dollars for all the local I’m sorry you have to pay for that I don’t know how this is gonna go down so i’m in my room right now Logan’s actually at the gym he’s almost back to when he gets back hopefully the pizza guy will arrive ring the doorbell and we’ll get his reaction so stay tuned so mark told me that lowend at the gym right now he’s gonna be home in like 45 minutes which is right when the pieces are going to be getting there and he’s probably gonna freak shows that you’re going to gonna frickin yeah i’m a savage savage university oaks that spring is happening to other people stuff ya there it’s so easy oh that area so that it was this tactic you know you guys ready for your date but what wait so you we can’t do the double date thing you have to review the essays there in the comments they’re going to pick a date but apparently America has a boyfriend and what what so the pizza got there faster than I expected Logan still the gym I don’t know how markets handling the situation oh my god Frank is not working hopefully load and get back in the gym like right now and like walked into this scenario scenario oh my gosh Logan just got back from the gym bring in some waters were just waiting for the pizza guy to come right now but i’ll check in with mci was work out what and then we’ll just be a waiting game I was the gym bro all i got those alternate the most rollout guys seen Olympics 2020 ah tokyo what you got going on today making final consonant 00 take that water bottle bottle oh yeah you are wow yeah but i also got two on the gym international chest you got that protein going someone’s at the door I you get it always is the door and it always know it’s always just packages for Logan so I don’t even know why is there is i don’t know because we didn’t know the pieces without me i think i have run out with that’s Logan I didn’t have 100 is good yeah that’s not the only number i don’t I did not I don’t know how to the famous by the hour of those people got a lot of pieces that how many pizzas it 5050 or 15 others format and you’re the pieces you playing a joke on the blog because I don’t funny lady g forgot how much is it for the dollar i want you look so nice mark you want to him I don’t have a chance can I told them i’m going to sell oh ok i got off the outfit outfit for them that’s a good man you are going to need 60 hours out of my wallet these people have the money it’s got ya when really they’re just so Jake ordered all these pieces is brother Jake order all these are you did he go to do this okay haha haha goodnight where are you guys you sit in your car does me no good come into our building what we’re going to do is 15 and about hand them out to people such a good idea you want pizza ted says come to the rescue with the money Logan company man test her stuff I’ll are you get happy and second off you were taking all these pieces they’re not then I want to go there you go back to your guy i hope this is a good job difficult test take it all and that he said that so you didn’t bring enough money your store for dollars no way guys here’s here’s something I’m gonna take these pizzas and I my channel little involve laws i’m gonna do a nice Valentine’s Day blogger I find the valentine’s using only pizza so make sure you come on my channel and like and subscribe at / logan paul blogger make you cum God he’s gonna give you the tip big ball that’s your django giving the tip real you know this is insane from credible make you don’t do we can’t do it thanks for the pieces Jake Jake get a man think it was more of a prank on the other guys but it was not why I put the children got ya look out good to all you smell it it smells great all there’s 15 of them i just can ease you know how tempting that is very sensitive that was funny bro keep your eyes peeled I’m coming on how we got loaded i love the face dribble job what you think you’re funny yeah yeah it’s not how your pieces bro 656 message to only left four dollars for 200 point out of order at it what do you got for me next Logan prank war son what’s up you have no idea Jake oh by the way Secret Service security Frank like come on stopping that bro no you’re right you have brought yourself store that is a thousand accosted so far I’ve never heard of that storm because you don’t know what you’re not talk like I do a blog every day thank you i’m ready for you to prank me by i hope you enjoy your pieces up to you later your little girl that’s how the Jake father’s do it baby I think we’re winning the play course I think we’re winning the prank wars i haven’t been trained in a while and when I do get ranked it’s kinda you know whatever i played off you know you’re my valentine is about to be here we do that and I know someone okay for my Valentines not to be here when right now yeah girl yeah it’s a girl ok no it’s fun yeah yeah better than a pizza is actually our flowers right what do they like with global is Rick all those roses look young dead roses this is perfect ok alright my Valentines about to be here i gotta play it cool play cool just think your brother you’re confident guy you’re going on disney channel you have subscribers got this now it’s not done enough not nervous at all yeah whoo that time Oh Amanda by valid time probably 50 I got you a gift yeah yeah happy valentines day that day that you said yeah all for you I think we use and hold no no no crack brand-new bottom just got them where I picked them myself you take it myself you think that at the Rose place where is that north of we’re here started here know what a night this is a fairly protein shakes it’s a special type of rose nothing I like your shoes by the way subject aside subject no no i didn’t i tell me that he bought it and I take not and I i bought those about buckets and nice about those flowers just like pick those flowers for you wow that’s got the requested a gal guys i just found those over on our counter right there like got those 45 seconds before you walked into I mean like tag you under my blog which do you mean title we title it just title it amanda cerny yo this hair band in charge of their deaths my valentine right here she’s pretty we’re still working on that okay i need to figure out a better again I’ll get you something this is the Martinez twins yes though well not really even give me a proper guess so nope nope already said that you’re my valentine on the blog and i’m posting this was official i mean are you leaving but she’s good right she’s a really nice girl we get along great she’s cute right yeah she got a lot of followers on Instagram to that’s a plus right miss ya then we can post like couple pictures you know and yeah blow up all about solving puzzles right by him and us cool cool cool and she left her purse so much spending money well guys it looks like also to sign them back to being single I’m not Valentine’s Day here with you guys and you know maybe you can sign my dm’s and we can you no date has been awful why not move on I got you a present oh it’s a sweatshirt I yeah Oh whoo Oh God a scared of him payment will be scared bro you know I got you the dick polish got you we’re gonna get you a visa don’t cry don’t cry bro crash between us you want to drink that especially get them some more yeah maybe a little bit more maybe a little oh yeah but he’s heading is hydrated now you get oh ok the seems to be some pent-up aggression here like a simple got you and no one messes with intent not on my watch is going away why I’m gonna leave here that’s right ok alright what about but it’s not going out it’s not going out someone called I know it’s good as notifications that goes to I love pugs 125 thank you so much for having my notifications I’m guys if you want a notification shout all you have to do is turn on notifications and comment when you’re done and also teach me how to focus my camera thanks yo I uploaded the drake video and there’s a flippin ghost in the video no there’s a ghost come look somewhat guys look look look everyone commenting about it there’s a ghost in the video watch okay if it did business it doesn’t look like four seconds watch ok so I’m climbing his fence right you start to see it over here but no all there’s no way friend again they literally looks like a human watching regular speak for you who are a weekend without order what I could explain this is like walking look it’s like a girl like that yet look it up its walking you would who the arm out about them out I’m sayin with that Ghost never that homie I don’t like that Martinez you guys ready to hit the gym yeah but that al Ghul go with the gym I don’t know but I want to go to just offer just made that up you gotta want to catch we got some surprises for tomorrow’s log and yeah you know i’ll see you tomorrow because it can be crap push make sure you subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis and you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog says it is super lit plus i have a second channel Jake call to with you guys can subscribe to right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10 churches see you guys tomorrow proof

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  1. We could sit all day on a swing eating a baguette but why do boring stuff like that when theres the internet lets go make some video lets go make some videos we could watch dirk doing crazy dares saying here we go he'll do anything you want but dont try this at home or watch Amelia teaching ya how to look your best making over people is her never ending quest you could watch us make hilarious funny videos like the one with the evil pop up book that will punch you in your noise lets go make some videos let go make so videos

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  3. I rewatched this and I realize jake Paul is actually a bitch he ASKED them to try to ride the electric skateboard and he accidentally slipped and it went in the pool and it wasnโ€™t his fault it was James fault and now his phone is gone I know itโ€™s the future old vid but just wanted to point it out JAKE IS A BITCH

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  5. On FB marketplace thereโ€™s a twin Towers bed no mattress just bed and frame and box spring which is at the end of the world to get there but itโ€™s still kind of far enough whatโ€™s actually I think itโ€™s I think itโ€™s screenshot it and send it to ship to Canada yeah itโ€™s super cheap so itโ€™s like worth the drive but I donโ€™t feel like going to Billerica right now did you so youโ€™re on your way back OK so you didnโ€™t go get that what is it yeah oh yeah what is it yeah I figured remind me about this list so yeah he keeps asking for the day what I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s his sisters that I like can you get that to me you know to mean I feel like if someone else but I know I believe you think you know the time tomorrow Blake has to be dropped off wake me up with a day on your way to work same time you can be as late as you want yes yes. My dad said that lol

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